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Travel Dates: January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021
Book this vacation by March 31, 2020, and save up to 15% of your trip price!

Discover classics as well as hidden gems on this comprehensive Japan cultural tour. Start your journey in Tokyo, soaking in all the sights and sounds of this futuristic metropolis on private guided tours – from the traditional neighborhood of Asakusa to the foodie central Ramen Street! Continue on to Hakone, where you can relax and rejuvenate in Japanese hot springs and explore the pristine national park. In Takayama, visit the fairytale village of Shirakawa-go before your immerse yourself in the Samurai culture and magnificent gardens of Kanazawa.

There are no fewer than 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Kyoto! Visit these magnificent gems with an experienced local expert by your side. Next, head on to tranquil Kurashiki which will enchant you with its meandering canals and warehouses-turned-museums. Complete your tour in Hiroshima, contemplating the history and heritage of Japan while you wander amid the Peace Park and museum.

As with all our Asia tours, you personalize this Japan vacation to match your interests and preferences. Our experts will be happy to create a tailor-made, seamless trip for you. Contact us for an obligation-free itinerary!

This offer is not valid for travel between March 15 to 31, 2021, and December 15 to 31, 2021. 


Itinerary Summary

DayPlaceHighlightsHotel Options
1 - 5TokyoImperial Palace, Meiji Shrine, River cruise to AsakusaPark Hotel Tokyo, Hotel Gajoen Tokyo
5 - 7HakoneView of Mt Fuji volcano, enjoy the views from a pirate ship, Natural hot springs and Onsen, Ropeway over Volcanic plains, overlooking the sulphuric fumesYutorelo-an ANNEX, Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora
7 - 9TakayamaBi-annual Takayama Festival, Old Town, Morning MarketsTakayama Ouan Ryokan, Hidatei Hanaougi Ryokan
9 - 11KanazawaKenrokuen: Japan’s most celebrated landscape garden, Higashi Chaya district (where Geisha’s perform tea ceremonies), Samurai districtANA Crowne Plaza Kanazawa, Hotel Nikko Kanazawa
11 - 14KyotoFushimi Inari Shrine, Nara’s Buddha Statue, Geisha District, Uji Tea PlantationsKyoto Tokyu Hotel, Kyoto Hotel Okura
14 - 16KurashikiBikan Historical Quarter, Mount Washu, Ohara Museum of ArtRyokan Kurashiki, Ryokan Kurashiki
16 - 17HiroshimaPeace Memorial, Peace Museum, Miyajima IslandGranvia Hiroshima, Sheraton Grand Hiroshima Hotel
17 - 17OsakaOsaka Castle, Umeda Sky Building, Street Food

Ideal For

  • Heritage
  • Landscape

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Itinerary Details

Day 1 - 5

International Arrival

You will be met by our representative at Narita Airport and then taken to your hotel by your private chauffeur.


4 Nights

Tokyo is a city like no other! Defined by cutting-edge design, quirky creativity and its own unique ancient culture, the city defines the best of both worlds.

Included Activities

Traditional Tokyo by Day
For a day well spent, visit some of Tokyo’s best known landmarks with your local expert! Begin with a trip to the Asakusa locality, well-known for its “shitamachi” or old-world vibe. You can visit the Sensoji temple, a Buddhist temple believed to be Tokyo’s oldest. Adjacent to the temple you will find the Nakamise “dori” or street, where you can taste some traditional snacks if you like. Travel across town to Omotesando and after exploring the ritzy flagship stores and spectacular architecture on the main boulevard. Next, make your last stop at the famous Meiji shrine, dedicated to the spirit of Emperor Meiji. Surrounded by a forested area with 365 species of trees, the shrine is also a popular wedding venue, so don’t be surprised if you come across a bride and groom all dressed up for their big day! (Half Day; 0900 or 1400 hrs; Private Activity; Transfers by public transport; Fitness Level: Moderate)

Ramen Romance in Tokyo
On an evening out in Tokyo, dive into delicious bowls of ramen, a dish that embraces Japan’s food culture. Accompany Frank, an enthusiastic Tokyo native and ramen enthusiast, as he uncovers Tokyo’s hidden gems! Visit award-winning local ramen shops that pride in their specialty offerings. Expect to taste two completely different bowls of steaming hot ramen at two specifically handpicked restaurants. As you sit down to eat, learn about the history of Ramen, its origins and its evolution as an iconic comfort food in Japan. You’ll soon realize that no two bowls of ramen are the same, thanks to their unique flavors, textures, and composition. As you move from one joint to the next, dig deeper into the world of ramen – discussing the trends and future of ramen, including its impact through popular culture! (Half Day; Duration: 2 -4 hrs; Meal included: 2 bowls of ramen and 1 tea/coffee; Fitness level: Moderate; Please note that additional food and drinks are not included.)

