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Is Oceania safe? Here’s what our experts have to say.

With its vibrant cities, incredible Mayan and Spanish colonial heritage, art, architecture, culture and art scene, cuisine and beautiful beaches, Mexico is a destination of choice for discerning travelers. By and large, traveling in the popular tourist destinations is completely safe however, it is important to keep some basic safety measures in mind while you are out and about. 

Australia and New Zealand are the most popular regions to visit within Oceania and both typically have excellent safety records. Nevertheless, petty theft and pickpocketing are not unheard of in urban areas. You should ensure you know where your belongings are at all times and make a note of the serial numbers of any electronics in case they’re stolen or misplaced.

If you’re venturing out to more remote regions like the Pacific islands, crime rates are generally a bit higher (particularly in Papua New Guinea). Again, be vigilant with your belongings and make copies of any important travel documents just in case.

One of the biggest threats you’ll likely face when it comes to safety in Oceania is from nature. Be wary of poisonous insects and dangerous animals like alligators. Mosquito-borne diseases are also common in some areas, so make sure you’ve had any relevant vaccinations before you travel. If you’re heading to the coast and are likely to be swimming,watch out for riptides.

Here are some top tips from our destination experts for seamless and safe Oceania travels. 

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Kangaroo at Lucky Bay in the Cape Le Grand National Park near Esperance, Western Australia

Safety in Australia

Australia has one of the best safety records in Oceania, however, you should still be mindful in busy tourist areas and cities. Keep your belongings with you at all times and try to avoid carrying large sums of cash or valuables you’re not likely to use. 

As Australia is home to various venomous species, you’ll need to be extra careful when wandering in rural areas that are not near medical services. If you urgently need the assistance of the emergency services during your visit, call 000.

Safety in New Zealand

Again, while New Zealand is generally a very safe country to visit, you should still be vigilant in busy cities and tourist hotspots where pickpockets and con artists are more likely to operate. Take care at night and always book a taxi back to your accommodation if you’re unfamiliar with an area or on your own. 

New Zealand’s emergency number is 111 should you need the aid of the police, an ambulance or the fire services. 

Top Travel Tips for Safety in Oceania

  • Make sure someone knows where you are at all times if you’re vacationing alone
  • Be careful walking around cities at night, especially in unlit areas
    Never accept lifts from strangers
  • Make copies of any important travel documents in case of theft or loss
  • Be alert in rural regions in Australia and the Pacific islands for dangerous animals and insects
  • Always take out travel insurance to protect you against theft or in case of medical emergencies

For more information, visit the travel advisory page here.

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