Are Mauritius Tours Safe?

Mauritius tours are generally very safe, especially in comparison to other African countries. Nevertheless, it is best to follow some basic safety regulations for a stress-free Mauritius vacation.

Safety tips for your Mauritius Tours

Beware of pickpockets

Mauritius is a developing economy and pick pocketing and petty crime are rather common everywhere. As with anywhere else in the world, the usual safety rules apply: don’t carry expensive items with you and don’t display your valuable goods, such as watches and jewelry, while traveling. Be careful in markets and other crowded areas.

Be careful while Swimming, Snorkeling and Diving

Enchanting Travels Mauritius tours couple is sitting together on a white sand beach
It is best to swim or snorkel under supervision as there may be strong currents.

The currents can change frequently and without any warning. It is best to bathe under supervision, which applies to snorkeling and diving as well. Since urchins and other such dangerous animals may be lurking underwater, we recommend that you wear flipflops.

Dress appropriately while visiting religious sites

If you wish to visit a religious site, please dress appropriately with your knees and shoulders covered. If you are unsure about what to wear, your local guide or personal Trip Coordinator will be happy to advise you.

Avoid specific neighborhoods and beaches at night

Lonely, deserted beaches and neighborhoods are best avoided at night. Avoid visiting the poorer residential areas, or visit only in the company of your local guide.

Safe and stress-free Mauritius Tours

Safe and seamless Mauritius tours – that’s our promise to you! Your local guide and personal Trip Coordinator will ensure that you have a completely safe and stress-free vacation. If you have any further questions about security in Mauritius, our destination experts are happy to help you.

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