Sway to the Rhythms of Paradise on a Mauritius Tour

Luscious blue lagoons and coconut palms swaying on golden beaches are taken for granted on a Mauritius tour. Top that off with whale-watching excursions and swimming with a playful pod of dolphins off the west coast, and you’re in for an unbeatable holiday.

This quintessential tropical island in the southwest Indian Ocean, 500 miles off the coast of Madagascar, is a dream vacation spot. And since we at Enchanting Travels are the dream merchants, let us conjure up a sensational Mauritius itinerary that suits your whims and needs.

At Pointe aux Piments on the northwest coast, swim to a reef teeming with vibrant corals and multihued fish. Pack a little picnic one day and head to a deserted beach rimmed by a turquoise lagoon. Another day, visit the bustling markets of the capital Port Louis for a taste of local life. Spring for water sports—there are unlimited options for light or intense activities. And if none of these match what you are looking for, then perhaps some quiet time on a sunlounger followed by a round of spa pampering will hit the spot?

Mauritius is a melting pot, a unique blend of Indian, African, Asian, and French cultures and cuisines. Embrace this island’s distinctive way of life when you join Sega dancers on the beach, swaying to the pulsating rhythm of traditional instruments.


Best Time to Visit Mauritius

Beach vacation in Mauritius!
Embrace tropical temperatures during your beach vacation in Mauritius!

The climate in Mauritius is tropical. Follow this link for an overview from our destination experts on when to visit Mauritius.

Best time to visit Mauritius Islands

Top Five Things to do in Mauritius

There’s much more to Mauritius that dreamy beaches. Experience the best of the fascinating culture and natural treasures in the country. Our destination experts share a list of the top things to do in Mauritius.

Things to do in Mauritius

Safety in Mauritius

Mauritius is considered a very safe travel destination, especially in comparison to other African countries. Nevertheless, it is best to follow some basic safety regulations for a stress-free Mauritius vacation. Click on the following link for more information.

Safety in Mauritius

Mauritius Travel Tips

Traveling to Mauritius? From exchanging your money to credit cards, health information, communication and other handy tips, our destination experts share their inputs with you.

Mauritius Travel Tips

Culture of Mauritius

Women plugging tea leaves
Experience a fusion of many different cultures during your tour of Mauritius!

Mark Twain once wrote, “Heaven was copied after Mauritius”.

With its pride as a diverse and peaceful nation, the country boasts a harmonic vibe and Mauritius Island holidays are typically very peaceful. Kreol Morisyen, or Mauritian Creole, is the most spoken language yet you can also find literature in French, English and even Hindi. During your Mauritius vacation, you will see no one official religion but there are practising Hindus, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists who all mutually respect one another.

The national sport of Mauritius is horse racing, although football and rugby are equally popular. The country is known for its renowned Sega music, which is usually sung in Creole with a basic orchestra of a goat-skin drum called a ravann, the triangle, and the maravann. In recent decades, Sega music has evolved into Seggae, taking on the reggae beats from the Rastafarian movement of the 1980s and 1990s.

One of the most important elements Mauritian culture is its cuisine.

Cuisine of Mauritius

Delicious fish dishes of Mauritius - fresh fish from the ocean
Try the delicious fish dishes of Mauritius – fresh from the ocean!

The food in Mauritius is a marvellous fusion of European, Indian, Creole and Chinese styles – and it is not unusual to combine them all into one meal! Some of the dishes are very similar to what you can find in the Seychelles. With its French ties, you can expect some classic French dishes on the island, such as bouillon, coq au vin, and tuna salad, and not just at the resorts of your Mauritius tours. Naturally, wine is also an integral part of the dining culture.

North and South Indian food adaptations of curry, chutney and pickle preparations can also be found using local, fresh ingredients. Your Mauritius vacation will be brimming with rice and fried/steamed noodles, as well as a heavy use of Oyster or black bean sauce from the Chinese, are also popular.

Why not try a couple of unique Mauritian specialities:

  • Hakien: a spring roll that had been battered in flour
  • Crispy squid
  • The local rum! There are three well-known distilleries on the island, Grays, Medine and St Aubin
  • Arrack: made from sugarcane was the origin of today’s rum

The Enchanting Travels team is happy to help plan even the most unique Mauritius tours. 

Mauritius Restaurant Guide

History of Mauritius

It is thought that Mauritius was completely uninhabited until 1638! Dutch settlers, with its Dutch East India Company, were the first to try and colonize the island, naming it after the Danish prince, Maurice of Nassau. The Dutch brought African slaves and tried to farm sugarcane, but they were unable to maintain the settlements.

The French, who had already settled on the neighbouring island of Réunion, took control and many more plantations developed. After a war, the British fought with the French and took over did not make any changes to the already French-rooted culture. When slavery was abolished in 1835, the freed slaves stayed and created their own towns.

Over the centuries many settlers from European traders from China, laborers from India and slaves and creoles from Africa, came to make up what Mauritius is today. Mauritius gained full independence from the British in 1968. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, the leader of the free movement, was appointed the first prime minister. Today, people from all over the world go on Mauritius tours to enjoy its blissful beaches and the laid-back life on the islands.

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