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Ultimate South America: Head Where All & Few Tread

Invoke your imagination with the endless landscapes and cultivating cultures of South America. You may wish to venture to the classic hotspots, or go where few people tread. We have some wonderful gems. Go now! Mystic Spirits of Peru The Popular: Machu Picchu Machu Picchu... Read more

Journey Into The Wild: Patagonia Tour

Journey Into The Wild: Patagonia Tour

What’s enchanting about a Patagonia tour? Jacqueline Spencer shares her experiences and impressions from her latest trip to the stunning sea and landscapes of Patagonia, Argentina.  I love open country, the sensation of vastness all around me when I embark on my Patagonia tour. Landscapes... Read more

An Enchanting Travels Trip to Argentina and Chile

Having traveled all over the world, Mark and Twila Kaspar embarked on a trip to Argentina and Chile in January 2016. From exploring the dizzy heights of Torres del Paine, to the bustling center of Santiago de Chile, they had a wonderful time. These are their... Read more

Looking for Larramendy: An Enchanting Travels Adventure!

Looking for Larramendy: An Enchanting Travels Adventure!

When Don and Sue Larramendy heard about a town called ‘Larramendy’ in South America, they knew that they’d have to visit it during their trip to Argentina! In May 2015, after much planning and exploration on their Enchanting Travels trip, they finally made it. ‘Larramendy’... Read more

Top 10 Adventures From Around The World!

From incredible aquatic adventures to exhilarating aerial trysts and electrifying exploits on terra firma, our list of top 10 adventures from around the world will take your breath away! Some experiences in life are worth living for. Discover them today.   1. White water rafting and swimming... Read more

Chill with Bohemian Flair on your Valparaiso Tour

Chill with Bohemian Flair on your Valparaiso Tour

Despite being the second largest city in Chile, a Valparaiso tour doesn’t offer a typical sightseeing experience in South America. There are no particular sites to visit; the charm of this colonial city lies in the ability to roam its many winding, labyrinthine alleyways and cobbled, narrow... Read more

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