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What is the best time to visit Chile?

The seasons in the southern hemisphere are exactly opposite to what we experience. The best time to visit Chile depends entirely on what you wish to do. As the country stretches over 4200 kilometers and several climatic zones, there is no optimal time for Chile tours in the classic sense of the term. Here are some travel tips to help you plan your vacation.

The best time for a Chile trip depends on the season:

  • Summer – December to March
  • Autumn – March to June
  • Winter – June to September
  • Spring – September to December

Southern Chile receives a lot of rainfall and can be very windy all year round. The weather in Torres del Paine National Park changes constantly thanks to the unique geography of the region. The extreme climate can be particularly challenging for travelers, who often feel that they have experienced all four seasons within a single day!

Central Chile on the other hand, experiences warm, Mediterranean type weather. Summers are pleasant and dry while winters are mild and slightly humid. It also rains a lot in the winter months. Northern Chile is typically very dry although differences in temperature between summer and winter are rather low.

From snowy Andean peaks to a vast shoreline, the driest desert in the world, glacier-cleaved landscapes, lagoons, mysterious Easter Islands, fjords, geysers, diverse cultural experiences and fine wine – Chile is every connoisseur’s dream. From the most luxurious to the nearly undiscovered, Chile tours offer them all. We traveled far and wide in search of the most diverse, authentic and exciting experiences for you.

Where do you wish to go? What would like to do? Contact us today for your obligation-free, personalized travel itinerary. We are happy to advise on the best time to travel to Chile and help you plan your trip of a lifetime.


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