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Best places to visit in the world in 2018

The Best Places to Visit in 2018 (Yes, We Can Take You There)

From Southeast Asia to Africa and South America, it’s time to revisit your list of travel ideas and incorporate some of our recommendations from T+L’s masterlist of the best places to visit next year. Is 2018 the year you’ve finally committed to living out your... Read more

Kenia safari

Safari in Kenya – Every Day!

  • Author: Sonja Schröder
  • Posted In: Africa

How do you fall in love with a country? The easiest way is to spend time there. Our Travel Consultant Sonja Schröder was born in southern Sudan but grew up in Kenya. Her adopted country has become her favorite travel destination. Today she shares why. As a... Read more

Experience the magic of Mafia Island on your Africa tour!

Traveling To Africa? The Magic Of Mafia Awaits

  • Author: Mouli
  • Posted In: Africa

The water sparkles turquoise blue and the horizon calls out to you with it’s silhouette of snow white sand dotted with green coconut palms – the timeless tranquility of Mafia in Africa is a true relic from the Swahili coast of yore. While the locals busy... Read more

Dine in style at one of the most famous restaurant's in Tanzania!

On The Zanzibar Map: Spices, Slaves And A Bit Of History

  • Author: Mouli
  • Posted In: Africa

The history of Zanzibar is so colorful and so complex that as soon as you wonder where to start, the mind boggles! The name itself sounds like something straight out of Arabian Nights and inspires daydreams of exotic markets, extraordinary landscapes, and a vibrant cultural... Read more

Die ikonischen Stelzenfischer

A Beautiful Escape: Best Beaches In Sri Lanka

  • Author: Penny
  • Posted In: India

Nirvana for beach lovers, we share some of the best beaches in Sri Lanka, defined by charming golden-hued sands, horizon-less cerulean waters and beautiful landscapes. Read more about why it should feature in your Asia custom trips. Beach Escapes in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka boasts an overwhelming 1,340-kilometer coastline and is... Read more

Tranquil Gem: Fanjove Private Island Lodge

  • Author: Omondi Amimo
  • Posted In: Africa

Off the coast of Tanzania, far away from other mass tourist destination spots, the brand new Fanjove Private Island Lodge opened in January 2013. The launch of this stunning exclusive island paradise provides a very exciting new addition to Tanzania’s coastline and is without doubt... Read more

Our Pick: 15 Enchanting Hotel Rooms With a View

From stunning panoramas to UNESCO World Heritage site monuments, we have India, Asia, South America and Africa covered! The Enchanting Travels team took time out to select our favorite hotel rooms with a view from across the globe. There’s nothing quite like a gorgeous room... Read more

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