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Hola! I am Nicole. I was born in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires, and grew up with a bilingual background as my parents are Swiss and German.

I graduated as a music therapist in 1999 and then taught in higher educational institutions. I have also worked in an administrative capacity for several organizations, including a position as dean at a prestigious hotel management school. In recent years, my professional interest and my work has been focused on tourism in Buenos Aires and I feel that I have finally found my passion!

To me, traveling means, perhaps contradictorily, to shorten distances and to connect dots. At the end of each journey, I am convinced yet again that there is no better place for me than my home in Argentina.

My dream is to continue growing, personally and professionally, surrounded by the people I love and care about.

Most Enchanting Travel

Covering 680 miles on a 14 hour trip to the middle of nowhere in Argentina, with Susan and Donald Larramendy from California, will remain sealed in my memory as one of my favorite Enchanting Travels’ stories. Years ago, the adventurous couple discovered that a town in the province of Buenos Aires bears their family name – Larramendy. On their visit to Argentina, they naturally wished to visit Larramendy and, luckily for me, I was their guide.

It was not easy to find the town. We took many wrong turns because there were no precise coordinates for the place, and the few locals we crossed gave us confusing directions. Larramendy seemed unwilling to be found! Finally, we saw the tower of a beautiful abandoned church, the ruins of a Benedictine abbey and the train station, which had closed down in 1961 because of the country`s deficient railway network.

The ruins of Larramendy remain ensconced within vast open fields – silent, lonely and frozen in time. That was all there was to see, but Su, Don and I closed our eyes and imagined Larramendy as the grand town that it never was and we felt immensely happy and fulfilled!

Building personal relationships is what I enjoy most, and I have been able to do this through my work with Enchanting Travels. Everybody – from team members to the guests I tour with through Buenos Aires, is lovely!

Nicole Heynen

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