Shivangi Pandey

  • Trip Coordinator

Shivangi is a firm believer in following her own path and not only being successful at what she does, but also enjoying it to the fullest! After her degree in English Literature and a Masters in Mass Communication, she has worked as both a Content Developer and a Freelance Event Planner for four years. Now a part of the Enchanting Travels Trip Coordination team, she is keen on making the most of her foray into the world of travel.

Shivangi’s volunteer work with Goonj, A Voice An Effort – a non-profit that helps the underprivileged – brings her true happiness and contentment. She’s also an ardent foodie and lives by the principle, ‘food is the ultimate joy of life’! Listening to music helps her stay calm and balanced in all that she does.

Most Enchanting Travel

My two most enchanting travel experiences were in Jim Corbett National Park with my family, and in Dhanaulti with my two best friends. While Jim Corbett was a totally exotic experience, Dhanulati was more of a fun, adventurous and thrilling experience: we were camping out in the middle of nowhere, up in the forested mountains, with no sign of anyone else. We had to set up camp at such a place because we wanted to shoot the Eta Aquariids meteor shower created by debris from Halley’s Comet – a phenomenon that happens once in 76 years – as part of my friend’s project. The night brought us a thunderstorm, hail, rain, lightening and what not! Eventually, the three of us had to lock ourselves in our small little tent for hours and pray that we survive the night. But the scary night turned into a magical experience soon after as we could witness the sky light up with the meteor shower around 2 am. It was a night I will never forget.

Go off the beaten track and explore! Do what people usually do not. You will certainly learn something that most others do not know of.

Shivangi Pandey

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