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9 Cultural Experiences in East Africa

9 Cultural Experiences in East Africa

  • Author: Vibha Tirumalai
  • Posted In: Africa

Uncover the top cultural experiences in East Africa on your tailor-made tour.  Whenever you travel – whether as a getaway, a planned family vacation or just to experience the exquisite nature of a new place – you intentionally or unintentionally learn about the culture of that... Read more

Africa Trips: Your Lowdown On The Great Migration

  • Author: Jennifer
  • Posted In: Africa

Listen. If you are still with a wide open ear tipped towards the sweeping and never-ending Savannah that lays before you then sounds that were not caught before will suddenly lift your heart into a steadier pace. Then you are off in the jeep, with... Read more

Africa Tours: Everything You Need To Know About Rubondo!

  • Author: Mouli
  • Posted In: Africa

Imagine a Jurassic Park without the terrifying dinosaurs – an uninhabited island, untouched by human presence (well, mostly), dense forests, rolling grasslands, sandy beaches and magnificent wild animals, albeit the harmless sort! Welcome to Rubondo Island in Tanzania – a virgin paradise on earth for... Read more

Experience the magic of Mafia Island on your Africa tour!

Traveling To Africa? The Magic Of Mafia Awaits

  • Author: Mouli
  • Posted In: Africa

The water sparkles turquoise blue and the horizon calls out to you with it’s silhouette of snow white sand dotted with green coconut palms – the timeless tranquility of Mafia in Africa is a true relic from the Swahili coast of yore. While the locals busy... Read more

Dine in style at one of the most famous restaurant's in Tanzania!

On The Zanzibar Map: Spices, Slaves And A Bit Of History

  • Author: Mouli
  • Posted In: Africa

The history of Zanzibar is so colorful and so complex that as soon as you wonder where to start, the mind boggles! The name itself sounds like something straight out of Arabian Nights and inspires daydreams of exotic markets, extraordinary landscapes, and a vibrant cultural... Read more

Diverse Divinity! Celebrating Global Tribal Beliefs

A motley crew from varying geographic locations, cultures, religions and races, the Enchanting team are more like family. Of 17 nationalities, we appreciate and respect our diversity. As we travel, we often discover amazing tribal belief systems that shape their communities through their wisdom and compassion.... Read more

Tranquil Gem: Fanjove Private Island Lodge

  • Author: Omondi Amimo
  • Posted In: Africa

Off the coast of Tanzania, far away from other mass tourist destination spots, the brand new Fanjove Private Island Lodge opened in January 2013. The launch of this stunning exclusive island paradise provides a very exciting new addition to Tanzania’s coastline and is without doubt... Read more

Fly High: Hot Air Balloon Adventures Around The World

Up, up and away in your hot air balloon! Nancy Sinatra was absolutely correct: “The world’s a nicer place in my beautiful balloon”. We believe there’s a real beauty when you explore the world from above, gliding gently away and back to it. Whether you... Read more

Great Migration in Tansania - Top Ten Things to do in Africa

Unearthed: Everything You Need To Know About The Great Migration

  • Author: Maxwell
  • Posted In: Africa

If you’re considering a holiday in Africa and your focus is to see as much wildlife as possible, then what’s the ultimate destination to visit? Enchanting Travels’ Managing Director Florian Keller gives one simple answer: A classic safari in east Africa to see the Great... Read more

Top Picks: Six Unique, Luxury Spa Experiences Around the World

Top Picks: Six Unique, Luxury Spa Experiences Around the World

Across Enchanting Travels destinations we’ve hand-picked a unique selection of luxury spa experiences that utilize native know-how and nature’s wisdom. With stunning landscapes and often unusual settings, these provide unforgettable soothing moments for every spa lover. Indulge your senses.    LUXURY SPA EXPERIENCES: VINOTHERAPHY, ARGENTINA Enjoy... Read more

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