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Despite being one of the most populated nations in the world, Japan boasts lush green spaces, vast open landscapes and charming rural villages. The country is also considered to be one of the safest destinations in the world!

1. Japanese people are some of the politest in the world! You’ll love the warm hospitality in the country so be sure to reciprocate the politeness. Returning the bow with an equally polite one of your own, will take you a long way.

2. Learning a few words of Japanese will help you navigate through the country easily. The easiest to pick up are ‘konnichiwa’, meaning ‘Good Day’, or ‘arigato’, meaning ‘thank you very much’. In rural areas, where English is not as prevalent, it is advisable to carry a phrasebook to help you communicate with locals.

3. Do carry names and directions of your hotel, restaurants, and attractions you wish to visit, written in Japanese so that this can be shown to people on the street while asking for the way.

4. The Japanese are arguably some of the best-dressed people in the world. In Japan, people are often judged according to their attire so make sure you are smartly turned out!

5. Although Japan is less strict than other Asian countries about a dress code while visiting temples and religious shrines, it is still polite to dress conservatively and cover your shoulders.

6. It is a good idea to wear slip-ons for temple visits so you can easily take them off if you are required to be barefoot within the temple premises.

Discover an fascinating nation with our top Japan travel tips

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