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What is the best time to visit Zambia? The country experiences sub-tropical climate with pleasant temperatures due to the high altitude. Our destination experts share an overview on when to set out for your Zambia tour. 

The climate in Zambia is a so-called tropical climate. The temperatures are very pleasant due to the high altitude. They are around 20°C in the highlands and around 24°C in the valleys.

The climate in Zambia is determined by three seasons:

  • Cool drying time: May – August
  • Hot dry season: September – November
  • Rainy season: December – April (South) / October – April (North)

The cool, dry season is considered to be the best travel time for Zambia when temperatures are 23°C. At night it gets relatively fresh, with about 6°C. The rivers and waterholes are filled by the rainy season and attract numerous wild animals. Particularly great animal observations are possible in June and August. Many roads to remote regions are only passable during the cool dry season. During the hot dry season, especially from October, the temperatures and also the humidity increase noticeably.

In November, you can make great safari observations, as the animals gather around watering holes. However, temperatures are very high – up to 40°C!

In mid-November, the rainy season begins, which is also called the Emerald Season or Green Season. During these hot-humid months, the country shines in green. Many remote areas can no longer be visited and some camps close. Nevertheless, this season has its own charm – and is wonderfully suited for bird watching.

Tips on the best time to visit Zambia

Would you like to experience the breathtaking nature and the friendly people of Zambia? Our travel experts will be pleased to advise you further on the best time to visit Zambia. Contact us for an obligation-free and complimentary quote.

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