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Why Asia Tours?

Asia travel boasts kaleidoscopic cultures, timeless spiritual traditions, stunning mountain peaks, and exotic landscapes. All await you.

An utterly picturesque continent, Asia captivates travelers with the contrasts of ancient and modern. Historic carved temples, colonial streets, immense Himalayan mountains, Buddhist monasteries and lush landscapes paint Asia’s canvas. Diverse cultures abounding, the people are truly enchanting from the beaming young monks in Bhutan to ethnic groups in the hills of Myanmar.

Whether your journey takes you to the bustling cities, temple-filled jungles or breathtaking beaches, Asia’s experiences make for dream trips and keep visitors returning again and again.

Bhutan Tours

Experience the pure delight of personalized Bhutan tours. Travelers from all corners of the world are now witnessing this mountain kingdom as it rises slowly from centuries of isolation. Untouched by the forces of globalization, the culture and traditions have remained intact for centuries. Religion and folklore have forged a harmonious existence with mountain monasteries bearing witness to the immense natural and spiritual wealth of the land.

Bhutan Tours in Asia

Tour Highlights: Tiger's Nest Monastery, Spiritual Buddhist Temples, Heavenly Trekking, Mighty Himalayan Kingdoms

Explore Bhutan

Your Asia Tours & Trips: Bhutan

Example private tour: The Best of Bhutan

The Best of Bhutan

9 Days from $ 4,215 / person

Places: Bangkok (1 day) → Thimphu (2) → Gangtey (1) → Punakha (2) → Paro (2) → Bangkok (1)

Tour Highlights: Traditional Buildings, Modern Skyscrapers, Beautiful Monasteries, Dzong and Chorten, Handicrafts Emporium, Archery, Phobjikha Valley, Gangtey...

Ideal For: Adventure & Outdoors Heritage & Culture Nature & Landscapes Wildlife & Safaris

Cambodia Tours

Trips to Cambodia can take you into the realm of gods, where elaborate cloisters and temples emerge from a lattice-work of jungle vines and trees. Few destinations in the world can deliver the feeling of having stepped back in time. One of these incredible destinations bears the signature of Khmer genius, the Angkor Temples of Cambodia. Enigmatic, stimulating and sometimes baffling, Cambodia also invites visitors to enjoy the tranquility of endless paddy fields, to share the serenity found in the eyes of a young monk, or to savor unforgettable fragrances and flavors.

Cambodia Tours in Asia

Tour Highlights: Temple Complexes of Siem Reap, Colonial Architecture, Blissful Island Retreats, Wat Ek Phnom, Killing Fields

Explore Cambodia

Your Asia Tours & Trips: Cambodia

Example private tour: Cambodia: Angkor Legacy

Cambodia: Angkor Legacy

10 Days from $ 2,370 / person

Places: Siem Reap (3 days) → Battambang (2) → Phnom Penh (2) → Kep (2) → Sihanoukville (2) → Phnom Penh (1)

Tour Highlights: Angkor Wat Temple Complex, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tonle Sap Lake, Khmer Architecture, Rice Fields...

Ideal For: Beaches Heritage & Culture Nature & Landscapes

Laos Tours

Private Laos tours are utterly rejuvenating. This landlocked “Land of a Million Elephants” is also home to uniquely sophisticated combination of local and French colonial charm that invites romance and relaxation in equal measure. A pristine environment boasts beautiful mountains and river valleys where visitors can unwind into nature’s serene rhythms. Meanwhile, the cities offer golden wats, charming cafés and chic boutiques accented by the saffron blur of young monks collecting alms.

Laos Tours in Asia

Tour Highlights: Hot Springs of Muang La, Royal Palace, Mekong River Cruises, Mystic Caves

Explore Laos

Your Asia Tours & Trips: Laos

The Maldive Islands

Cherish barefoot luxury in the Maldives! Imagine powdery white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and coral reefs that form an intricate underwater paradise. With all these delights it’s no wonder that Maldives tourism is a perennial choice for honeymooners, adventure seekers and sophisticated sun worshipers from all over the globe. Discover your moments of blissful luxury during your Asia tour in the Maldives today!

The Maldive Islands in Asia

Tour Highlights: Barefoot Luxury, Powdery White Sands, Watersports, Coral Reefs, Seafood

Explore the Maldives

Your Asia Tours & Trips: Maldives

Myanmar Tours

Myanmar tours offer rare authenticity. Few travelers have set foot on the “Road to Mandalay”, making Myanmar a timeless enigma. Until recently, this predominantly Buddhist country had shut itself off from the rest of the world. Beyond the headlines lies a Myanmar which captivates with its innumerable glittering pagodas. The country is teeming with Buddhist pilgrimage sites, breathtaking local crafts, and a natural beauty, untouched by development.

Myanmar Tours in Asia

Tour Highlights: Ballooning over Bagan Temples, Floating Gardens, Shwezigon Pagoda, Bogyoke Aung San Market, Mandalay Hill, Royal Palace

Explore Myanmar

Your Asia Tours & Trips: Myanmar

Example private tour: Myanmar: Beaches to Golden Rock

Myanmar: Beaches to Golden Rock

14 Days from $ 2,896 / person

Places: Yangon (2 days) → Hpa An (2) → Kyaiktiyo (1) → Nay Pyi Daw (1) → Loikaw (3) → Kalaw (2) → Mandalay (2)

Tour Highlights: Shwedagon Pagoda, Sule Pagoda, National Museum, Capital City Tours, Kyauktan Ye Le Pagoda, Limestone Kaw...

