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Planning your Mauritius travel itinerary? From exchanging your money to credit cards, health information, communication and other handy tips, our destination experts share their inputs to help you plan the perfect Africa vacations for you.


While there is no official language in Mauritius, English and French-based Creole are widely spoken everywhere. French is also commonly spoken by almost all the population.

Cash and Credit Cards

The official currency of Mauritius is the Rupee (MUR), and 1 Rupee is equal to 100 cents. You can exchange money at the airport or at your hotel, although we don’t recommend the latter due to poor exchange rates. ATMs are easily available at all popular destinations. while credit cards are widely accepted in hotels and shops, we recommend carrying some cash with you as well.

Getting Around

In Mauritius, cars travel of the left side of the road. Being a small nation, the traffic is relatively less. Buses are the most popular means of transport with terminals in all major cities. If you wish to travel to a destination that is not on the bus route, it is easiest to call a taxi. Make sure to negotiate the fare before you set out: check with your hotel for a reasonable rate or ask the staff to call you a taxi.


There is usually a small fee for using the WiFi in your hotel room. In general, internet connectivity is quite good in Mauritius and this applies to mobile internet as well. SIM cards are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at kiosks that are found everywhere.

Health Information

In Mauritius, you don’t need to worry about Malaria or other tropical diseases. If you are unwell, you can visit a state hospital where tourists are treated free of charge. Please visit a private clinic if you are seriously ill. Always use sunscreen with high SPF, especially when you are on the beach. Don’t forget to carry shoes or flipflops while bathing as sea urchins or corals abound even in shallow waters.

Best time to travel

Mauritius has a tropical climate with an even distribution of rainfall and few fluctuations in the temperature through the year. There are two main seasons in the country. For more information on the best time to travel to Mauritius, click on the following link.

Best time to travel to Mauritius


Mauritius is considered a very safe travel destination, especially in comparison to other African countries. Nevertheless, it is best to follow some basic safety regulations for a stress-free Mauritius vacation. Click on the following link for more information.

Safety in Mauritius


Tipping is not common in Mauritius and tips are generally included in the bill at most restaurants. Most travelers still choose to tip, which is welcome. While traveling by taxi, it is common to simply round off the price.

Top Mauritius Travel Tips

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