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Top 10 Authentic Food Experiences

Often the bridge that brings people together, authentic food experiences have always been the avid traveler’s manna. There’s undoubtedly a synergy between travel and food that you taste en-route. American chef James Beard once wrote “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” Whet your... Read more

Exclusive Experiences in Hyderabad, City of Pearls

  • Author: Jen
  • Posted In: India

India’s Hyderabad, City of Pearls, is famous today as much for its software capital status as it is for its imposing landmarks like the Charminar, and the Mecca Masjid – one of South India’s oldest mosques. Yet for a truly exclusive experience within the city... Read more

Hottest Food Destinations Of The World In 2015

From berries to gazelle, ceviches to barbecues, curries to noodles, gelatos to gulab jamun, food is more than nourishment. It’s an art. No wonder Charles Darwin presided over Cambridge’s Glutton Club, and Alexander Dumas abandoned vigilantes and ended his career with a cookbook, and perhaps... Read more

See Sensational Miles Of Nothingness In Jaisalmer

See Sensational Miles Of Nothingness In Jaisalmer

  • Author: Penny
  • Posted In: India

Evocative of ‘The Arabian Nights’, and where solitude is a mystical experience, Jaisalmer, the Last Frontier, will enchant you with sensational miles of nothingness! Jaisalmer, the ‘Golden City’ of Rajasthan, is the heart of the Great Indian Desert, otherwise known as the Thar Desert. A UNESCO... Read more

Peruvian Cuisine: The Next Big Thing In Food And Drink

Explore the culinary delights of Peru on your customized South America tours. Enchanting Travels tells you more about Peruvian cuisine. With 7000 years of history and several influences, Peruvian cuisine, the pride of South America, has the largest number of dishes in the world. “A Peruvian who... Read more

Wine & Steak: A Delicious Evening in Buenos Aires

If you’re poanning a trip to Argentina, prepare for a heady dose of culture and cuisine in Buenos Aires. Jacqueline Spencer writes about one surprisingly enjoyable and enchanted evening in Buenos Aires with the Argentine Experience – a new activity offered by Enchanting Travels. Living in... Read more

Masala Magic! Indian Spices Explained

  • Author: Jen
  • Posted In: India

Supermarkets outside India often sell little jars vaguely labeled ‘curry masala,’ the contents of which are used to imbue a generic ‘Indian’ flavor to the dish under preparation. However each Indian spice serves a specific purpose, often related to both health and taste. Here’s a... Read more

Indian Spices Enchanting Travels

Secret Feast: Five Flavors of India for Foodies

  • Author: Jen
  • Posted In: India

Indian cuisine is delectably diverse. Travel in the north to discover rich, spicy thalis. Head south for subtler coconut-based flavors. At the coast you can feast on fresh fish curries. India is a foodie paradise. Let us take you on a journey of our favorite... Read more

Südafrika Rundreisen: Die Winelands sind ein Traum für Feinschmecker

A Taste Of Vine & Wine Experiences in South Africa

  • Author: Jen
  • Posted In: Africa

Planning a South Africa vacation? Discover traditional secrets and the bond between the terroir and tipple. It’s a New Year so knock back our favorite exclusive wine experiences on your South Africa tour! Rustic wine trams, luxurious wine cruises and “vinotherapy” are here to tempt... Read more

Cultural Foodie: A Brief History Of East Africa

  • Author: Jen
  • Posted In: Africa

As you plan a tour of Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda, you might wonder what food you will find on your plate. What are the staple foodstuffs? Are vegetarians catered for during Uganda, Tanzania or Kenya tours? Enchanting Travels sheds light on east African cuisine, from... Read more

The Art of Tipping, Enchanting Style

  • Author: Brian
  • Posted In: India

To tip or not to tip that is the question! When you’re on holiday, understanding the cultural norms of tipping can be one of those awkward moments.  Whatever destination you are travelling to, Enchanting Travels provides some general top tips for tipping. Check for correct... Read more

Al fresco lunch at La Candelaria del Monte in Buenos Aires Provincia in Argentina

Top Tips for Tipping in South America

There are many cultural norms when you travel in South America. How you tip is just one of them. Whether you wish to tip at a restaurant, cafe, in a hotel or your driver, check out our top tips for tipping before you embark on customized... Read more

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