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Prathima Rijhwani

  • Senior Travel Consultant

Widely traveled, Prathima takes time to discover diverse cultures, architecture and local cuisines at each destination she visits. In Asia, she is familiar with the lay of the land and the best sights and sounds that each destination offers. Armed with her first-hand knowledge, she enjoys crafting life-changing vacations that are perfectly aligned with her guests’ interests.

A graduate in Finance, Prathima started her career in financial services before moving on to financial advisory. But wanderlust soon took over, nudging her into becoming a part of the Enchanting Travels team. To Prathima, travel is similar to being in a dream — your senses heightened, soaking in everything around you, observing people, and realizing aspects about yourself that you never knew existed! Every trip she has made has changed her as a person.

In her free time, she paints, reads and bakes goodies. She’s also a tennis and cricket buff and adores Sachin Tendulkar and Rafael Nadal for their never-say-die attitude!

Most Enchanting Travel

My travel experiences are full of enchanting memories of the people I’ve met and the bonds I formed. In NYC, I once bought cupcakes from an 80-year-old who bakes in her tiny kitchen and walks 10 blocks every day to sell her wares. In Bangkok, I ate lip smacking street food in a parking lot, of all places! At a tiny Tsunami-ravaged village in Sri Lanka, I bought a lovely blouse made by a grandmother from her wedding saree so she could buy her grandson a gift, and in Sydney, a chef gifted me a cookbook by him because we were from his hometown, Bangalore. Every single experience was incredible!

Travel with an open mind. Don’t be obsessed with taking pictures…feel the place in your mind and heart. And carry sunscreen!

Prathima Rijhwani

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