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Namaste! I am Narender (you can call me Narsa or Naru).

I started working in 1996 as a freelance tour guide till I joined Enchanting Travels. The freedom that Enchanting Travels gives me to plan the sightseeing program together with our guests is a wonderful thing.

Many travel companies plan all the details of sightseeing in advance, and if guests are not so keen on the program we have to check with the company if we can change or add to the itinerary. At Enchanting Travels I can take such decisions myself and this flexibility works out much better for the guests.

I love the recognition. Enchanting Travels understands the amount of work, effort and ability required to give a stellar performance and ensure that a guest’s trip goes from being ‘Good’ to ‘Excellent’. They are very motivating with the way they reward their guides and I am proud to have won the Enchanting Travels India Guide Award three times.

Saint Augustine had said something very meaningful: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” I believe in this wholeheartedly. I am very lucky to have chosen a profession which has opened so many pages of this book for me!

My dream is to travel and see many more beautiful places in this world.

Most Enchanting Travel

After 18 years of work, I have experienced so much that I could write a book!

In the early days of Enchanting Travels, I was traveling with guests from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur when, most unexpectedly, our brand new vehicle broke down. In those days mobile network reception on highways was terrible and so it was not easy to contact our office. After a while, a kind truck driver stopped and offered us a lift. Our adventurous guests insisted we travel with him and I had no choice – we switched vehicles with all our valuables and the guests enjoyed refreshments under the stars, sitting inside a moving truck!

As soon as I could, I called our team to send another vehicle, but the guests wanted to continue in the truck onto their five star palace hotel! As expected, we got stopped by the security at the main gate. I popped out and told the guard that I was delivering guests to the hotel. Disbelieving, he got up on the truck and his eyes widened in shock when he saw our guests sitting on the floor!

Later, I learnt that this experience was a highlight of our guests’ vacation!

See you in vibrant, exotic and incredible India!

Narender Singh Rathore

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