Do you wish to go on an epic adventure through India? Pauline & Dennis De Carli did just that with their India travels in May 2012. In between the occasional gin and tonic sundowner and Ayurvedic massage they found time to share their India travel stories with their loved ones at home.

Four tiger safaris in Ranthambore.

Unfortunately no tigers but we did see a leopard and a sloth bear and gazillion deer, monkeys, antelope and birds. The drive from Agra to Ranthambore is worth comment!

They drive many vehicles abreast, often in the wrong direction. We share the road with trucks, bicycles, motorbikes, herds of sheep, goats, camels and push carts. Quite insane!

The things you see along the road certainly help the drive go fast.

In one small town we observed a young boy with his feet on the pavement and bottom over the sewer crate taking a dump! This place is crazy and we love it!

Rajasthan is like something out of Arabian nights.

Jaipur, the pink city, is very beautiful! Today we visited the Amber Fort, a 16th century palace.

We then drove out to the jungle and went on an elephant safari followed by a fabulous lunch in the most amazing setting.

Apparently they play polo here on elephants! A quick word on where we are staying, the Samode Palace, is a real private palace, with completely modernized suites and amazing architecture and design from the 17th century!

We loved the very un-Indian city of Mumbai.

We have walked Marine Drive at sunset and mixed with the locals on Chowpatti Beach and ogled the balloon wallahs and smelled bhel puri.

The city of Mumbai despite its slums is remarkably clean and not overpowered by unpleasant smells. The beautiful buildings are so numerous!

The standard of living is high here and the slum dwellers have businesses and send their children to schools, often choosing to continue living there for the sense of community.

We have been here during the festival of Holi where people throw colored powder at you and wish you happy Holi.

We got a small sprinkling but unless you really want to get covered in all colours of powder from head to foot you just say no thank you.

We viewed 2nd to 6th century cave carvings at Elephanta Island, walked and shopped the markets, viewed the huge laundry where the men are the washer women and got blessed by a holy man!

It is all so colourful and entertaining.

Of course this is Bollywood and what would you expect that as we were having dinner when a film crew arrived for an interview – but I wouldn’t know a Bollywood star from a bus conductor!

Well, are you getting bored with these travelogues? This trip is so amazing that I can’t help sharing! Love to you all, Pauline

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