Best Time to Visit Lesotho

What is the best time to visit Lesotho? Our destination experts share an overview on the seasons in Lesotho and when to visit.

The climate in Lesotho is moderately warm throughout the year. Due to the high altitude, the temperatures are relatively low compared to the neighboring countries of Lesotho.

The seasons in Lesotho are exactly the opposite of those in Europe and North America!

  • Winter: June to September
  • Summer: November to March

The best season for Lesotho travel is generally in the transitional periods. In Winter, it is sunny during the day, but the cold (up to -15°C) frightens many visitors. In summer, it is warm, with temperatures up to 30°C. The temperature differences between day and night are, however, very pronounced, which frequently results in thunderstorms. The weather is especially pleasant in April and May.

Tips on the best time to visit Lesotho

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