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cultural tourism

Heritage & Culture

Cultural Tourism and the Discovery of Past and Present

Every place has a unique story, and a cultural and heritage tour helps narrate it. Discover the past through the remains of medieval cities, ancient temples, and archaeological sites.

Visit Mayan pyramids and temples to learn about the daily and ceremonial life of this ancient civilization. Explore the legacy of the colonial Spanish in the architecture of countless South and Central American cities like Antigua, Cartagena, and Sucre.

Experience Asia’s various religious and spiritual traditions in real time as you listen to monks chat in the atmospheric monasteries of Bhutan, or watch devotees worship in the elaborate temples of India or Bali. Step into Japan’s Zen gardens and ancient Shinto shrines. Or make your Japanese cultural experience more immersive by having dinner with a geisha, attending a matcha tea ceremony, or taking a hands-on sumo wrestling or Samurai swordsmanship lesson.

Anyone with the faintest interest in traditional architecture will be bowled over by the abundance of India’s heritage structures. Erotic temples in Khajuraho, grand medieval forts and palaces in Rajasthan, the bustling temple towns of Tamil Nadu, the Taj Mahal in Agra—these are only a small fraction of the country’s cultural wealth.

Asia to Africa, Central to South America, browsing local markets is a marvelous way to experience a region’s contemporary culture. Explore lives, legends, and lore as you wander through Asia’s floating produce markets or the colorful handicraft markets of the native Andean cultures.

If you’d like to visit an indigenous community we’ll arrange a tour that is respectful of their culture and ethical and responsible to the people you meet. It’s a good way to delve deeper into the history and heritage of a people, their environment and way of life. Spend the day with the Uros who live on floating homes on Lake Titicaca in Peru, or interact with Maasai pastoralists in Kenya.

As you travel the world and uncover its cultural diversity, you will be repeatedly reminded that around every corner lies a fascinating tale. At Enchanting Travels we take pride in helping you immerse in and experience these stories.

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recommended heritage & culture tours
Machu Picchu trip

Peru: Classic Machu Picchu

7 Days: $ 3,490 / person
Walk in the footsteps of the Incas when you travel to Peru. Explore the colonial history of Cusco, the Incan ruins of the Sacred Valley, and the amazing beauty of Machu Picchu!
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Enchanting Travels Colombia Vacation Cartagena

Colombia In-Depth: Culture, Coffee & Island Paradise

15 Days: $ 4,790 / person
This Colombia tour is the perfect introduction to the best-loved highlights: vibrant cities, colonial heritage, archaeology, culture, museums and Gold Rush. With visits to the lush coffee region, hiking and island stays, experience the Colombian countryside and beaches too!
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Photo of fields of grass and morning fog in forest near village with traditional tongkonans in Toraja region in Sulawesi Indonesia, Asia

Ancient Cultures and Bali

14 Days: $ 3,690 / person
On this Indonesia vacation, uncover centuries old indigenous culture in Sulawesi while you wander in traditional villages of Toraja nestled amid misty mountains. In Bali, discover the rich art and culture scene in Ubud, trek to volcanoes, and sunbathe on beautiful beaches.
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Bolivia's Culture

Bolivia: Landscapes and Culture

13 Days: $ 6,490 / person
From enchanting UNESCO World Heritage sites to rolling sierras and fascinating insights into vibrant cultures – this Bolivia tour offers it all! Explore the best known sights and sounds on a private tour spanning the country.
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top heritage hotels
Enchanting Travels Colombia Tours San Agustin Hotels Akawanka - Exterior

Akawanka Lodge

Style: Boutique
Akawanka Lodge is a hacienda-style boutique hotel perched atop a hill just outside San Agustin.

Enchanting Travels Colombia Tours Cartagena Hotels Alfiz boutique hotel Room

Alfiz Boutique Hotel

Style: Boutique
Alfiz Boutique Hotel, located less than half an hour’s drive from the Rafael Núñez International Airport, offers you a comfortable stay at Cartagena.

Enchanting Travels Colombia Tours Coffee Region

Casa de las dos Palmas

Style: Boutique
Casa de las dos Palmas is located within an hour’s drive from the Matecaña International Airport.

Enchanting Travels Colombia Tours Santa Marta Hotels Casa Leda - Exterior

Casa de Leda

Style: Boutique
Casa de Leda Hotel & Spa is located less than an hour’s drive away from Simón Bolívar International Airport in Santa Marta.

Enchanting Travels Colombia Tours Santa Marta Hotels Casa Isabella - Patio

Casa Isabella

Style: Boutique
Casa Isabella, located less than an hour from the Simón Bolívar International Airport, offers a comfortable stay in Santa Marta.

Leuchtturm in Ushuaia

Cilene del Faro

Style: Lodge
Cilene del Faro Suites & Spa is located close to the beach at Yaganes in Ushuaia, Argentina.

Outside view of El Pederal Lodge, Puerto Madryn Hotels , Argentina Tours, South America

El Pedral Lodge

Style: Lodge
El Pedral is located on the coast of Punta Ninfas in the province of Chubut, Argentina.

Exterior view of Hosteria La Andaluza Hotel in Riobamba, Ecuador

Hosteria La Andaluza

Style: Farmhouse / Estancia
Step back in time at Hostería La Andaluza, a stately 15th century hacienda full of class and historical relevance.


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