From berries to gazelle, ceviches to barbecues, curries to noodles, gelatos to gulab jamun, food is more than nourishment. It’s an art.

No wonder Charles Darwin presided over Cambridge’s Glutton Club, and Alexander Dumas abandoned vigilantes and ended his career with a cookbook, and perhaps hungry Adam took an unfortunate bite of that delicious apple!

Who could blame you for being an ardent foodie, and for wishing to travel the world in search of new delicacies, with such illustrious precedents to support your cause? From luxurious fine dining experiences to unusual street food tours, delicious outdoor barbecues to unique cooking lessons in a foreign land, the world has so much to offer!

Enjoy our personal favourites from the hottest food destinations in the world. Satisfaction guaranteed!



Peruvian cuisine has much more to offer than 3000 varieties of potatoes! In a time when quinoa has become a household item, and Peruvian chefs are being likened to Scandinavia’s foodie geniuses, it is no wonder that Peru is in the midst of a culinary boom!

Young, creative and dynamic chefs are revolutionizing Peruvian gastronomy and have put Lima on the map as one of the world’s best culinary hot spots.

High Art
Astrid & Gaston at Casa Moyera in Lima is la crème de la crème of Peruvian fine dining. Time flies by as you spend three wonderful hours enjoying the Tasting Menu, beautifully complemented by Peruvian music, design and art! The eclectic mix of Peruvian delicacies prepared by Gaston Acurio – one of Peru’s most celebrated chefs, will blow your mind!

The ceviche at Astrid & Gaston is to die for!

Street Smarts
Adventurous foodies will love the local market in Cusco, filled with food carts and many local food stalls which are set up in the evening. A word of advice – most stalls sell similar types of food, but look for the busiest ones or the happiest looking shopkeepers to try some Peruvian bread!

Anticucho, traditional Peruvian street food being prepared.

A Lesson Learnt
Often lauded as the best restaurant in Sacred Valley, the Wayra at Hotel Sol Y Luna is famed for its fresh trout and offers only the freshest seasonal ingredients, served under the beautiful porch as Paso horses perform a precision-walking show for you. If you are lucky, the celebrated head chef himself will give you a cooking lesson!

Traditional Paso horse show at the Wayra, Sacred Valley; Image Courtesy: Hotel Sol Y Luna, Sacred Valley, Peru



Hot, spicy and lip-smackingly delicious, Thai food has made its way to every corner of the world. For the most delicious flavors, you need the authentic Thailand experience!

Vendors at a Floating Market in Bangkok

Street Smarts
Adventurous foodies can enjoy Bangkok’s floating markets, boasting fresh fruits, vegetables, and cooked food in one of the floating kitchens. On weekends, all the narrow streets leading up to the floating markets magically turn into makeshift food stalls where you can try some delicious Pad Thai!

Cooking Lessons
Your cooking class at Chiang Mai’s Thai Cookery School will unravel the secrets behind a good Thai meal. This half day course is comprehensive enough for you to feel confident in savoring the fruits of your labor over lunch.

Kantoke – traditional meal set popular in Northern Thailand, particularly Chiang Mai.

High Art
Visit Koh Samui if you’re looking to savor some delicious flavors sans the noise and bustle of a big city. A customized beach dinner by the ocean at Anantara Lawana, where you dine in luxury and enjoy a ‘Robinson Crusoe’ effect, is a must!

Enjoy a candlelit dinner on the Koh Samui beach. Image Courtesy: Anantara Lawana, Koh Samui, Thailand.



Spicy curries, international flavors, aromatic rice, delicious snacks and grilled bread all jostle for space on the Indian food menu.

The ubiquitous peanut cart, found everywhere in North India

High Art
Cozily ensconced high up in the verdant hills of Shimla, stands The Cecil, known for its views, outstanding service – and really delicious food. Opulent yet comfortable, the restaurant here offers a five course meal with signature dishes from Himachali and pan-Indian to European and Asian!

The beautiful hill town of Shimla, India.

Street Smarts
There is no dearth of variety in Old Delhi – from chaats to biriyani, kebabs to lassis, a street food tour here will have you lapping it all up!

Street food in Old Delhi is a special experience.


South Africa

The rainbow nation will amaze you with its sheer variety of cuisines and the number of restaurants in vibrant Cape Town and the Cape Winelands!

Beautiful winelands near Cape Town

High Art
Some of the earliest European settlements in South Africa offer stellar fine dining experiences. Enjoy a cooking class and wine tour with the estate manager at the Asara Wine Estate and Hotel in Stellenbosch and head to the Tasting Room at Le Quartier Français in Franschhoek, considered one of the world’s top restaurants.

Pepe charlot bouche affinee, fermented turnip, linseed cracker and smoked honey by celebrity chef Margot Janse from The Tasting Room. Image Courtesy: Le Quartier Français, Franschhoek, South Africa

Restaurant Report
Delectable, modern food is served up by internationally acclaimed chef Luke Dale-Roberts at The Test Kitchen, located in one of Cape Town’s hottest districts! If you have a taste for the authentic, visit Mama Africa, famous for its game meat, especially the delicious venison sausage, served up with sweet corn bread and live music!

Funky interiors of Mama Africa restaurant. Image Courtesy: Mama Africa, Cape Town, South Africa

Street Smarts
The Knysna Oyster Festival, held during the South African winter every year, is a must for sea-foodies as 200,000 oyster are sold by food stalls during this 10-day festival.

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