Top ten Things to do in Colombia

Discover the top 10 things to do in Colombia. From pristine beaches to grand, colonial cities, the mythical road to El Dorado and the pulsating beats of tango and salsa around every street corner – Colombia is brimming with treasures. Here are our favorites:

1. Cartagena de Indias 

The Caribbean jewel in Colombia’s crown, uncover lively, cobbled streets, beautifully preserved architecture, colorful facades and trendy cafes and boutiques in Cartagena.

2. Gold Museum in Bogota

Live the El Dorado dream at the fascinating Museo del Oro of Bogota, where carefully preserved ancient artifacts occupy pride of place, along with more than 55,000 pieces of gold!

3. Coffee Region

A wonderfully verdant UNESCO World Heritage site, discover lush landscapes of the Coffee Region, diverse wildlife and birds, plantations and charming villages, with your favorite cuppa in hand.

4. Cocora Valley

Tucked away in the Central Cordillera of the towering Andies, Cocora Valley boasts majestic wax palm trees, picturesque valleys and plenty of hiking and outdoor activities.

5. San Agustin Archaeological Park

Unearth the archaeological treasures of an unknown, ancient civilization at this UNESCO World Heritage site, which is home to the largest collection of megaliths and monuments in all of South America!

6. Tayrona National Park

Indulge your love for nature! Lush rainforests, diverse wildlife, tranquil lagoons, hidden coves and archaeological wonders await you at Tayrona National Park.

7. Colonial Villages

Beautifully preserved pastel facades, quaint cobbled streets, exquisite churches and cathedrals, and old world charm – step back in time at Colombia’s colonial cities of Barichara, Villa de Leyva, Finlandia and Salento.

8. Emeralds

Spawning the myth of the famed El Dorado which brought the Spanish Conquistadors to their door, Colombian emeralds have adorned her people for centuries. Mined in the eastern Andes, these jewels are known for their rich color and perfection, often associated with magic, and readily available in major cities of Colombia

Enchanting Travels Colombia Tours Magdalena River- Things to do in Colombia

9. Magdalena River

Follow in the wake of the Magdalena River – one of the greatest rivers in South America and the lifeline of Colombia. Rising in the Cordillera Central, the river meets the ocean at bustling Barranquilla and has enables riverine trade for centuries!

10. El Dorado

The legend of El dorado, a hidden city of riches, has inspired gold lust and folklore for centuries. High up in the Andes, Guatavita was believed to be the source of El Dorado by the Spanish, who recovered gold artifacts from the lagoon many centuries ago. You can still visit the region, following in the trail of Spanish Conquistadors, on your custom Colombia tour.

Top ten Things to do in Colombia

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