Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

What is the best time to visit Costa Rica? The country has a wonderfully tropical climate throughout the year, thanks to its proximity to the equator. However, there are some differences in weather and climate depending on where you are. For example, the highland and mountainous regions such as the Tilaran Mountain Range (near the fascinating Monteverde Cloud forest), are generally cooler than the flatter regions or areas closest to the sea such as the gorgeous coastal province of Guanacaste. So a good rule of thumb is to keep in mind that the higher you go the cooler it is.

The best time to visit Costa Rica

The consistently tropical climate has the interesting effect of making Costa Rica a country without a clear difference between winter and summer. Seasons are generally split into dry and rainy.

The warmer and drier season generally runs from December through to April. This is by far the most popular season for travelers and visitors to Costa Rica. When the weather starts getting cold up north, many choose to head to the tropics to enjoy the warmer climate and dry weather. So if you want some true tropical heat, these are the months you should consider.

If you prefer the weather to be cooler, consider visiting between November and January. This cool weather is thanks to the mild northeasterly winds, which blow gently through the mountains. This can be a nice change from the sometimes intense heat of the warmer, drier months. At this time the number of visitors begins to decrease with the changing seasons.

The wetter season, or ‘Green Season’ is from May all the way through to November. The local Costa Ricans consider this their ‘winter’, but if you’re used to the cold winters of the north, it will still feel pleasantly tropical. Despite the wetter weather, the Green Season is a wonderful time to visit. You will find far fewer crowds, lusher and greener landscapes, as well as more active wildlife. For a country as ecologically diverse as Costa Rica, this is something special indeed! Because of this, May – June or September -October are great months to travel in Costa Rica.

In recent years, July and August have seen a large rise in tourism, with many travelers from Europe. So, during these months availability of quality accommodation will generally be lower.

This is of course a rough guide, and even when the weather in Costa Rica is cool, it is rarely cold, and the rainy days during the Green Season often start out warm and sunny. So no matter when you go, the weather in Costa Rica is never unpleasant.

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