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Top 10 Authentic Food Experiences

Often the bridge that brings people together, authentic food experiences have always been the avid traveler’s manna. There’s undoubtedly a synergy between travel and food that you taste en-route. American chef James Beard once wrote “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” Whet your... Read more

Indian Cusine

How to Eat with Your Hands During Your Asia Tour

  • Author: Devina Wallang
  • Posted In: India

The art of eating has been constantly evolving for centuries, from the use of shells, stones, and animal horns to modern-day spoons, knives, and forks. Despite this progression, humans have always been blessed with natural tools for eating: their hands. Find out how to eat... Read more

My Life Changing Trip With Enchanting Travels

  • Author: Paul Wilkes
  • Posted In: India

Enchanting Travels guest Paul Wilkes experienced a life changing moment during his India vacation, which took him on an altogether different benevolent path. My life’s work in India began in February, 2006, on a blazingly hot afternoon in Kochi, India. It began quite by accident.... Read more

Savoring Royal Life with Travels in Rajasthan

  • Author: Melody Fisher
  • Posted In: India

Enchanting Travels guest Melody Fisher reflects on the stark contrasts of daily life during her travels in Rajasthan with her friend Chris in January 2013. The bustling street life and narrow gullies of Amer and Deogarh enclose the grandeur of their stately palaces. Regal Elephants Today we... Read more

Enjoying an Elephant Experience in Jaipur

  • Author: Suzy Nelson
  • Posted In: India

Discovering the grand and often bejeweled Asian elephants is a favorite highlight during a trip of a lifetime to India! Suzy Nelson traveled with her daughter, Sarah Tej, from Los Angeles to India in December 2012. Suzy shares with us her unique elephant experience in... Read more

Raw & 100% Authentic: Bolivia

Include a taste of the enchanting in your customized South America tours. Jacqueline Spencer captures the heart of an unchartered territory with an account of her recent trip and highlights exactly why Bolivia deserves a visit. It’s 5am, and my fingers are frozen holding onto my hand-written... Read more

Cultural Foodie: A Brief History Of East Africa

  • Author: Jen
  • Posted In: Africa

As you plan a tour of Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda, you might wonder what food you will find on your plate. What are the staple foodstuffs? Are vegetarians catered for during Uganda, Tanzania or Kenya tours? Enchanting Travels sheds light on east African cuisine, from... Read more

Rewind and Unwind with 6 Vintage Travel Experiences

Do you have a desire to step back in time to an era where travel is as much about enjoying the simple pleasures and experiences? Our travels can be technology-free – where we don’t feel the need to check the number of kilometers journeyed on... Read more

Frau vor Tempel in Hue, Vietnam - Things to do in Vietnam

Traditions of Perfume River, Vietnam

  • Author: Jen
  • Posted In: Asia

Many ancient cities have settled along rivers and the Imperial Capital of Hué in Vietnam is no different with its Perfume River, steeped in history and myths. Considered the fulcrum of Vietnam’s two rice baskets – the Red River Delta and the Mekong Delta –... Read more

dining in Hanoi

Our Pick: High Style Dining in Hanoi

  • Author: Jen
  • Posted In: Asia

Are you looking for some high style dining in Hanoi? Vietnam’s capital is a real cosmopolitan hot-spot that you must visit on your private Vietnam tours. In a city famous for culinary adventure, you’ll find a plethora of choice from restaurants that serve traditional dishes... Read more

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