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On The Movie Set of Out of Africa With Ngong Dairy

  • Author: Florian Keller
  • Posted In: Africa

Remember the opening line to the movie classic Out of Africa? “I had a farm in Africa at the foot of the Ngong Hills…” Well, Enchanting Travels has a truly unique offering for guests on Kenya tours. Doubling as Danish author Karen Blixen’s home in the 1984... Read more

Long before David Livingstone discovered the thundering falls and named it in tribute to his Queen, the indigenous Kolobo tribe had paid their homage to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Ferocious, dramatic and awe-inspiring are only some of the words that will come to mind as you soak in panoramic views from a special vantage point or aboard a boat, your favorite sundowner spirit in hand.

Travel Tips: Our Top 10 Sundowner Experiences

Let our travel tips inspire your journeys of a lifetime. A spot of golden sun. A hint of romance. A sip of a heady cocktail. A landscape to remember. Join us on an unforgettable journey through the most enchanting sundowner experiences from around the world.... Read more

Africa Trips: Your Lowdown On The Great Migration

  • Author: Jennifer
  • Posted In: Africa

Listen. If you are still with a wide open ear tipped towards the sweeping and never-ending Savannah that lays before you then sounds that were not caught before will suddenly lift your heart into a steadier pace. Then you are off in the jeep, with... Read more

Kenia safari

Safari in Kenya – Every Day!

  • Author: Sonja Schröder
  • Posted In: Africa

How do you fall in love with a country? The easiest way is to spend time there. Our Travel Consultant Sonja Schröder was born in southern Sudan but grew up in Kenya. Her adopted country has become her favorite travel destination. Today she shares why. As a... Read more

Top 10 Adventures From Around The World!

From incredible aquatic adventure travel expeditions to exhilarating aerial trysts and electrifying exploits on terra firma, our list of top 10 adventures from around the world will take your breath away! Some experiences in life are worth living for. Discover them today. 1. White water rafting and... Read more

10 Amazing Things About The Great Migration

  • Author: Mouli
  • Posted In: Africa

What is The Great Migration of wildebeest in East Africa and why does it happen? We have created a list of ten things you might not have known about this natural wonder of the world that occurs annually. 1. This is the largest migration in... Read more

Kruger: The Best South Africa Safari Adventures

Kruger: The Best South Africa Safari Adventures

  • Author: Mouli
  • Posted In: Africa

Planning your South Africa safari? Discover where the wild things are, on your South Africa vacation at Kruger National Park.  Vast, open grasslands dotted with dense vegetation, rolling hills and diverse scenery – South Africa’s pride and joy has much to offer the erstwhile wildlife... Read more

Africa Safaris: Top 5 Things to do at the Okavango Delta

Africa Safaris: Top 5 Things To Do At The Okavango Delta

  • Author: Mouli
  • Posted In: Africa

Experience the best of Botswana on your Africa safaris. Okavango Delta, an enchanting oasis in the north-west of beautiful Botswana and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the largest freshwater inland drainage systems of Africa. In summer, the waters of the Okavango River... Read more

Experience the magic of Mafia Island on your Africa tour!

Traveling To Africa? The Magic Of Mafia Awaits

  • Author: Mouli
  • Posted In: Africa

The water sparkles turquoise blue and the horizon calls out to you with it’s silhouette of snow white sand dotted with green coconut palms – the timeless tranquility of Mafia in Africa is a true relic from the Swahili coast of yore. While the locals busy... Read more

Our Five Tips to Happy Travels!

  • Author: Jen
  • Posted In: India

Having money doesn’t ensure happiness but spending it right can make you a lot happier, claims a new study. We summarize the top five tips to happy travels and point you to some Enchanting specials that will help you along! “Money can’t buy happiness:” it’s... Read more

children on safari

Young Children On Safari: Wild Child in Africa

  • Author: Jen
  • Posted In: Africa

Traveling with young children on safari?. Here are tips for traveling in Africa and where you can take your little ones for their first Africa safari.  Isn’t adventure the essence of childhood? The delightful rediscovery of an unknown world, feeling like the world’s first naturalists navigating uncharted... Read more

Tranquil Gem: Fanjove Private Island Lodge

  • Author: Omondi Amimo
  • Posted In: Africa

Off the coast of Tanzania, far away from other mass tourist destination spots, the brand new Fanjove Private Island Lodge opened in January 2013. The launch of this stunning exclusive island paradise provides a very exciting new addition to Tanzania’s coastline and is without doubt... Read more

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