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Is Rwanda Safe

Is Rwanda Safe?

Is Rwanda Safe? Before you set out on your Rwanda safari, most prudent visitor’s have this question: is Rwanda safe? The answer is that, the country is completely safe for travelers. However, it is always a good idea to follow some basic safety measures to... Read more

Sicherheit in Sri Lanka: Elefanten sind glücklicherweise keine Gefahr

Security in Sri Lanka

Security in Sri Lanka Are you wondering about safety and security in Sri Lanka? Let us reassure you: Sri Lanka is generally considered a safe destination for families, individuals and single women tourists alike. However, as with any other country, it is always prudent to take... Read more


Is Zanzibar Safe?

Is Zanzibar safe? Security in Zanzibar If you are wondering is Zanzibar safe, rest assured: the island is extremely safe for tourists. As tourism is the primary source of income in Zanzibar, the local authorities take the safety of tourists very seriously. While the island itself... Read more

Sicherheit in Indonesien: Die freundlichen Bewohner der Insel helfen gerne weiter

Safety in Indonesia

Safety in Indonesia Are you worrying about safety in Indonesia? Rest assured. Indonesia is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. Like most other Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia, and especially Bali, is a very safe destination. Relying on your common sense and following a few... Read more

Sicherheit in Chile - bei uns sind sie in den besten Händen. Zu sehen: Skulptur in der Atacama Wüste

Safety in Chile

Is Chile Safe? South America, especially Chile tours, has become increasingly secure over the past few years. Nevertheless, one sometimes hears disturbing reports in the media – many visitors will wonder: are trips to Chile safe? Chile is considered the safest travel destination in South... Read more

Sicherheit in Vietnam: Die Einheimischen sind freundlich und hilfsbereit

Safety in Vietnam

Safety in Vietnam Are you wondering about security and safety in Vietnam? While the country is becoming increasingly popular with tourists from all over the world, it is wise to keep in mind that Vietnam is still a developing nation. Generally, traveling in Vietnam is... Read more

Safety in Seychelles

Safety in Seychelles

Safety in Seychelles Seychelles is an extremely safe destination for your vacation. However, it is best to take some simple safety measures to ensure that your holiday is stress-free. Read our top tips on safety in Seychelles. Beware of pickpockets Although the crime rate is relatively... Read more


Safety in Maldives

Safety in Maldives Our destination experts share their top tips about safety in Maldives.  Crime rates are very low in the country and there is very little reason to feel unsafe while you travel in Maldives. Unlike other destinations, most visitors generally stay in the... Read more

Security in Thailand

Safety & Security in Thailand

Safety & Security in Thailand In general, the levels of safety and security in Thailand is the same as in other Southeast Asia countries and Thailand is a very safe destination for families as well as single travelers. However, there are some areas which are... Read more

Namibia Travel safety: Driving in the desert landscape

Namibia Travel Safety

Namibia Travel Safety Is Namibia travel safe? Our destination experts are often asked this question. Here is the good news: Namibia is one of the safest travel destinations in Africa. Here are some general safety measures to follow in Namibia to ensure that your vacation... Read more

Peru Vacation

Is Your Peru Vacation Safe?

Is your Peru vacation safe? A Peru vacation offers incredible treasures – from Inca ruins and ancient cultures to culinary havens. If you are wondering if its safe to travel in Peru, rest assured; the safety situation in Peru has steadily improved in recent years.... Read more

Is Tanzania Safe?

Is Tanzania safe?

Is Tanzania safe? Is Tanzania safe for travel? The security risks differ from region to region. While most of the country is relatively stable, this is not always true for neighboring countries. Therefore, it is prudent to be cautious while traveling in the border areas,... Read more

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