Suraj Somaiah

  • Africa
  • Product Manager

After receiving a Bachelors degree in Commerce, Suraj spent time learning about the fundamentals of the hotel industry in his role as a steward, thus sparking an interest in studying hotel management. After his degree, he has handled the front office before starting his journey into the world of Enchanting Travels.

At Enchanting Travels, Suraj has been a jack of all trades with his in-depth knowledge of our destinations. A proud Kodava (hailing from the picturesque Coorg region of South India), Suraj’s boundless enthusiasm and his love for pandi (pork) curry and elephants, readily shine through. He aspires for a passport filled with visa stamps and enjoys all things gastronomic – from stories of cooking to delicious cuisine. For him, destinations come alive through their history and each one has a unique story to tell.

Most Enchanting Travel

Visiting the Magnificent Angkor Wat and Tonle Sap in Cambodia, enjoying a street food tour, watching people and life on the Mekong in Vietnam, meeting elephants and seeing the night markets in Thailand, temples, history and nature in India…what more I could ask for! Enchanting Travels has given me an opportunity to experience and be enchanted enough to become an Enchanter in turn!

Travel was never in my book of life till the eventful day when I joined Enchanting Travels … and then, to quote Ibn Battuta, ‘travelling left me speechless and turned me into the story teller that I am today’.

Suraj Somaiah

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