Is Sri Lanka safe?

Are you wondering is Sri Lanka safe? Let us reassure you: Sri Lanka is generally considered a safe destination for families, individuals and single women tourists alike. However, as with any other country, it is always prudent to take some basic precautions while traveling. Here is an overview on security in Sri Lanka.

Tips for Safety and Security in Sri Lanka

Avoid taking photos of public buildings

While in Sri Lanka, avoid taking photographs of people in uniform or public buildings such as airports or government buildings – this is prohibited and unsuspecting tourists can be punished or fined.

Be respectful of local customs, religious sites and symbols

While traveling, please keep in mind that Sri Lankan people are deeply religious and be respectful of religious monuments and idols. Always ask before you take photos even at popular tourist sites. Dressing conservatively is advised and women are required to keep their knees and shoulders covered especially while visiting religious sites.

Security in Sri Lanka - religious sites in Sri Lanka

Use credit cards wisely

Credit cards should be used only at trusted locations. Please also keep tabs on your card statements. Although it is rare to come across credit card fraud in Sri Lanka, there can be a few black sheep who dupe travelers by over-charging their cards.

Travel in safe vehicles only

All our vehicles are tried and tested continuously by our team so you don’t have to worry about your safety. In general, many vehicles in Sri Lanka do not meet international standards of safety. If you wish to travel independently, please consult your local guide or your Trip Coordinator for the best possible options.

For your safety: Swimming in Sri Lanka’s beaches

Be careful while swimming in Sri Lanka as currents can change quite quickly. Please check with your hotel or your local guide to see if swimming is safe before you set out. Do not swim unsupervised and always make sure that you stay close to the shore.

Security in Sri Lanka - beaches

Is Sri Lanka safe? Safe and stress-free travel in the Indian subcontinent

Your safety and security in Sri Lanka is our topmost priority. With us, you are always in good hands. If you have any questions about your safety during your tour, our travel consultants are always happy to advise you. During your trip, you can always contact your local guide or your Trip Coordinator who is available around the clock throughout your trip.

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