Hotel Options
Park Hotel Tokyo – Opt 1
RoomCity Room - City View
RoomExecutive Suite
Day 5 - 7

Private transfer from your hotel to Tokyo train station (including assistance from your hotel until you board your train)

Romancecar Train from Tokyo-Shinjuku to Hakone-Yumoto (1.5 hrs)

Private Transfer from Train Station to Hotel (please note: the chauffeur usually does not speak English).


2 Nights

Hakone defines the iconic image of Japan— with the majestic backdrop of Mount Fujiyama as it rises out of coniferous forest covered mountainsides, lakes and hot springs (onsen).

Included Activities

Onsen: Japanese Hot Spring Baths
When in Japan, you can hardly miss out on experiencing the traditional, hot spring water baths with their healing properties. Enjoy the complementary facility of taking an Onsen soak in your own private outdoor tub of natural hot spring waters. Feel all your stress melt away from your tired muscles. Make the best use of all the other traditional hot tub options available at the property, each bathtub with its own particular temperature and mineral combination. A sumptuous dinner, followed right after by a hot soak comes highly recommend by your hosts. As per tradition, these other hot tubs are gender-segregated, shared bath facilities.

Explore Hakone National Park
Discover the stunning natural wonders of the Hakone National Park through its fully-developed traffic network. Drive to the peaceful 650-year old Choanji Temple surrounded by a grove and seasonal flowers. Follow the walking trails observing over 200 whimsical, human-like “rakan” statues (statues of Buddhist disciples). Board a cruise boat and sail the waters of Lake Ashi, admiring Mount Fuji if the weather is clear. Hop into the Komagatake Ropeway and head to the summit of Mount Komagatake. Glide down the ropeway and board a cruise vessel to Sekisho-Ato that was a part of Hakone’s old town earlier. Walk around to one of the few original stretches of the Tokaido Road from Tokyo to Kyoto. Admire the original tall cedar trees and the old paving stones in the 500m stretch which is now mostly main road and railway lines. (Full Day; Times: 1000/1030 hrs; Group size: Max 7 guests; Please wear waterproof, comfortable footwear. You use public transport – local buses in Hakone. Pick up and drop off will be at your hotel.)

Hotel Options
RoomStandard Japanese Room
RoomDeluxe Riverside King
Day 7 - 9

Private Transfer from Hotel to Train Station (please note: the chauffeur usually does not speak English).

Train from Odawara Hakone to Nagoya (1.5 hr)

Train from Nagoya to Takayama (2 hr)

Make your own way from the Takayama train station to your hotel


2 Nights

Located in the heart of the Japanese Alps, Takayama is an excellent option for those seeking a countryside jaunt. A gateway to the hiking paradise of mountainous Hida, Takayama is home to ancestral old homes, temples and shrines.

Included Activities

Shirakawa-gō Village Excursion
Today you will take a guided tour with a local guide to the beautifully preserved old town of Takayama and the UNESCO site Shirakawa-go village. Start the day with a visit to the local Miyagawa Market along the Miyagawa River in the old town. Most stands sell local crafts and farm products such as vegetables, pickles and flowers. Take a walk in the district called San-machi Suji, the traditional home of Takayama merchants and sake brewers, which has been preserved in almost exactly the same state as 200 or 300 years ago. Here are inns, shops and taverns which trace their history back many generations. Visit the Takayama Jinya. Because of its valuable timber resources, the Hida Region around Takayama was put under direct control of the Tokugawa Shogunate in 1692. The Takayama Jinya served as the local government office, headed by the officials dispatched from Edo. The present building complex includes various rooms for administrative purposes, offices, kitchens, toilets, bath rooms, residential space, a court room and storehouses. It was in official use until 1969, and is now open to the public as a museum. End the morning by stopping at a sake brewery and enjoy a tasting on Japan’s national tipple. Takayama’s sake is renowned nation-wide, thanks to the clear water of the surroundings. In the afternoon reach Shirakawa-go region. Your guide will show you around the village, famous for its traditional gassho-zukuri farmhouses, some of which are more than 250 years old. Gassho-zukkuri translates as ‘Praying Hands’, as the farmhouses’ steep thatched roofs resemble the hands of Buddhist monks pressed together in prayer, and are designed to withstand the heavy snows which fall in the region. After the visit, you will separate from your guide and continue on own to Kanazawa (transportation is included but will be unaccompanied). (Full Day; Private Activity; Public Transfers; Fitness level: Easy; Please wear comfortable shoes.)

