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Be enchanted at Italy’s southern coast where centuries-old history comes together with a stunningly dramatic landscape, preserved coastal towns, and haut monde culture! Deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site, discover one of the jewels of the Mediterranean at swish Positano. Soak in fishing villages like Atrani, hike past coastal cliffs, or sail to Capri, the ‘Island of Gods’! Also on your itinerary are in-depth explorations of historical Rome and a leisurely stay at coastal Sorrento by the Bay of Naples.


Itinerary Summary

DayPlaceHighlightsHotel Options
1 - 4RomeSt. Peter’s Basilica, Colosseum, Trevi FountainHotel degli Aranci, Donna Camilla Savelli
4 - 7SorrentoBay of Naples, Baroque Architecture & Cobbled Alleys, Artisanal Crafts & Shops, Lemon GrovesHotel del Corso, Imperial Hotel Tramontano
7 - 9Amalfi CoastUNESCO World Heritage site, Coastal Towns of Amalfi, Positano & Ravello, Sailing, Fishing & SeafoodVilla La Tartana, Palazzo Murat

Ideal For

  • Adventure
  • Heritage
  • Landscape
  • Wine & Food
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Itinerary Details

Day 1 - 4

International Arrival

You will be transferred from Rome airport to your hotel in a private vehicle


3 Nights

The ancient capital of Rome is a cosmopolitan city today with over 3,000 years of history, culture and architecture. While St. Peter’s Basilica towers over the landscape, Michelangelo’s priceless frescos guard the walls of the Sistine Chapel and priceless art and architecture are seen around every corner.

Included Activities

Historic Rome on Foot
Discover the ancient monuments of the city with this interesting walking exploration. Set off with your knowledgeable guide for the open-air market at Piazza Campo de Fiori with its colorful displays of fruits, vegetables, crafts, and other items. Browse through the market as you take a short break before heading on to bustling Navona Square. Stroll around looking at the fountains, churches, and palaces around the square that are the works of famous artists such as Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini. Walk on till you come upon the magnificent Pantheon, once a temple devoted to pagan deities that now serves as a Christian basilica. Saunter past Palazzo Madama, the seat of the Italian senate, and the Column of Marcus Aurelius constructed in honor of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. Leave behind Palazzo Montecitorio, the seat of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, as you make your way to the famous shopping street of Via Condotti with its exclusive boutiques. Amble to the end of the street to the iconic Trevi Fountain made famous by the 1960 movie La Dolce Vita. You could throw a coin into the fountain before heading on to the Spanish Steps with its sloping staircase and the elegant Barcaccia fountain. (Half Day; Private Transfer & Activity; Fitness Level: Moderate. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing appropriate for church visits.)

Tiramisu and Gelato Making Class
Learn the art of making authentic tiramisu and artisanal gelato from professional chefs in Rome. Meet at Gelateria Punto Gelato in Via Dei Pettinari – a laboratory of a tiramisu shop where a professional chef will introduce you to the world of tiramisu, and the importance of choosing high quality, fresh, organic ingredients. Wear your apron and follow the chef’s instructions to prepare different versions of the sweet, starting with baking biscuits. Taste your creations, and collect a copy of the recipes, before you set off to one of the best gelaterias of Rome to make gelato. Listen to your professional chef’s introduction of the dessert and how important organic, good quality produce is to the outcome. Follow a step by step process to prepare various samples of artisanal gelato, also learning how about the various types of gelato machines an how they work. Sit down for the tasting, and take home the recipes and some wonderful memories of authentic Italian cooking alongside local connoisseurs. (Duration: 2 hrs; Times: 1600 hrs; Shared Activity: Max 6 guests; Fitness level: Easy; Please note that this activity includes local food connoisseurs, 1-hour tiramisu class with tastings and 1-hour gelato class with tastings. This is available everyday excluding closeout dates. Please arrive at Gelateria Punto Gelato in Via Dei Pettinari 15 minutes prior.)

