Is Zanzibar safe? Security in Zanzibar

If you are wondering is Zanzibar safe, rest assured: the island is extremely safe for tourists. As tourism is the primary source of income in Zanzibar, the local authorities take the safety of tourists very seriously. While the island itself is very safe, it is nevertheless prudent to exercise caution while sailing around Zanzibar as there can be pirates lurking in the waters. However, on your sailing excursion with Enchanting Travels, worry not! Our local guides are well-verse in the local terrain and keep in constant contact with both the authorities and local people to ensure that you are always safe.

Is Zanzibar Safe: Tips for your safety

Leave your valuables at home

The people of Zanzibar are very poor and foreigners who can afford a trip to the islands are generally considered to be far richer by the locals. As with any other destinations, leave your valuables such as jewelry or watches, in the safety box of your hotel. Walking on the Zanzibar beach or deserted streets is not recommended at night.

Show respect for local traditions

Being a predominantly Islamic region, Zanzibaris are conservative in their clothing. While vacationing in the islands, we recommend that you dress modestly, especially while traveling in remote areas. Ensure that your knees and shoulders are covered, and avoid wearing short skirts and pants. Public displays of affection are generally frowned upon.

At religious institutions

Exercise caution especially when you visit religious institutions. Avoid crowded areas and religious demonstrations especially in and around Stone Town on Fridays.

Consult a doctor

Compared to the rest of Tanzania, risk of contracting Malaria is much lower in Zanzibar Island. However, it is still prudent to consult a doctor before your visit and receive proper advice on vaccinations and preventive medication.

Eat and drink, but safely!

Avoid drinking tap water at all costs! Most of the drinking water in Zanzibar is imported from the mainland and tap water is not safe to drink. Be careful with fruits and food that are sold on the street – if you have a sensitive stomach, avoid these altogether!

Is Zanzibar Safe: Stress-free travel

Your comfort and safety are our topmost priorities. Our Travel Consultants are happy to answer all your questions about safety in Zanzibar. During your trip, your local guide is happy to help you and your Trip Coordinator is available around the clock to assist you.

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Please note: Despite careful research, we cannot assume complete liability for the information provided here. Further updated information is available at your local Foreign Office.

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