Hotel Options
RoomTwin or Deluxe Double Low Bed
MealsHalf Board (Breakfast & Dinner)
RoomJapanese Room With Open Air Bath High Floor
Day 9 - 11

Your chauffeur will drive you from Takayama to Kanazawa in a shared vehicle. Enroute you will visit Shirakawa-gō Village

Make your own way from the Kanazawa train station to your hotel


2 Nights

Kanazawa is perhaps best known for its 17th century castle garden Kenroku-en. It is equally well known as the neighbor of the quintessential Japanese feudal fortress, Kanazawa Castle.

Included Activities

Treasures of Kanazawa
Discover the glorious 17th century Kenroku-en, renowned among Japan’s top three gardens. Kenroku-en includes fountains, waterfalls, bridges, stone layouts, and teahouses that enhance its appearance around the year. A sophisticated water system feeds its two ponds – Kasumigaike and Hisagoike. The centerpiece of the garden is a huge two-legged stone lantern – Kotojitoro. Walk on its meandering paths that cut across forests of cherry trees and Karasaki pine. Drop by the well-preserved Seisoanku Samurai villa next door. Later, you will also visit the unique samurai district of Nagamachi. Nomura-ke, the showstopper of this district, is a historic samurai residence with Edo Period heirloom antiques, samurai calligraphy, an lovely courtyard garden, and a tea ceremony room. See the 400-year old Japanese bayberry tree on the premises, Japanese cypress ceilings, and traditional fusuma-e paintings. (Half Day; Private Activity; Time of the Day: 0930 or 1300 hrs; Duration: 4 hrs; Fitness level: Moderate)

Hotel Options
RoomStandard Twin
Day 11 - 14

Make your own way from your hotel to Kanazawa train station

Train from Kanazawa to Kyoto (2 hrs)

Private transfer from Kyoto train station to your hotel (including assistance from the station until you reach your hotel)


3 Nights

Kyoto is to be seen to be believed. With no less than 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites, the city encapsulates traditional Japanese culture and tradition.

Included Activities

Highlights of Kyoto – Golden Temple, Bamboo Forest and Markets
Revel in the traditional sights, smells and sounds of feudal Japan’s best preserved city, in the company of your local guide. Visit the many UNESCO World Heritage sites dotting Kyoto, beginning with the Kinkakuji Temple, originally built for the Shogun. At his request, the Shogun’s villa was converted into a Buddhist Temple after his death. Discover the magnificent 15th century Nijo Castle with its splendidly preserved medieval gardens from Japan’s Edo period. Admire the many details and typical architectural features of the old monument, before walking down to the bustling Nishiki Market. Eat your heart out at this food street payable on spot, also known as ‘Kyoto’s Kitchen’, lined with innumerable restaurants and traditional eating houses! Try out typical local delicacies such as pickles, dried fish and sushi. Also visit the beautiful Arashiyama bamboo grove. (Full Day; Private activity & Public transport; Duration: 8 hrs. Please wear comfortable walking shoes; Fitness level- Moderate; Food tasting to be paid by the guests on spot).

Hotel Options
RoomStandard Twin Room
RoomStandard Double Room
Day 14 - 16

Private transfer from your hotel to Kyoto train station (including assistance from your hotel until you board your train)

Shinkansen Train from Kyoto to Okayama (1 hr)

Private transfer from Okayama Train Station to Kurashiki City (please note: the chauffeur usually does not speak English).


2 Nights

Kurashiki is a charming city in the Okayama Prefecture facing the Seto Inland Sea, and embracing the banks of Takahashi river. With a bustling modern center and an old heritage quarter, the city beautifully blends the best of the old and the new.

Hotel Options
Ryokan Kurashiki – Opt 1
RoomStandard Suite
MealsHalf Board (Breakfast & Dinner)
Ryokan Kurashiki – Opt 2
RoomStandard Suite
MealsHalf Board (Breakfast & Dinner)
Day 16 - 17

Private transfer from Kurashiki City to Okayama Train Station (please note: the chauffeur usually does not speak English).

Shinkansen Train from Okayama to Hiroshima (45 Mins)

Make your own way from the Hiroshima train station to your hotel


1 Night

Hiroshima evokes powerful images and emotions attached to its war-torn past. Yet today, Hiroshima has emerged as a symbol of peace, beauty, and hope.

