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Explore Expert Secrets for a Perfect Malaysia Vacation!

Enchanting Travels is delighted to have recently added Malaysia to its collection of global travel destinations. To really experience an in-depth and fruitful vacation, there’s no better way to explore a country than with your own personal travel experts. Senior Travel Consultant for Asia, Prathima Rijhwani,... Read more

How to Eat with Your Hands During Your Asia Tour

  • Author: Devina Wallang
  • Posted In: India

The art of eating has been constantly evolving for centuries, from the use of shells, stones, and animal horns to modern-day spoons, knives, and forks. Despite this progression, humans have always been blessed with natural tools for eating: their hands. Find out how to eat... Read more

Thingyan: What To See At The Water Festival Of Myanmar

  • Author: Mouli
  • Posted In: Asia

Imagine a four-day rain dance, for more than 50 million people, spread over 676 thousand square kilometers, every year! Welcome to the biggest celebration in Myanmar – Thingyan, the Burmese new year. It is assumed that Water Festival of Myanmar has it’s origins in the harvest celebration of... Read more

Exploring Bolivia: It’s All About The Perfect Shot!

In December 2015, Dianne Graham decided on one of our customized South America tours. An avid traveler and a passionate photographer, to Dianne, the journey was all about capturing the beautiful country through her lens. How did she fare? Read on to find out! Exploring... Read more

Kandy Perahera: Showcasing Buddha’s Tooth in Sri Lanka

  • Author: Jen
  • Posted In: Asia

Tour Sri Lanka in the month of August for a spectacular, sacred celebration. Experience the vibrant event of Kandy Perahera, the festival of Buddha’s tooth. Deemed one of the world’s best festivals, Sri Lanka’s hill capital, Kandy, will be lit up in all its glory with an exuberant and magnificent... Read more

Golden Travel Tips of Myanmar

  • Author: Sebastian Erckel
  • Posted In: Asia

Like most of the Enchanting Travels team, Travel Consultant Sebastian Erckel has used his exotic base in India as a launchpad into discovering many countries of Asia during the decade he has been working with us. However, he has one favorite country that he finds... Read more

North or South India: Which is the one for you?

  • Author: Penny
  • Posted In: India

Deciding if you should visit North India or embark on a South India tour? The contentious north-south debate rages on. Enchanting Travels provides a lowdown on the differences. A Vast Continent It is indeed a daunting task to select a single itinerary that can truly capture the... Read more

Life after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake

  • Author: Mouli
  • Posted In: Asia

The Nepal earthquake of 2015 is considered one of recent history’s worst natural disasters. Today, three months and extensive rescue efforts later, the country is slowly but steadily emerging out of the tragedy. This is our report on the situation in Nepal. The event On 25 April 2015, a devastating earthquake... Read more

Exclusive Experiences in Hyderabad, City of Pearls

  • Author: Jen
  • Posted In: India

India’s Hyderabad, City of Pearls, is famous today as much for its software capital status as it is for its imposing landmarks like the Charminar, and the Mecca Masjid – one of South India’s oldest mosques. Yet for a truly exclusive experience within the city... Read more

Winter Travel: Best Destinations For A Warm Escape

Put on your traveling shoes and go exploring this winter because we have a list of warm and sunny destinations that are begging to be explored! Winter travel just got better – sunny skies and silken sands await! Vietnam Lush green paddy fields, saffron-clad monks,... Read more

Reasons To See The Spectacular Kalahari Salt Pans

  • Author: Mouli
  • Posted In: Africa

Imagine a land where nothing exists. Where earth stretches for miles under your feet and the unrelenting blue sky mocks you with a false sense of warmth. Not a pin drops, not a breeze blows. All you have for relief are the fierce vultures circling... Read more

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