Treasures of Ancient Rome
Marvel at the Colosseum – a symbol of the mighty Roman Empire, which was witness to brutal games between gladiators and wild animals, centuries ago. Accompanied by your expert historian, learn about the Colosseum’s fine engineering, which is a testament to the advanced technology of the Romans. Admiring the majestic architecture, see 80 entrances built for easy access, and a sophisticated system of aqueducts and water fountains to serve the spectators. Observe the carved Tuscan, Ionian, and Corinthian columns that adorn the multiple stories. Exploring various features including the Arena Floor, get a sense of how swords clashed, crowds cheered, and emperors entertained. Walk under the Arch of Constantine, and stroll about the expansive Roman Forum, where modern democracy is believed to have taken shape. Finally, head to Palatine Hill, one among Rome’s seven hills, a site of ancient legends, considered to be the birthplace of its founders Romulus and Remus. Standing amid wildflowers of the Farnese Gardens, enjoy panoramic vistas of surrounding landmark ruins, and the Tiber river beyond. (Half Day; Time: 0900 hrs; Private Activity & Transfer; Fitness Level: Moderate; Please wear comfortable walking shoes. Please note that pick-up & drop-off will be at a centrally located hotel.).

Majestic Vatican Tour
Visit the glorious Vatican Museums, an expansive complex that houses the world’s largest private art collection across 54 galleries and two papal palaces. Admire the stunning architecture and the elegant décor as you enter the premises and walk through the corridors. Accompanying passionate expert guides, absorb centuries of history via anecdotes and hidden details that bring the art to life, showcasing the power and politics of the Vatican City. Amid this treasure trove of priceless art including works by master painters and celebrated artists, see magnificent frescoes, rare sculptures, and prized paintings. Navigate the many rooms including favorites such as the Gallery of the Candelabra, Gallery of Tapestries, and the Gallery of the Maps featuring painted topographical maps of Italy. Take a break at the airy Belvedere Courtyard. Stepping inside the Sistine Chapel, marvel at Michelangelo’s masterpiece paintings that adorn the walls and ceilings. Observe scenes from the Old Testament, with hidden symbols of Judaism. Continue further to the ornate St Peter’s Basilica, considered the world’s largest and the most important church, thanks to the crypt that serves as a site of pilgrimage for Catholics. After browsing Bernini’s Baldachin, climb the dome for a close look at the ceiling mosaics, and enjoy the best view of Rome, concluding an experience of a lifetime! (Half Day; Time: 1430 hrs; Shared Activity & Transfer; Fitness level: Easy; Please wear appropriate clothing – shorts, miniskirts and uncovered shoulders are not allowed in the Basilica – and comfortable walking shoes. If St. Peter’s Basilica is being used for a religious ceremony or function, the tour will continue outside.)

Hotel Options
RoomDouble Room
RoomSuperior Double Room
Day 4 - 7

You will be transferred from your hotel to Rome train station in a private vehicle

Board your train from Rome to Naples (Duration: 1.25 hrs)

You will be transferred from the Naples train station to your hotel in a private vehicle


3 Nights

Sorrento is a beautiful coastal town overlooking the Bay of Naples. Celebrated for its high cliffs and panoramic views of the Mediterranean coast, there’s much to savor of the town’s heritage architecture and laid back pace of the good life.

Included Activities

Explore the Ruins of Pompeii
Set off to explore the historic ruins of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Pompeii. Walk around the remnants of a civilization destroyed fully by the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. See the awe-inspiring site of an ancient city frozen in time after it was buried under 13 to 20 feet (4 to 6 m) of volcanic ash and pumice. Accompany your guide cum archeologist around the western part of town as you listen to details about how life in this splendid city was before the tragedy. Wander among the ruins of important buildings such as the thermal baths, the Basilica, the bakery, the forum, and houses before you resume your onward journey. (En route Activity; Half Day; Duration: 2 hrs; Fitness Level: Easy.)