Ideal For: Adventure & Outdoors Beaches Heritage & Culture Nature & Landscapes Relaxation & Spas

Nepal Tours

A skyline dominated by some of the world’s highest mountain peaks is synonymous with the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. Visitors all agree: there is something magical and surreal about this country that has to be seen to be understood. At times both modern and ancient and filled with Himalayan allure and traditions, there is also a lush spread of jungles and forested plains, which are home to majestic tigers and one-horned rhinoceros. Expect the unexpected, and prepare for an incredible journey in Nepal during your Asia tour.

Nepal Tours in Asia

Tour Highlights: Dizzying Heights of Himalayas, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Pashupatinath

Explore Nepal

Your Asia Tours & Trips: Nepal

Sri Lanka Tours

Sri Lanka tours are joyful! This teardrop shaped tropical island off the southern coast of India is one of the most exotic island experiences in the world. Boasting ancient cities, Dutch colonial architecture, archaeological wonders, and warm, hospitable people – all under the seemingly endless canopy of lush greenery and palm fringed beaches, Sri Lanka has it all!

Sri Lanka Tours in Asia

Tour Highlights: Lush Tea Plantations, Tooth Temple, Blissful Beaches, Ancient Kingdoms, Wild Jungles, Architecture of Sigriya

Explore Sri Lanka

Your Asia Tours & Trips: Sri Lanka

Thailand Tours

A Thailand tour has it all. A fiercely guarded spirit of independence ensured that Thailand resisted colonization throughout the ages. Today Thailand breathes fascinating culture and art, interesting architecture, scintillating nightlife and some of the world’s most delectable cuisine. There are hamlets and streets filled with friendly faces and gilded temples and monasteries that resound with chants. Equally enthralling are the seemingly endless stretches of white-sand beaches and rugged mountain trails. For the adventurous in spirit, a trip in Thailand is a must for Asia travelers!

Thailand Tours in Asia

Tour Highlights: World Class Shopping, Street Food Experiences, Floating Markets, Tribal Villages, Island Paradise

Explore Thailand

Your Asia Tours & Trips: Thailand

Example private tour: Jewels of Thailand Uncovered

Jewels of Thailand Uncovered

13 Days from $ 3,440 / person

Places: Bangkok (2 days) → Kanchanaburi (2) → Ayutthaya (1) → Sukhothai (2) → Chiang Mai (2) → Chiang Khong (2) → Chiang Rai (1) → Bangkok (1)

Tour Highlights: Traditional Buildings, Modern Skyscrapers, Beautiful Monasteries, Limestone Hills, Sugarcane Fields, Erawan National Park, Tall Prangs...

Ideal For: Heritage & Culture Nature & Landscapes

Example private tour: Assorted Treasures of Thailand

Assorted Treasures of Thailand

15 Days from $ 2,516 / person

Places: Bangkok (3 days) → Kanchanaburi (2) → Chiang Rai (2) → Chiang Mai (2) → Khao Lak (5) → Phuket (1)

Tour Highlights: Traditional Buildings, Modern Skyscrapers, Beautiful Monasteries, Limestone Hills, Sugarcane Fields, Erawan National Park, Golden Triangle...

Ideal For: Beaches Heritage & Culture Relaxation & Spas

Vietnam Tours

Vietnam tours introduce visitors to a landscape that echoes with ancient wonders and the French colonial influence. The joy of witnessing pastoral life, simple fishing villages, breathtaking scenery, and the world famous Mekong River with its floating markets remain unparalleled for a traveler with a pilgrim’s soul. Discover our private Vietnam tours today!

Luxury Asia tours with Enchanting Travels is a delight – experience it for yourself.

Vietnam Tours in Asia

Tour Highlights: Halong Bay Grottos & Islands, Stunning Sapa Valley, Magical Markets, White Sand Beaches

Explore Vietnam

Your Asia Tours & Trips: Vietnam

Example private tour: Vividly Yours, Vietnam

Vividly Yours, Vietnam

10 Days from $ 2,080 / person

Places: Hanoi (2 days) → Halong Bay (1) → Hué (2) → Hoi An (2) → Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon (2)

Tour Highlights: Colonial Buildings, Water Puppet Show, Cyclo Ride, Hanoian Culture, Ancient Architecture, UNESCO World Heritage Site...

Ideal For: Beaches Heritage & Culture Nature & Landscapes Relaxation & Spas

Example private tour: Vietnam: Indulgence & Hidden Gems

Vietnam: Indulgence & Hidden Gems

15 Days from $ 3,067 / person

Places: Hanoi (2 days) → Sa Pa (2) → Hanoi (1) → Halong Bay (1) → Hué (2) → Hoi An (2) → Can Tho (2) → Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon (2)

Tour Highlights: Colonial Buildings, Water Puppet Show, Cyclo Ride, Hanoian Culture, Ancient Architecture, Tonkinese Alps, View of...

Ideal For: Adventure & Outdoors Heritage & Culture Nature & Landscapes

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