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  • Kanto: Tokyo & Hakone From the cutting-edge, quirky creativity of… More Info +
    From the cutting-edge, quirky creativity of Tokyo where ancient heritage, cherry blossoms, iconic pop culture, gourmet food and glitzy skyscrapers collide, to serene Hakone, defined by its hot springs and majestic backdrop of mountains and forests, Kanto awaits!
  • Kansai: Kyoto / Osaka / Koyasan From a plethora of UNESCO World… More Info +
    From a plethora of UNESCO World Heritage sites, ryokans (Japanese inns), geisha culture and mysticism in Kyoto, and Osaka, home to traders and merchants, street stalls and pulsating nightlife, to the center of ancient Shinto Buddhist culture in Koyasan, Kansai has it all.
  • Shirakawa-gō Nestled in remote mountains, Shirakawa-gō is a historical gift… More Info +
    Nestled in remote mountains, Shirakawa-gō is a historical gift with its 250 year old traditional gassho-zukuri (vernacular farmhouses) villages, which makes it a UNESCO World Heritage site. Heavy snowfall in winter sprinkles extra enchantment on this alluring destination!
  • Chugoku: Hiroshima / Okayama / Miyajima Discover Choguku… More Info +
    Discover Choguku, where the the beautiful ‘black castle’, Korakuen Garden of Okayama, and the tucked away picturesque sacred island of Miyajima, are waiting to be explored. Head to Hiroshima, which has emerged from its war-torn past as a global symbol of peace.
  • Nagano & Karuizawa Dubbed the Roof of Japan, discover the breathtaking mountains… More Info +
    Dubbed the Roof of Japan, discover the breathtaking mountains and snowy resorts of Nagano – where you can visit the snow monkeys who cheekily loll in the natural hot springs. The retro atmosphere of Karuizawa is another site not to miss, with its dramatic autumnal scenery, and snowy mountain slopes ideal for winter sports.
  • Enchanting Travels Japan Tours Autumn park in Tokyo, Japan
    Takayama & Kanazawa A rival to Kyoto, Kanazawa boasts a quintessential rich… More Info +
    A rival to Kyoto, Kanazawa boasts a quintessential rich Japanese history, in the land of the geisha and samurai. Meanwhile, Takayama is located in the heart of the Japanese Alps, and is not only a gateway to a hiking paradise but also home to quaint ancestral homes, sake breweries, temples and shrines.

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  • Nature & Landscapes The landscapes of Japan are simply beautiful… More Info +
    The landscapes of Japan are simply beautiful – and diverse – and not just because of the blooming cherry blossoms. Head to the garden of Kenroku-en, one of Japan’s most beautiful gardens. Natural wonders await in Karuizawa, with rich autumns, and the winter wonderland of Shirakawa-gō. For interested horticulturists, take a trip from Tokyo to visit the only bonsai museum in the world.
  • Heritage & Culture Traditions in Japan live on! Experience tea… More Info +
    Traditions in Japan live on! Experience tea ceremonies in kimono dress that are normally closed to the public, meet a geisha, watch sumo wrestlers in action, partake in an age old samurai ritual, and enjoy authentic Japanese dancing. You can even attend a majestic fire ceremony at a historical temple!
  • Food & Drink The cuisine of Japan goes beyond sushi… More Info +
    The cuisine of Japan goes beyond sushi! Our experiences allow you to become well versed in regional differences, from Bento style and traditional maichya home cooking classes, to a private dinner with a geisha or maiko, you can revel in local delicacies. Embrace the highest number of Michelin star restaurants in Tokyo, or experience first-hand the first class craft beer, whisky and sake (rice wine) industries.
  • Art & Artisans The creative streak of Japan can be… More Info +
    The creative streak of Japan can be appreciated with origami and calligraphy classes and even learning how to make native food display samples out of wax. Our master artisans look forward to welcoming you! Alternatively, head out on a contemporary art tour where you can meet curators at established museums, and find unique and limited edition art.
  • Relaxation & Leisure Japan as a culture oozes tranquility and peace… More Info +
    Japan as a culture oozes tranquility and peace. There are many resorts that offer wellness and spa experiences. An enchanting highlight is when you head to Hakone, Miyajima Island and Takayma where you can benefit from a long soak in your own personal outdoor onsen (natural hot water springs) while gazing at beautiful landscapes.
  • Ancient & Modern Discover an incredible array of architecture… More Info +
    Discover an incredible array of architecture and culture that dates back from early Buddhism, through to historic thatched mountain villages in Shirakawa-go, to the modern day, bustling urban culture of skyscrapers and street markets, where the pop culture of anime and manga thrive.

