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Royal Dynasties, Mighty Cruises & Floating Markets

Our private Vietnam tours will introduce you to a landscape that echoes with ancient wonders and French colonial influence.

The joy of witnessing pastoral life, simple fishing villages, breathtaking scenery, and the world famous Mekong River with its floating markets remain unparalleled for a traveler with a pilgrim’s soul.

Discover an incredible nation on our private Vietnam tours today!


History of Vietnam

Your Vietnam tour will ensure you aware of the country’s rich history, which is as diverse as the country’s natural beauty.

There is evidence of humans settling here from as early as 500,000 BC.

The Chinese introduced Confucianism and Mahayana Buddhism during their 1000-year rule, although many years of war and strife followed.

During your many Vietnam tours, you will see beautiful boulevards in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon) – an effect of French colonisation in the 16th century.

After the second World War, Ho Chi Minh signed a treaty with the French to unite the nation but foreign intervention worsened the situation. After many massacres and global anti-war protests, the USA finally withdrew its troops.

Late in the 20th century, after the fight between the north and south had ended, the government introduced economic reforms and today, Vietnam is a booming economy.

Despite many trials, the people have retained their warm spirit and simple lives, and Vietnam tours are an important source of revenue.


Vietnamese Culture

Discover an incredible inheritance steeped in traditions, and warm, hospitable people, during our authentic Vietnam tours.

Chinese influence is easily discernible in the historic city of Hanoi. In central Vietnam, imperialism has left in mark, and the art and architecture of Hue are an ode to bygone eras. The lantern-lit streets of Hoi An will have you meander past remnants from colonial settlements of yore.

On your Vietnam tour of the South, which is dominated by the country’s colonial history, expect a brush with fast-paced modern life, and a charmed existence in the beautiful waterways of the mighty Mekong. The people are wonderfully polite and their customs are deeply rooted in Confucianism and Taoism – they respect their family and elders and have an aversion to conflict.

Vietnamese, the local language, is very hard to learn as it comes with six different tonal variations that differ from region to region. English is spoken in cities such as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Hoi An and Hue.

Top Vietnam Travel Tips – Culture:

  • Don’t be taken aback by the sheer number of motorbikes – Vietnam has an estimated 10 million of them plying on the roads everyday, and most of these are in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
  • It’s a good idea to learn a few words from the local language before your Vietnam tour. Just hello – xin chào – and thank you – cảm ơn bạn, will help. And always smile!

Cuisine of Vietnam

In Vietnam, you will have the opportunity to experience many culinary delights, as the cuisine is considered one of the world’s healthiest – and, in our opinion, delectable.

On your Vietnam tour, you will notice that there is more Chinese influence in the north, and you can savor noodles and soupy broths.

In central Vietnam, such as in Hue, meals are very elaborate, and many side dishes are served with the mains.

A Ho Chi Minh City tour offers you some delicious options. In fact, Forbes magazine ranks this city as one of the top 10 street food destinations in the world!

Your private Vietnam tours will take you deep into the South, where people prefer their food spicier, and rice-based dishes are common.

French colonial influence is evident from the many European-style coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh City, where stuffed baguettes are popular.

Try some delicious Vietnamese food:

  • Pho: noodle soup served with fresh vegetables and meat
  • Cao lầu: a dish made with noodles, pork and leafy greens. In Hoi An it is specially made with water drawn from a 100-year-old well!
  • Bún chả: grilled pork served with vermicelli rice
  • Bánh khoai: pan-fried stuffed crepes made of rice flour
  • Bánh xèo: fried pancakes served with lettuce and herbs

Top Vietnam Travel Tip – Cuisine:

You’ll find that fish sauce is practically inescapable during your Vietnam tour, as almost every dish will come with a liberal dose of fish sauce!

Vietnam Travel Guide

Packing for your Vietnam tour can be a challenging task, and depends on where you plan to be visiting. Check with your Travel Coordinator if you have any doubts.

Larger cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi offer upscale bars and restaurants, so be sure to pack some clothes and shoes for a nice evening out. It’s not advisable to bring your flashy jewelry or expensive cell phones for your Vietnam tour.

You will find few restrictions on the dress code in the bustling metros, but as you move further away you will notice that people are dressed more traditionally.

Vietnam has very strict regulations about exporting real antiques. Most “antique” and art pieces sold to tourists are fake or copies of the original. As you travel in Vietnam, be careful and check your sources for certificates if they claim to sell you an original or antique piece.

Except in some places, photography is generally allowed everywhere. Ask for permission before taking photographs of temples, objects, and people.

All Enchanting Travels’ cars are equipped with bottled water; please avoid drinking water from outside in Vietnam, even if it is sealed and of a good make.

Avoid eating vegetable salads, fried foods, and beverages from the many roadside vendors frequently seen everywhere, unless you are on specific Vietnam food tours with us that we have already hygiene vetted.

Your tour escort and drivers will know reputable restaurants in Vietnam, and all of your hotels with restaurants will be a good choice for dining. When ordering for food, feel free to request non-spicy.

Watch out when dealing with currency – 10,000 and 100,000 notes look the same as 50,000 and 500,000 rupee notes.


The Enchanting Travels team look forward to help you plan your private Vietnam tours. 

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