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We had an amazing trip booked through Enchanting Travels. 12 people traveling throughout Peru. The tours, guides, transportation and hotels were all excellent choices, picked for comfort and location. We had excellent support for several unexpected travel delays, which were handled very professionally. Our coordinator, Amelia checked up on us frequently to see if we needed anything. I would highly recommend Enchanting Travels.

Lillian Martin USA
Rating: 5 / 5

My guides in Rio and in Iguazu could not have been more informative and entertaining. I had never traveled to South America and had the time of my life. The hotel choices were perfect for me, and itinerary gave me the right mixture of tours and relaxation at the beach/pool.

Gregg Walker English Guest USA Brazil South America Enchanting Travels 2
Gregg Walker USA
Rating: 5 / 5

I highly recommend Enchanting Travels! I look forward to working with them again on my future trips. They took the logistic headache out of my planning so my group could fully enjoy the trip!.

Stephanie Salinas Traveled with Enchanting Travels to Peru, South America
Stephanie Salinas USA
Rating: 5 / 5

This was our first experience with Enchanting Travels, chosen by our search on the web. We are very pleased with the overall services.

Mehdi Moghaddas Traveled with Enchanting Travels to Brazil
Mehdi Moghaddas USA
Rating: 5 / 5

Enchanting Travels is very knowledgeable about the areas they coordinate travels for. The consultants and coordinators are very easy to work with to arrange and coordinate what you want to see and do.

Enchanting Travels Guest - Traveled to Argentina, Ecuador/Galapagos, Peru
Glenn Frank USA
Rating: 5 / 5

Enchanting Travels was stellar across the board. From planning to getting there and experiencing Peru, our Enchanting Travels team made it truly enjoyable. The perfect amount of culture, adventure, and relaxation!

Meagan Hollerith USA
Rating: 5 / 5

Enchanting Travels helped make our vacation to Argentina spectacular. We saw incredible scenery, ate delicious food, and stayed at wonderful hotels. We would highly recommend Enchanting Travels to others looking to experience the wonders of Patagonia.

Jane Stanley USA
Rating: 5 / 5

We absolutely loved every aspect of our trip to Chile. From the well thought out itinerary, to the choice of hotels, to the timely and smooth transfers, every detail was perfect.

Enchanting Travels Guest - Traveled to Chile, South America
Fazal Manejwala USA
Rating: 5 / 5

What a great team Olivia, Our Travel Consultant, and Nancy, our Trip Coordinator, made for our Galapagos trip. All our accommodations and transportation were taken care of and we had a worry free vacation.

Pamela Bevington USA
Rating: 5 / 5

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Customer Reviews

Rhonda A, USA

We just returned from Peru and we used Enchanting Travels. We had a very aggressive 8 day itinerary - Lima, Cusco/Machu Picchu, Puerto Maldonado and Paracas. Every detail of the trip from the initial contact with our trip planner (we planned a custom trip for our family based on our interests) to the contact with the trip coordinator while in Peru to the transfers, hotels and tour operators was first rate. We provided a real challenge as a medical situation developed in Machu Picchu and our trip coordinator handled this expediently arranging for a doctor to come to our hotel (they provide you with a phone to call if there is an issue). With her help the trip continued smoothly. This company does not handle the flights from the US to your destination but they do handle all in country transfers. We prefer this as we can use miles and search for the best deals. I also used hotel points for two nights and this was not a problem. Using this travel company alleviates the US middle man and I have found using Enchanting Travels has saved me money while not giving up quality. I used Enchanting Travels to go to Tanzania last year and was equally impressed. They take the stress out of travel!

Meagan Hollerith, USA

After researching about 5 or 6 different travel companies offering trips to Peru/Machu Picchu, my husband and I chose Enchanting and are so thrilled we did! It definitely offered the most value. Planning: They were immediately responsive and eager to customize and accommodate to our ideas. Always available to chat and fit everything we wanted to do within our budget and available time. Trip to Peru: A trip coordinator is with you every step of the way. It was so nice to pay one bill and have everything accounted for - private transfers, hotels, excursions, tour guides, etc. We just had to show up and have a great time. Overall: I would say this this particular trip combined relaxation, adventure, and culture in equal measures and that was exactly what we were looking for. Incredible Experience and we will absolutely return to Enchanting Travels for our next trip!