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At Enchanting Travels, our unique tours are built on extensive knowledge of our destinations, an outstanding team of professionals, and personalized top-notch service. In 2019, we were recognized with the Travel Weekly Magellan Gold Award for being the World’s Leading Tour Operator – Overall. In 2020, we have been nominated by World Travel Awards as Europe’s and North America’s Leading Tour Operator, and have won the Most Trusted Online Tour Operator Award by Lux Life Magazine.

My wife and I have been planning a trip through South America and our Travel Consultant, Lisa Fox, has provided nothing but exceptional service and support to create the perfect itinerary for this trip. Bags were nearly packed and we could picture the view from Machu Picchu, but plans have had to change due to travel safety and restrictions from the recent Coronavirus. While this could have been a very stressful time having to reschedule, rebook and who knows how much money could have been lost for what has already been paid for, Enchanting Travels has made it incredibly easy and stress free to reschedule the trip once this passes. We are very appreciative for the pre-trip support, and can already tell that the experience once we are actually on the road will be equally incredibly. Thanks for all your support!

Rating 5/5

Brandon SweetUSA

“Great company, great people!
They helped us put together a complex schedule which included a number of experiences that we could not otherwise get. Also, in light of Covid-19, they were able to reschedule our upcoming Japan trip without additional fees, where many of my friends have scheduled similar trips (same timeframe) on their own, and all were refused a refund or reschedule without significant fees, despite having trip insurance.”

Rating 5/5
Travis Vengroff

Travis VengroffUSA

“We have used Enchanting Travels twice for trips. We couldn’t have been happier with the trips planned. Our first trip was a spectacular trip to southern India with driver for three weeks. This year’s trip was to Scotland. Unfortunately with the corona virus pandemic we chose to postpone this trip until 2021. Enchanting travels was very understanding of our concerns and quickly responded by moving our trip with all our desired sights to spring of 2021. Couldn’t ask for anything better from this stellar company with their caring staff.”

Rating 5/5

Alice NewtonUSA

“The best thing about Enchanting Travels is the people, from the trip planners to the guides to the drivers. Everyone has been friendly, courteous and professional. The activities and accommodations are planned to fit our wishes, but we still had the flexibility to add or change and activity at short notice.”

Rating 5/5

Judith MillerUSA

Enchanting Travels is a bespoke experience. From planning my trip, through to the trip itself, everything was thought about. We traveled at a particularly difficult time, due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We were supported with everything, kept up to date with how the situation was developing and how this might affect us. Having WiFi in the car allowed us to communicate with our Trip Coordinator and check with our online government updates. Our stay was luckily not affected, but I felt so supported by the team. Our guides were ready waiting for us, could answer any questions about the sites we were visiting, they communicated with our chauffeur to ensure everything went smoothly. I could not recommend this company more highly. Excellent planning, experience, and execution. Our holiday was truly ENCHANTING!

Rating 5/5

Sue AshtonUK

“I recently completed a 46-day adventure tour through India that was the best ever thanks to Enchanting Travels. The Enchanting Agent began by interviewing me for an hour and came back with the perfect routing and pacing. The on-the-ground support was second to none. Enchanting says that their trip coordinators are there ‘in case of emergency’ but that does not come near to describing the relationship. My trip coordinator was in constant communication with me to ensure that every leg of the trip went as planned. No detail was too small for her to look after. I was assigned the same driver for 27 days and he was the ‘Best Indian Driver Ever’ because he did more than drive. He curated experiences on the road on those ‘non-planned’ days that I will remember for a lifetime. The value for money was simply remarkable. I don’t think I’ll travel without the help of Enchanting Travels again.”

Rating 5/5
Randall Pearce

Randall PearceUSA

They took care of almost everything for us! It was wonderful! We had time with our guides that showed us the world of Indonesia, we would not have recognized otherwise, and we also had time on our own to discover and relax! You will not be disappointed if you book with Enchanting Travels!

Rating 5/5
Andrew Lochow - Enchanting Travels Guest Review - Traveled to Indonesia

Andrew LochowUSA

We had a well-planned itinerary, with the ability to quickly modify elements as per our request. We felt safe and unhurried – the trip unfolded at our own pace. The country and its sites were well presented. We greatly enjoyed ourselves!

Rating 5/5

Monique SonnenfeldUSA

Enchanting Travels provides a personalized, safe and highly satisfying travel experience using superior and knowledgeable local guides and support staff. From the beginning to the end, you are cared for and treated as far more than just another client.

Rating 5/5

Richard DonovanUSA

Great company to work with, willing to work to customize things for travelers needs, very responsive and attentive, and high quality arrangements.

Rating 5/5
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Leandro DeoliveiraUSA

Our trip was flawless, from the planning to booking and execution on the ground. We found Enchanting Travels by accident, but we won’t travel overseas again without them.

Rating 5/5

Michael HegedusUSA


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