Heather Murphy

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It was an inspirational semester spent studying and exploring Prague that led Heather to her vocation – travel! With a degree in International Ecotourism, she is passionate about the environment and conservation, having studied International Ecotourism, managed a Costa Rican Ecolodge, and worked for an environment-focused non profit in DC.

Heather passionately believes that travel is manna for the soul. Meeting new people, engaging with diverse cultures, and understanding firsthand how people all over the world share the same hopes and dreams deep down, is what inspires her everyday. She has traveled the world in search of authentic encounters – from Asia and Europe to Central America – and spent seven years in India which turned her into an avid yoga enthusiast! Now back in Denver, she loves being close to her family. As a beginner artist, she also spends her free time recreating her world on canvas.

Most Enchanting Travel

It’s the feeling of never knowing what will happen in a day that keeps me both returning to my favorite countries as well as exploring new ones. During the seven years I lived in India, I would occasionally travel back to Colorado to be with my family. On one of these trips home a friend was driving me to the train station, when the scooter wouldn’t go over 20 mph. We pulled over and hailed a rickshaw to take me the rest of the way. As I got into the rickshaw I watched my friend pull out and drive away, and I just felt a deep sadness leaving a place I love so much. In this moment the rickshaw driver turned around to confirm my destination and when he saw the tear in my eye he just put his thumb to my eye and wiped it away. This is the sweetness and humanity that makes me love traveling in general and India specifically.

“We don’t take a trip. A trip takes us.” John Steinbeck

Heather Murphy

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