Who We Are

We live and breathe the joy of travel!

The secret to any enchanting trip are the people you meet throughout the planning and execution of your trip. Our destination knowledge is unsurpassable. Unlike most travel companies, we don’t use middle men. We have are our enchanting people on-the-ground, there to support you. Some of us are home grown in our destinations while others have migrated.

1Joy of Travel

Just like our destinations, our team is a mix of cultures with distinctly individual outlooks. Together we hold a varied career history, from corporate lawyers, journalists, teachers and bankers to event planners and hotel management, nurses and even dance instructors, yet what unites us is our true passion for travel.

We hold our values of professionalism, honesty, fairness and genuine care for our guests close to our heart and we share a vision for a more compassionate world through the joy of travel. We agree when our guests tell us we have dream jobs. We frequently test our hotels, routes and experiences to ensure you have the most seamless and superior trip.

Leadership Team

We believe in leading by example.

Management knows that leaders set the tone for the entire company. That’s why we make it a goal to create harmonious work relationships and a positive work environment for all teams. The enthusiasm our management team has for making your dream trip come true is infectious, to say the least. Having taken the roads both well and less traveled, we utilize years of knowledge and experience to guide and support our global team.

Parik Laxminarayan

CEO & Co-Founder

Parik has an insatiable appetite for discovering amazing places. With genuine care and insider knowledge as his inspiration and founding philosophy, Parik and his friend Alex, crafted a business plan that became Enchanting Travels. Parik has lived and traveled through Europe and Asia as an international tennis player, America as an undergraduate at Ohio State University and with a consulting career in Washington, D.C. He completed his MBA at INSEAD in France and Singapore. With a hyperactive personality and an unparalleled zest for life, Parik travels around the various Enchanting Travels destinations seeking new experiences and places to share with our guests.

Alexander Metzler

CFO & Co-Founder

Before joining INSEAD, where he completed his MBA with distinction and met future business partner Parik Laxminarayan, Alex worked as a project leader (specializing in marketing and sales strategies) at Monitor Group, a top-tier strategy consulting firm.

Alex has traveled extensively through Asia, Africa and South America and loves sharing his passion for travel.

Florian Keller

COO & Co-Founder

Working at the Monitor Group, a leading strategy consulting firm, for more than eight years, Florian gained a wealth of experience in a wide range of emerging markets in South America and Africa and spent three years managing and coordinating strategy projects in several African countries.

During his tenure in Africa, he discovered that his true passion is exploring hidden and fascinating corners of our world and sharing his excitement about the many beautiful places with other people enabling them to experience facets of our world they didn’t know exist.

Management Team

A trailblazing team

Our management team includes people is a collection of inspiring individuals from over ten different countries, who work in four different continents and are talented experts in their respective fields. What unites them all is their passion for travel!

Amelia Edwards
  • South America
  • Trip Coordination Manager

After moving to Singapore at a young age, Amelia quickly grew a passion for travel and culture. After she graduated from Elon University with a Bachelor´s in English Literature, she came to Buenos Aires as a volunteer English teacher at a rehabilitation center.

Amelia has worked extensively with the Argentine deaf community since 2008. She speaks English, Spanish and Argentine Sign Language (LSA). She has traveled extensively throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, Central and South America.

Amimo Omondi
  • Africa
  • Product Manager

Prior to joining the Enchanting Travels team, Amimo worked at various institutions including The Kenya Utalii College, The German School Nairobi as well as wrote for a couple of Kenyan Magazines. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Kenyatta University and an Master of Arts degree from the University of Nairobi.

At Enchanting Travels Amimo looks after the Product & Knowledge Management processes for our Africa chapter. When he’s not transferring his knowledge to his team, Amimo is usually spotted hiking, reading and traveling.

Ann Gathoni
  • Africa
  • Head

Ann is a certified Public Accountant of Kenya, and a holder of Bachelor of Commerce from KCA University. Before joining Enchanting Travels, Ann worked as the Finance Officer for a Non Governmental Organization undertaking a USAID project.

Her hobbies are traveling, watching football and listening to music. Her pleasant personality is the key to her success in her role. She enjoys being part of a family that Enchanting Travels really is.

Boniface Muthui
  • Africa
  • Accounts & Admin Manager

Boniface graduated with a Bachelor of Business Information Technology from Kenya Methodist University (KeMU). He believes working at Enchanting Travels has given him a promising career with a bright future.

