Best time to visit Africa

The best time to visit Africa depends on the countries you are visiting and the time of the year. Here is an overview of Africa destinations to help you plan the perfect African tours.

Best time to travel to Africa


Botswana offers the best game viewing experiences during the dry months of June to October. In October, while temperatures can rise up to 40 ° C during the day, they can drop below 10 ° C at night. The months of April and May are also suitable for a Botswana safari, although you have experience the occasional bout of rain as well.


The best time to travel to Kenya is between mid-December to mid-March and from June to October. The country experiences heavy rainfall between April and June, and shorter spells of rain in November and December. However, with various parts of Kenya being accessible at different months, you can actually travel in Kenya throughout the year.


Seasons in Lesotho are diametrically opposite to ours. While in winter, temperatures can dip to -15 ° C, summer days are uniformly pleasant at 30 ° C. Lesotho also experiences the occasional thunderstorm during the summer months. Spring and autumn are the best time to travel to Lesotho, with April and May being the ideal months.

Best time to travel to Africa


In Malawi, the weather is distinctly different between summer, winter and the rainy season. While May to July are the cooler months, Malawi experiences warm weather between August and September. Road conditions are poor during the rainy months from the end of September until April, making it difficult to travel in Malawi. With the weather being generally quite warm throughout the year, we recommend travel to Malawi between the months of May to August or September.


Mauritius experiences warm and sunny weather with few variations between seasons. Beach holidays in Mauritius are possible at any time of the year, although there are possibilities of heavy storms in January and February. As the country is located in the southern hemisphere, expect dry weather with low humidity between the months of May to November.


In Mozambique too, the dry and wet seasons are distinctly different from one another. The dry weather lasts from April to September and is generally the best time to travel to Mozambique. As you travel inland, or to the south, the weather can be quite hot and humid during the rainy season.

Sicherheit in Namibia: Mit dem Jeep durch die Wüste


The sun shines down on Namibia throughout the year! Set in the southern hemisphere, Namibia can be quite cold in the dry winter months, with temperatures often dipping below the freezing point. The time between June to October is best for Namibia safaris.

Rwanda & Uganda

It is best to travel to Rwanda and Uganda during the long dry season between May to October or in the short dry season between December to March. Traveling in the rainy season is also possible as rainfall generally occurs in short, violent bursts. If you are interested in gorilla trekking, do keep in mind that Volcanoes National Park experiences plenty of rainfall throughout the year.


The climate of Seychelles is determined by the winds that blow through the country! The North-West trade winds bring warm and humid weather between the months of October to March, while in January and February, the country receives a lot of rainfall. Seychelles experiences cool and dry weather between May to October, making these the best months for travel.

Best time to travel to Africa

South Africa

The climate varies significantly between regions, so the best time to travel in South Africa depends on what you wish to do. As the country is in the southern hemisphere, seasons in South Africa are opposite to ours. While Springtime, between August and October, is the ideal time for safaris, you can actually travel to South Africa all around the year. During the school holidays, between mid-December to mid-January, as well as in Easter, a large amount of local tourists flock to popular destinations. Thus, it is best to avoid traveling in popular South African destinations at this time.


Tanzania is great for year round travel, so before you plan your trip, consider which activities and experiences are important to you. April and May are the least suitable months for travel to Tanzania as it rains heavily during this time.


The best time to travel to Zambia is during the cool and dry months of May to August. The temperature is pleasantly mild at this time and it is also a great time for game viewing. In the hot and dry season, temperatures can rise up to 40 ° C, although this is also a great time for a safari in Zambia. While it is difficult to reach remote areas during the rainy season, this is also the best time for bird watching.

The best time to visit Africa

Do you have more questions about the best time to visit Africa? Africa tours need to planned well, especially if you wish to include several countries and experiences, such as safaris and beach holidays, into your itinerary. Let us experts plan the best African safari tours and advise you on the best time to visit Africa. Tell us your Africa travel dream and we will design your private and tailor-made Africa tour to match all your interests and preferences.

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