Twila K, USA

My wife and I recently completed a trip to Argentina and Chile that was planned and coordinated by Enchanting Travels. This was our first experience with Enchanting Travels. While we had high expectations going into the trip, the service and support that we received throughout the trip was truly amazing! From a trip planning perspective, I received an email from a trip planner after exploring an Enchanted Travel website. She offered to develop an itinerary with no strings attached. I was quite sceptical at first and wondered if it was a scam. After doing some more online checking, it looked like Enchanted Travel was legitimate, so I decided to give it a shot. I provided the planner with our general expectations (hiking Patagonia, wine tasting in both countries, exploring Santiago and Buenos Aires), a timeframe and a budget. Our planner, Katie, came back with a detailed proposal, within a few days, that absolutely impressed my wife and me. We made only one change and booked the trip. We were then assigned a personal trip coordinator, Amelia, who helped us leading up to our departure and throughout our stay in Argentina and Chile. Pickups and transfers between locations was well organized. Personal tours had friendly knowledgable guides. Amelia made multiple dinner reservations in difficult to book restaurants. The absence of negative surprises really added to pleasure of the trip.


Enchanting Argentina and Chile: Argentina surpassed all our expectations, largely because we worked closely with Enchanting South America to plan and arrange our three-week trip. Vineeta Laxminarayan (a co-owner of this small, personalized company) worked with my wife and me from the beginning to create an itinerary tailored to our interests. We have traveled extensively (although not previously in South America) and told her the particular kinds of experiences that we wanted. She then proposed hotels and activities. Over several weeks and frequent emails we refined the itinerary that included Buenos Aires, Salta, Humahuaca, Villa La Angostura, Moreno Glacier, Torres del Paine, Valparaiso, and the Maipo Valley (the last three in Chile). Enchanting South America provided a driver and English-speaking guide in every location, made all the internal travel arrangements, contacted us every few days to alert us to flight schedule changes, and even made restaurant reservations. All of this would have assured a successful trip, but Vineeta and her team went above and beyond to make the trip absolutely memorable. Enchanting South America arranged upgrades at every hotel, so that we often stayed in the best rooms in the house. They scrambled to find the best restaurant in Villa La Angostura at the beginning of the season (when many were closed) where we could celebrate my wife's 60th birthday (Las Balsas, by the way, which was fantastic). Ten days later, they alterted the hotel in the Maipo Valley (Casa Real at Vina Santa Rita) that is was my birthday, and arranged a fantastic cake. When had a five-hour layover in Buenos Aires before we returned to Washington, DC, Christopher met us at the airport and took us into the city to catch a museum and a glorious spring day in the city. In every way, Enchanting South America took the extra step. It's impossible to single out any one place as the best because they were all exceptional. We spent a long weekend in Buenos Aires, and the markets in San Telmo were outstanding. We could have skipped a side trip to Tigre, however. In Salta, Jujuy, Purmamarca, and Humahuaca we saw the colonial Spanish side of Argentina, including its Indian heritage. Bariloche and the Lake District were more tourist destinations but nevertheless beautiful and relaxinging. The Bosque de Arrayanes (a unique forest in the national park) is exceptional, as was the drive through the Parque Nacional Lanin. The Moreno Glacier (near El Calafate) is one of the most accessible in the world, and the trek on the glacier included views of the deepest blue ice imaginable. Our four days at Torres del Paine included wildlife (guanco, rhea, fox, condor, flamingo, alpine geese, etc.), stunningly beautiful mountains, 12,000-year old cave drawings, and an unreal sky. Valpariso's multi-colored houses strewn on the hill sides, its ubiquitous murals, its ascensors, and its markets contrasted sharply with the bustle of Santiago. Finally, our last two days in the wine country of the Maipo Valley gave us a taste of both the old and the new at a variety of wineries (which our Enchanting South America Guide chose to perfection). Argentina and Chile are remarkable places, and we only touched the surface. Enchanting South America helped us to see a broad spectrum of the countries efficiently and enjoyably. Although we are typically make all our own arrangements and drive ourselves, I don't see how we could have done as much or as well if we had not had Enchanting South America's help. I'm sure we paid a bit more, but it was well worth it.