He is humble, alert, and a team player who is fascinated by traveling. He enjoys watching football, dancing, hiking and interacting with people from all walks of life.

Devika Ray
  • Asia / South America
  • Travel Consulting Manager

Raised across Asia and Africa, Devika has always been passionate about travel. After graduating from UPenn’s Wharton School, she managed to keep exploring – from working in New York, to studying in Buenos Aires to volunteering in Chiang Mai. In between, she spent her free time extensively traveling in these regions and joined Enchanting Travels while in India. Now back in the US, she loves being able to share her experiences and help guests create their own trips of a lifetime.

Florence Mwangi
  • Africa
  • Senior Trip Coordination Manager

Florence has extensive experience in customer relationship management and administrative tasks. Having worked in Project Management, she has a keen eye for details and juggles various tasks effortlessly. She was introduced to Enchanting Travels by a former classmate who has been a part of the Enchanting Travels family for several years.

When she isn’t busy looking after her guests, Florence enjoys working out, going for a long walk or a run. She loves reading, socializing and the occasional indulgence in fine dining experiences.

Griselda Medina Abelli
  • Global Technology & Projects
  • Head

After finishing her studies in German language, Griselda lived in several countries in Europe and South America teaching German and Spanish.

Her love for travel and new experiences brought her to Enchanting Travels, where she manages numerous projects.

Ingrid Vultorius
  • South America
  • Head

An Argentine with German ancestry, Ingrid embodies many of the characteristics that make Argentina a warm and welcoming country. Ingrid previously held the role of Marketing and Communications Manager at San Andres University in Buenos Aires and has traveled extensively throughout South America.

Jen Marsden
  • Global
  • Marketing & Guest Relations Manager

A native of the UK, Jen has lived and worked in Kenya and India, traveling extensively throughout both countries. Her passion for both travel and India led her to join the Enchanting team in Bangalore. With a background as an author, journalist and spokesperson, Jen is also a highly informed specialist and commentator on ethical and environmental living.

Kashif Azeem Arif
  • Global Sales
  • Head

Kashif is probably a world citizen per se, having lived and worked in seven countries in Asia, Europe & South America and having visited more than 30 countries around the globe.

Born in Pakistan, he grew up in Germany, lived in South Korea, setting up and heading a joint-venture factory producing spectacles. He later led a team of software developers in Romania. After fulfilling his dream of studying International Business at ESB Reutlingen, Germany, Kashif initiated an award winning business in the food sector in Chile.

Kashif is a book author, enthusiastic jogger and enjoys horse riding. There has always been one staple binding Kashif’s diverse working and private life: Traveling.

Lisa Fox
  • South America
  • Senior Travel Consulting Manager

Vibrant cultures, breath taking landscapes and truly unique experiences were just some of the things that inspired Lisa during an extensive 8 month trip to South America. It is fair to say that Lisa fell in love with the continent and knew that she had to return, which she did when she moved to Buenos Aires in 2013. Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Lisa has extensive experience in customer service, learning and development and management.

For Lisa there is no greater satisfaction than having the opportunity to help guests to have memorable and inspiring experiences within the continent that she now calls home.

Miriam Carow
  • Africa
  • Head of Product Management

After completing her Master’s Degree in International Business at Hawaii Pacific University, Miriam worked in the travel industry for several years as a Travel Manager and Head of Contracting, until she discovered Enchanting Travels.

An ardent lover of islands and beaches, Miriam loves listening to the sound of the ocean and having her thoughts flow freely while walking on the beach. She also loves going on safari to see baby elephants!

When she isn’t working, walking or practicing her yoga skills, Miriam works on her personal wine journal that includes everything from regions, cultivars, vintages, and photos to special memories related to her experiences.

Ranjana Kishinani
  • Global
  • Senior Travel Consulting Manager

Having acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Ranjana’s career began with Mphasis and HSBC before making the transition into the travel industry. The daughter of avid travelers, she has followed their well-tread paths since childhood.

Speaking with guests, identifying their expectations, and providing superior service are just a few of Ranjana’s strengths. She ensures her team creates suitable itineraries so that our guests return from Asia with a satisfied smile!

