What is the best time to visit Mexico? Due to its position on the Tropic of Cancer, Mexico experiences two distinct seasons – the rainy season from May to October and the dry season from November through April. The east coast and Yucatan areas can be vulnerable to cyclones during the latter half of the rainy season – June to November – some travelers opt to visit these regions outside of these months.

The best time to visit Mexico will be determined by what you’re hoping to do while you’re there. National holiday periods such as Christmas and Easter tend to be the busiest times to visit, while rainy season brings heavy humidity and downpours that’re not ideal if you want to relax on the beach.

For fewer crowds but more manageable weather conditions, arrange your trip during the shoulder season May or November, just before or after the peak season.

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Rainy Season in Mexico

During the rainy months of May to October, Mexico may experience tropical storms or hurricanes. If you are visiting during this time – especially between July and September – expect cloudy skies and heavy rainfall in the late afternoon or early evening. The effects of this season are felt most in the central and western parts and in southeast Mexico.

Climate of Mexico by Region

As Mexico is such a large country – it stretches for nearly 800,000 square miles and is split up into 32 different states – you’ll find the climate differs depending on where you go.

  • North: Desertous northern Mexico is known for its extremely dry climate which can see temperatures rising to around 100°F (40°C) during the summer. In the winter, the thermometer can frequently dip below freezing at night in the highlands.
  • Center: Mexico City and the central regions surrounding it enjoy a more moderate climate all year round. Even in the cooler months, daytime temperatures rarely drop below 59°F (15°C), however, there can be some refreshing, windier days.
  • Coast: Cities such as Mérida, Cancun and Playa del Carmen along the Gulf of Mexico, and the western regions on the Pacific Coast, enjoy a hot and humid climate during the summer months. However, heavy rainfall is not uncommon between July and September.
  • South: Further south in Chiapas and Oaxaca, you can expect warm subtropical temperatures all year round in the lowlands, while mountainous areas are typically a more pleasant 68-77°F (20-25°C) during the summer.
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What to Pack for Mexico

What you’ll need to pack for Mexico will depend on the region and time of year you’re visiting. If you’ve selected to go during the drier season, loose, cool clothing will be key. The rainy season can bring on chillier nights so warm layers and a good quality raincoat is a must.

No matter when you visit, packing essentials will include comfortable shoes for exploring, sunscreen and a sun hat to protect your skin, and insect repellent if you’re planning a trip into the mountains or jungle. You may also want to bring medication for headaches, stomach pain or colds from home so you know you’re using a trusted brand.

If you are traveling to cities or regions located high above sea level, such as Mexico City, it is important to be prepared for altitude sickness. It’s best to consult your doctor for medicine to combat altitude sickness. While traveling, we recommend that you take a little time to adjust to the altitude, and do keep yourself hydrated at all times!

We’re happy to help you decide on the  best time to visit Mexico, so you can make the most of your time discovering the country’s spectacular cultural and historical wonders.

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While planning a Mexico vacation, it is important to make sure that you avoid the cyclones. While cyclone season is typically between June and November in some parts, with a carefully planned itinerary it is possible to avoid them altogether no matter when you visit.

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