Walking Tour of Capri Island with Blue Grotto
Get picked up from your hotel and head to the port where you can catch the ferry to Capri island. Settle into a comfortable boat for the half-hour ride across the Gulf of Naples to the resort island. Step ashore and accompany your guide on an hour-long walking tour of the vibrant island that is known for its rugged landscape. Amble along the narrow lanes that run amid whitewashed buildings and stop at the vantage viewpoints in Anacapri. Savor stunning views of the sea and the island before you admire the fabulous beauty of the Blue Grotto. This sea cave has unusually blue water that is the result of an extraordinary natural phenomenon involving sunlight. After a busy day of exploring, return by boat to Sorrento to be dropped back at your hotel. (Full Day; Private Activity & Transfers; Fitness Level: Moderate. Please note the itinerary in Capri is at the guide’s discretion and may vary depending on crowds and queues.)

Paestum Tour and Mozzarella Tasting
Drive out to the ancient Greek city of Paestum known for its beautiful temples and delicious mozzarella cheese. Wander around the ruins of what was once a magnificent city with three colossal temples dedicated to Hera, Athena, and Neptune, respectively. Considered among the world’s best-preserved Greek temples, the oldest of the three is about 2,500 years old! Stroll over to the onsite museum where you can see excavated objects including sculptures and vases that give a glimpse of what life here might have been like. Afterward, head out to the mozzarella farm for a look at the process involved in making excellent cheese from rich buffalo milk. At this farm in the Campania region, considered the heartland of buffalo mozzarella, familiarize yourself with the hygienic techniques of milking water buffalo. Taste some of the fresh mozzarella made by experts before you take a break for lunch. You could bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy at the farm or pop into the bistro there to sample the varied menu. After lunch, wind up the tour and head back to your hotel. (Full Day; Private Activity & Transfers; Fitness Level: Easy.)

Hotel Options
Hotel del Corso – Opt 1
RoomStandard Room
RoomDouble room garden view with window
Day 7 - 9

Your chauffeur will drive you from Sorrento to Amalfi (Duration: 1 hr) in a private vehicle

Amalfi Coast

2 Nights

Amalfi Coast is a beautiful stretch in the Campania region, boasting 32 miles of stunning coastal scenery, hugging the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula. Renowned for its unparalleled beauty, thanks to the natural Mediterranean landscape, Amalfi Coast is especially immortalized in pop culture.

Included Activities

Amalfi Uncovered
Savor a hearty breakfast at the hotel before you set off with your driver and guide to discover the attractions of the Amalfi Coast. Drive past charming villages where houses sit huddled over one another on the slopes of the breathtaking cliffs. Savor splendid views of lemon and olive orchards, picturesque beaches, and Saracen watchtowers as you travel along the narrow roads into the town of Amalfi. Explore the medieval cathedral dedicated to Saint Andrew that sits at the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage site and soak in the old world charm of the town that was part of a powerful maritime republic from the ninth to the 11th-century. Savor a delicious lunch in an authentic local restaurant before heading over to Villa Rufolo. Enjoy spectacular views of the entire Amalfi Coast from the scenic gardens of this villa, set in the historical center of the quaint village of Ravello. Wander around the alleys of Ravello dotted with luxurious villas. Stroll around sprawling Piazza Vescovado bordered by Palazzo Rufolo and the imposing cathedral with its soaring bell tower before returning to your hotel In the late afternoon. (Full Day; Time: 0900 hrs; Lunch Included; Private Activity & Transfers; Fitness Level: Moderate. Please wear comfortable shoes. Pick up is available if the hotel is reachable by car.)

Hotel Options
Villa La Tartana – Opt 1
RoomRoom Sea Side & Balcony
StyleBeach Resort
Palazzo Murat – Opt 2
RoomDouble room Garden View

You will be transferred from your hotel to Naples airport in a private vehicle

International Departure

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Southern Culture and the Amalfi Coast

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