Sarika Chopra
  • Asia
  • Senior Trip Coordination Manager

Sarika started out as an Interior Designer in India, before moving to the US and working in the travel industry, where she planned travel and air-travel. Back in India, Sarika worked for a UK-based flight services company, taking care of their operations and sales.

Sarika joined Enchanting Travels in 2006 and manages the English Trip Coordination Team. Never once losing her calm even in dire circumstances is her ultimate strength!

Savitha Bollady
  • Asia / South America
  • Product Manager

With a Masters degree in Tourism Administration, Savitha joined Enchanting Travels in 2007. Since then, there has been no looking back for her. An ever-active Enchanter, Savitha handles global projects, analysis, product information and pricing, and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

During her many years with the company, Savitha has mastered the art of juggling the professional and the personal effortlessly. For her, Enchanting Travels is not just a job, there is much more to it!

Suraj Somaiah
  • Asia
  • Product Manager

After receiving a Bachelors degree in Commerce, Suraj spent time learning about the fundamentals of the hotel industry in his role as a steward, thus sparking an interest in hotel management. Suraj went on to study hotel management and handled the front office before starting his journey into the world of Enchanting Travels.

At Enchanting Travels, Suraj has been a jack of all trades with his in-depth knowledge of Asia. A proud Kodava (hailing from the picturesque Coorg region of South India), Suraj’s boundless enthusiasm and his love for pandi (pork) curry and elephants, readily shine through. He aspires for a passport filled with Visa stamps and enjoys all things gastronomic – from stories of cooking to delicious cuisine. For him, destinations comes alive through their history and each one has a unique story to tell.

Vivek Krishnan Kutty
  • Asia
  • Head

After receiving his degree in Hotel Management and Hospitality Administration, Vivek joined the company during our first year of business and has helped build our reputation as an excellent tour operator in Asia by helping to deliver exceptional custom travel experiences to thousands of guests.

Since the beginning Vivek has overseen the expansion of new destinations and hospitality partners.

Travel Consultants

You have a travel idea, we help it grow!

Using their personal knowledge, our expert Travel Consultants work with you to design a trip just for you. One that we expect will exceed your expectations. They will call you at your convenience to discuss every detail – including your budget, interests and pace – until your trip is just right.

Akshay Maggu
  • Travel Consultant

An Electronics and Communication Engineer, Akshay comes armed with a MBA degree in Sales and Marketing. Having worked as a Territory Sales Manager for an automobile manufacturer, from the moment he stumbled upon Enchanting Travels Akshay was sold – Enchanting’s people, values and proposition drew him in instantly!

When he isn’t passionately planning trips for our guests, Akshay likes to indulge his love for sports – from sky diving and bungee jumping, to parasailing and scuba diving, this adventure enthusiast has done it all. Music is a stress buster for Akshay, who likes to records his own songs. Akshay is also an avid practitioner of meditation and often volunteers at The Art of Living Foundation.

Angela Wright
  • Senior Travel Consultant

Born and bred in the UK, Angela has enjoyed a long career working with young people as a Senior Practitioner and Youth and Community Work Project Manager, after qualifying with Brunel University.

A month-long voluntary placement in Kenya in 2007 brought to fruition a long-held desire to visit Africa. It had a magnetic effect. Being unable to stay away since then, it was only a matter of time before she had to come and work here. She has a passion for Africa, and thoroughly relishes the privilege of helping to create dream holidays for guests.

Anita Sahi
  • Travel Consultant

Being of Bolivian/Sri Lankan heritage, Anita embraces her multi-cultural background proudly. Having grown up as the daughter of a helicopter pilot, she spent most of her life traveling and living in various countries such as Singapore, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, England, Borneo, Iran, Italy, England, Malaysia, and the USA which she now calls home.

Anita has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of New Mexico and over 28 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Anita speaks English and Spanish fluently and has basic conversational skills in Italian. Blending her professional career and her personal multicultural background drew her to Enchanting Travels and she is excited to be a part of the team and to have found a perfect home.

She looks forward to assisting you with creating journeys of a lifetime.

Annie Irankunda
  • Travel Consultant

After completing her MBA in Marketing at Daystar University, Kenya, Annie has worked extensively in Marketing, Sales and Public Relations. A former Business English Teacher, once she stumbled across an open position at the Enchanting Travels Africa office, there was no looking back for her!

