Is Maldives safe?

Is Maldives safe as a holiday destination? Our destination experts share their top tips about safety in Maldives. 

Crime rates are very low in the country and there is very little reason to feel unsafe while you travel in Maldives. Unlike other destinations, most visitors generally stay in the resorts that are spread across various islands, connected to each other only by water. Therefore, there are few opportunities for criminal activity.

Being an Islamic country, social ills like alcohol and drug dependence are low in the Maldives. Also, given that tourism is such a major economic factor, the image of the islands being a safe paradise is well preserved.


While visiting religious sites, it is important to dress appropriately in deference to local traditions. Always ensure that your knees and shoulders are covered.

Stay on the main streets of Male

Take the usual precautions with your belongings and valuable items and you are unlikely to encounter any potential security issues. The only place where there really exists any such possibility is in Male at night. Even then, being street-smart by staying in well-lit areas should be enough to avoid trouble.

Your Safety in Maldives

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