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Tikehau is the perfect destination for leisure travelers hunting for a tranquil island escape where lounging by the coral beach and lazing in the sun are the day’s main activities. Tikehau neighbors Rangiroa in the Tuamotu Islands. Once a vast lagoon perfectly encircled by a coral ring, today the atoll has been broken up into countless little coral islets, or motus, that look like delicate pink and white meringues floating on a turquoise sea. Discover tiny bays, secluded nooks and sandy shores by the impossibly blue lagoon, ideal for picnics and lazy summer days. Drop by the Tikehau Village and get to know the local islanders better. The lovely coral beaches along the village are at a perfect depth for soaking and lounging in the sea and scuba diving for undersea treasures. Legendary marine researcher, Jacques Cousteau, believed the lagoons of Tikehau to be home to the densest concentration of fish and marine life in French Polynesia. Discover reef sharks and the elusive manta ray, apart from abundant schools of colorful reef fish, including clownfish, parrotfish, barracuda, tuna, snapper and lionfish.


  • Tranquil Island Escape
  • Coral Islands, Bays & Lagoon
  • Rich Marine Life
  • Tikehau Village


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