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Secrets of Japan with our Enchanting Experts!

The most recent addition to the Enchanting Travels global collection of destinations is Japan! Experiencing a unique private tour of Japan with a team who have in-depth knowledge and can tailor your experience to your interests is the best way to explore this incredibly graceful... Read more

Travel Magic! Travel Writer Award 2017

Traveling connects, inspires and enchants – this is what we witness every day when we hear the cheerful travel experiences of our guests. A vacation can change whole lives, because they offer food for thought, stimulate creativity and let us transcend borders. Sometimes the magic of... Read more

Holiday in India – It’s all about the visuals!

  • Author: Larisa Gurnick
  • Posted In: India

A holiday in India was not on the cards, but Larisa and Wayne didn’t want to let the opportunity pass them by. A bit of research later, they were ready to explore the vast country. In November 2016, Larisa and Wayne embarked on a fifteen day... Read more

Return to India: The Great Tea Adventure

  • Author: Mouli
  • Posted In: India

Last October, Don and Else Grimes set out for India to mingle their two favorites – ‘high tea’ and Kerala, where they had visited three years ago. Despite initial apprehensions that things wouldn’t turn out the same the second time around, Don and Else’s visit... Read more

Private India tour: Chris and Deb’s epic journey

In March 2016, Chris and Deb embarked on a dream private India tour, heading through North India and Kerala. From visiting the magnificent Taj Mahal to resting by the tranquil backwaters of Alleppey, they managed to tick a plethora of must-sees’ off their bucket list!... Read more

Ultimate South America: Head Where All & Few Tread

Invoke your imagination with the endless landscapes and cultivating cultures of South America. You may wish to venture to the classic hotspots, or go where few people tread. We have some wonderful gems. Go now! Mystic Spirits of Peru The Popular: Machu Picchu Machu Picchu... Read more

South India Tour: This is Coffee Indian-style Ma’am

  • Author: Rosemary Kennedy
  • Posted In: India

In June 2016, Rosemary and Mark spent two weeks on a South India tour with Enchanting Travels, and loved the friendly people, the culture, the colors and the contrasts. This is their story.  This is coffee Indian-style ma’am I thought I should leave it a while... Read more

33 Sleeps: The Ultimate India Tour

  • Author: John Clark & Barbara Wellesley
  • Posted In: India

In February 2016, John Clark and Barbara Wellesley embarked on an 32-day India tour. As seasoned travelers who enjoy the unusual and the exotic, they naturally preferred to go off-the-beaten-path during their grand India tour – and Enchanting Travels helped them do just that! After... Read more

An Enchanting Travels Trip to Argentina and Chile

Having traveled all over the world, Mark and Twila Kaspar embarked on a trip to Argentina and Chile in January 2016. From exploring the dizzy heights of Torres del Paine, to the bustling center of Santiago de Chile, they had a wonderful time. These are their... Read more

Looking for Larramendy: An Enchanting Travels Adventure!

When Don and Sue Larramendy heard about a town called ‘Larramendy’ in South America, they knew that they’d have to visit it during their trip to Argentina! In May 2015, after much planning and exploration on their Enchanting Travels trip, they finally made it. ‘Larramendy’... Read more

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