Included Activities

Peace Memorial Tour (Public transport with English Guide)
Drive to the center of Hiroshima by ferry and public transport. Appreciate the resilient spirit of the Japanese people during your day trip to the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima. While the visit helps you relive one of mankind’s darkest hour, the park also stands as a symbol of the hope that underlines the indomitable spirit of the human race to this day. Ground zero of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, is dedicated to all the lives lost in the Second World War. Stroll through the park and discover the many memorials, monuments and statues, leading up to a museum. You can also walk up to the 17th century Shukkeien Garden, or “”shrunken-scenery garden””, where valleys, mountains, and forests are landscaped in miniature form. Enjoy the traditional aesthetics of this Japanese garden, while relaxing over fragrant cups of tea at one of the charming traditional tea houses that surround the central water body. (Half Day; Fitness Level: Easy; Some guests can find the historic representations upsetting, Tea/sweets to paid on spot from guests)

Hotel Options
RoomStandard Twin
Day 17 - 17

Make your own way from your hotel to Hiroshima train station

Shinkansen Train from Hiroshima to Shin Osaka (1.5 hrs)

Train from Shin Osaka to Kansai Airport (1.15 hrs)


0 Nights

Osaka is third largest city of Japan and has been the home of traders and merchants. It is also well-known for Japan’s oldest temple, the Shinto Sumiyoshi-taisha, and the majestic 16th century Osaka Castle.

International Departure

 Price & Inclusions

  • Option 1 From $ 12,670 $ 10,790 /person
  • Option 2 From $ 15,530 $ 13,390 /person

Prices are in USD and exclude international flights. This trip price is based on low season rates for accommodation and other applicable services, and may change depending on availability, currency fluctuations and number of people traveling together. For high season prices, please contact us with your exact travel dates and preferences.

Price Includes

  • Accommodation in one double room for 17 days / 16 nights.
  • Meals as indicated
  • The following train journeys in the highest class available :
    • Tokyo (Shinjuku) – Hakone (Yumoto) (Limited Express Romancecar Train)
    • Odawara Hakone – Nagoya (Shinkansen Train – Standard Class)
    • Nagoya – Takayama (Train – Standard Class)
    • Kanazawa – Kyoto (Train- Standard Class)
    • Kyoto – Okayama (Shinkansen Train – Standard Class)
    • Okayama – Hiroshima (Shinkansen Train – Standard Class)
    • Hiroshima – Shin Osaka (Shinkansen Train- Standard Class)
    • Shin Osaka – Kansai Airport (Train – Standard Class)
  • All activities as listed :
    • Tokyo: Traditional Tokyo by Day
    • Tokyo:  Ramen Romance in Tokyo
    • Hakone:  Onsen: Japanese Hot Spring Baths
    • Hakone: Explore Hakone National Park
    • Takayama: Shirakawa-gō Village Excursion
    • Kanazawa: Treasures of Kanazawa
    • Kyoto: Highlights of Kyoto – Golden Temple, Bamboo Forest and Markets
    • Hiroshima: Peace Memorial Tour (Public transport with English Guide)
  • Your Trip Coordinator: a 24/7 point of contact, supporting you during your trip
  • On request: A printed set of your travel documents by post
  • Fees and taxes
  • All activities specified in the itinerary, including entrance fees, accompanied by your tour guide
  • All airport, train station and hotel transfers as indicated. For private transfers our representative will meet you at the airport or the station and accompany you to your vehicle (and vice versa).

Not Included

  • Camera fees
  • Tips, additional meals and personal expenses
  • Visa fees
  • Travel, health and cancellation insurance
  • International airfare (from your home country to your destination and return)

Book this vacation by March 31, 2020, and save up to 15% of your trip price!

What our guests say about this trip

We chose Enchanting Travels to plan our honeymoon to Japan in winter 2019 over Christmas, New Year’s, and my husband’s birthday. We got a bit of a late start in planning (about a month and a half before we were looking to go!) and knew that some things might be booked or closed for the holidays, but through close collaboration and tireless planning, the Enchanting Travels team was able to pull together an amazing itinerary for us that allowed us to experience so many unique and varied aspects of Japanese culture, cuisine, architecture, history, and more. Over a 2 week period, we visited Tokyo, Takayama, Kanazawa, and Kyoto, with day-long excursions to Shirakawa-go and Nara in between. The accommodations booked for us were superb, meals planned for us for New Year’s and Kevin’s birthday were thoughtful and enjoyable, and individual tours and activities gave us an in-depth look at particular aspects of Japanese culture and cuisine that we might not have been able to enjoy as much if we tried to see or learn ourselves. Overall, can’t recommend Enchanting Travels highly enough.

– Corinne Waite and Kevin Mcnish
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17 days $ 12,670 $ 10,790 / person

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