Enchanting Travels - Chile: Just returned from a trip to Buenos Aires, Mendoza, and Chile (Casablanca Valley, Vina del Mar, Valparaisa, and Santiago) using Enchanting South America as our travel company. They customized my trip for me with all my little whims, answered my countless questions, and made dinner reservations for us prior to departing. During the trip, they provided cell phones for both countries, drivers/transport for all activities and the airports/bus stations, and were on call for questions/support at all time. I was really impressed with the quality of activities they arranged for us (including an amazing tango show in BA, a wonderful horseback riding experience in the Andes/Mendoza, and arranging for us to visit some of the most beautiful vineyards with great wine in Mendoza & in Casablanca Valley in Chile), as well as the quality/knowledgle/pleasantness of our tour guides for our trip. I would definitely use Enchanting Travels again, as they made this a trip of a life time for my husband and I!


We're just back from Chile and would highly recommend Enchanting Travels, We usually plan and do all of our travels on our own, but we wanted this to be an extra special trip and didn't want it to be exhausting. The folks in this group were exceptional from beginning to end, we paid a bit more than we usually do, but it was well worth it when going so far, spending so much, and not wanting to regret our choices. This was a memorable trip that I know would not have been so had we taken on the details ourselves. Sometimes, these folks in the travel business just know a lot more than what you can find browsing (for hundreds of hours) on your own.

Milton Slepkow

Enchanting- South America tour company: Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this tour company. I just want to know if they're reliable, and if anyone has had good experiences with them.

Dayton & Lee Ritt

Enchanting Travels created and executed an itinerary tailored made for us. Guides, drivers, and accommodations were all excellent. We were in communication by text with our trip coordinator which alleviated any worries that often come with travel. Most highly recommend Enchanting Travels!

Julie Luby, USA

We had very specific dates when we could travel and could not find a tour that worked for us. We were also traveling with our 18 year old, and needed some special attention to the schedule to accommodate him. A colleague had used Enchanting Travels for a trip to Africa, and I looked it up on the internet and read all about your company. I liked what I saw, and really enjoyed talking to our Travel Consultant, Katie, to start planning. I felt like she was really trying to set up a trip just for us. This was such a nice way to travel! We felt very comfortable knowing that we were going to have a knowledgeable person meet us each step of the way and make sure that we got to our destination, got checked in, learned about the local area, and answered all our questions. When the general strikes hit Peru, we were especially grateful knowing that someone was working out all the changes to our itinerary behind the scenes.

Robert Bibbs, USA

Enchanting Travels is a outstanding choice for discerning travelers who want unique vacation experiences and professional, personal support in the planning, and preparation and implementation of your vacation. We liked being on "our own" but having the support of Enchanting Travels people when needed. All your details are well taken care of, so you can relax and enjoy your special vacation.

Jane Stanley, USA

Enchanting Travels helped make our vacation to Argentina spectacular. We saw incredible scenery, ate delicious food, and stayed at wonderful hotels. We asked and Enchanting Travels delivered: a vacation packed full of exciting and unique experiences with time at the end to relax. We would highly recommend Enchanting Travels to others looking to experience the wonders of Patagonia.

Steven Cullum, UK

Enchanting Travels helped us plan our trip of a lifetime. Our dedicated travel consultant, Amelia, was with us every step of the journey and went to great lengths to ensure that every minute of the trip was memorable!

Karin Murton, Australia

We loved the way our Travel Consultant was extremely patient, and accommodating from the very beginning. He designed a marvellous trip, was efficient and thorough. For his part, in organising our trip - hats off!! His advice on our destinations was brilliant! Could not fault his experience and professionalism. Overall our accommodation was terrific. We were all very happy with our guides and tours. Great Chauffeurs!! As a surprise, our driver in Valparaiso organised a tour of the lighthouse, which we all loved!! They were extremely flexible in our plans.

Edward Chik, Australia

Enchanting did an excellent job, much more than we expected. They executed our itinerary with precision. They were there in case we needed to contact them for assistance. We never needed to. It was an enjoyable, relaxing and stress free holiday.

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