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Antarctica Travel Tips

Antarctica Travel Tips

Antarctica Travel Tips Discover the top Antarctica travel tips from our experts before you set out. Any expedition travel to Antarctica requires flexibility and adaptation to ever changing circumstances. The weather like anywhere else, is unpredictable. Preparation It is easy to forget that there are no... Read more

Enchanting Travels What to pack for Antarctica

What to pack for Antarctica

What to Pack for Antarctica Are you planning your tour of a lifetime but wondering what to pack for Antarctica? Here is an overview from our destination experts. Covered by ice approximately a mile thick, it’s safe to say Antarctica is the coldest place on... Read more

Morocco Travel Tips

Morocco Travel Tips

Morocco Travel Tips Read on for some important Morocco travel tips and information from our destination experts.  Morocco Travel Tips: Clothing and Decorum Since Morocco is an Islamic country, what is considered appropriate in terms of clothing, especially for women, is conservative in general when compared... Read more

Japan travel tips

Japan Travel Tips

Japan Travel Tips Get the best Japan travel tips from our destination experts!  Despite being one of the most populated nations in the world, Japan boasts lush green spaces, vast open landscapes and charming rural villages. The country is also considered to be one of... Read more

Südafrika Landschaft

South Africa Travel Advice

South Africa Travel Advice Our destination experts are happy to South Africa travel advice for your tour of this vibrant nation. Language South Africa has eleven official languages – English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Setswana, South Sotho, North Sotho, Tsonga, SiSwati, Venda and Ndebele. There is also... Read more

Sri Lanka Dschungel Resort am Strand

Sri Lanka Travel Tips

Sri Lanka Travel Tips Our destination experts have compiled the most important Sri Lanka travel tips for you. Cash & Credit Cards The currency of Sri Lanka is LKR or the Sri Lankan rupee, whch is divided into 100 cents. Sri Lankan currency notes are... Read more

Seychelles Travel Tips

Seychelles Travel Tips

Seychelles Travel Tips Traveling to Seychelles? Our destination experts share the top Seychelles travel tips for you. Visa Information A visa is not required by nationals of the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Europe and Japan as long as you have: an onward or return ticket;... Read more

Peru travel tips

Peru Travel Tips

Peru Travel Tips Here is our list of the most important Peru travel tips to help you make the most of your vacation. Entry all visitors need a passport which is valid for six months from the date of travel. Your passport must be in... Read more

Traumhafte Strände wohin man blickt in Mauritius

Mauritius Travel Tips

Mauritius Travel Tips Planning your Mauritius travel itinerary? From exchanging your money to credit cards, health information, communication and other handy tips, our destination experts share their inputs to help you plan the perfect Africa vacations for you. Language While there is no official language... Read more

Thailand Reisetipps: Junge Mönche in Thailand

Thailand Travel Tips

Thailand Travel Tips Our destination experts have compiled the most important Thailand travel tips for your tour of this beautiful country. About Thailand Thailand boasts a strong cultural heritage, where traditions and customs are handed down through generations and the progressive society finds its roots... Read more

travel in Myanmar

Tips for travel in Myanmar

Tips for Travel in Myanmar Are you planning to travel in Myanmar? Here are the top tips for a Myanmar tour from our destination experts. Currency, cash and credit cards The official currency of Myanmar is the Burmese kyat (K). The government of Myanmar has... Read more

Vietnam Einheimische

Vietnam Travel Tips

Top Vietnam Travel Tips What are the most important Vietnam travel tips? What should you pack for your tour? What currency is accepted in the country? Find answers to all your questions from our destination experts.. Packing for your Vietnam tours can be a challenging task, and... Read more

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