An ardent foodie, Annie enjoys hiking, reading non-fiction and loves spending time with her friends and family. When she is not busy ushering at church, Annie is always looking out for movie recommendations or planning her next adventure, be it skydiving, exploring beach destinations, or visiting remote and exotic locations.

Brenda O’Connor
  • Senior Travel Consultant

Hi! I’m Brenda O’Connor and I’m from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I have a degree in Psychology and +20 years work experience in the UK and India. My travels through India and Asia have broadened my horizons and allow me to create unique and unparalleled trips for new and returning Enchanting guests.

Corin Gallagher
  • Travel Consultant

Corin received his Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from the University of Bristol, UK, in 2016. His first contact with Enchanting Travels was in 2011, when his family traveled with us to India and Maldives and loved it!

Corin’s first holiday in Africa inspired him to return and help others experience holidays that have a similarly profound effect upon them. He remains an avid traveler, having traveled extensively in Kenya, India, Tanzania, Europe, US, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Corin is passionate about music, and had at one time wished to pursue a career as a jazz saxophonist, although he ultimately opted for a more conventional route. His hobbies include rock climbing, cooking and reading history. He loves football and dining out with friends.

Danielle Cicci
  • Travel Consultant

Coming from the West Coast of Canada, Danielle’s passion to experience new cultures brought her to Kenya years ago. Opening her eyes to the beauty of the people and diverse landscapes, she instantly fell in love with the country and could not stay away.

After completing her Diploma in Hospitality Management and essaying various roles in the hospitality industry, Danielle realized that the next best thing to traveling herself was to plan trips of a lifetime for others. In her free time Danielle enjoys being outdoors, experiencing new things.

Gunjan Bhatnagar
  • Travel Consultant

Gunjan joined Enchanting Travels after spending the initial years of her work-life working with some of the world’s leading banks and in the financial and service sector for high-end hotels. Her passion for travel finally won over her enchantment with the hospitality industry and since then she hasn’t looked back.

As a Travel Advisor Gunjan’s source of motivation is the positive feedback at the end of a well planned and executed trip.

In her free time, Gunjan has a panache for cooking and can be found rustling up new culinary delights in her kitchen. She does this whilst enjoying another passion of hers: listening to music.

Jojo Aggers
  • Travel Consultant

Armed with a diploma in Hospitality Management from Colorado State University, Jojo has worked extensively in the events industry. Some soul searching later, she decided to follow her dream of joining the Peace Corps and getting a Master’s degree. Her Master’s International Program combined getting a degree in Sustainable Development from the SIT in Brattleboro, Vermont, with Peace Corps service. Some years back Jojo was invited to serve in Botswana as Local Government Capacity Builder where she lived for nearly three years, serving the community of Tonota. Jojo stumbled upon Enchanting Travels while searching online for South America tours, and then there was no looking back!

When she isn’t indulging her travel dreams or helping others with theirs, Jojo loves spending time with her family and friends in the beautiful outdoors of Colorado. Her spare time is filled with hiking, doing yoga, eating delicious food and drinking great wine.

Loise Waweru
  • Senior Travel Consultant

A graduate from the University of Nairobi, Loise holds a B. A. in Gender and Development studies and has participated in various development projects such as helping victims of gender violence and enabling orphaned children rebuild their lives. Her interest and passion for the tourism industry steered Loise to join Enchanting Travels.

In her role, Loise ensures that our guests truly enjoy the sheer beauty that is within Africa! She enjoys interacting with different kinds of people, hiking and exploring new destinations.

Matthew Callcott-Stevens
  • Travel Consultant

Born in a small town on the East Coast of South Africa, Matthew grew up during an exciting time in the region. Having a Zambian dad and a South African mother instilled a passion for adventure in him from a very young age. Many a family vacation was spent in the African bush – from camping under the stars or lounging around on a house boat on Zimbabwe’s Lake Kariba with herds of elephants and prides of lions in every which direction.

After obtaining a Diploma in Online Marketing, Matthew felt it was time to get out and see more of the world. Two and half years aboard luxury cruise liners and 40 countries later saw him eventually move to Buenos Aires, and instantly falling in love with the unique culture and way of life.

Nehal Mutha
  • Travel Advisor

After receiving a degree in Business Management for Travel and Tourism, Nehal studied further at IATA (International Air Transport Association), before joining the Enchanting Travels team. She has always been passionate about travel, and loves learning about different places and interacting with people​.

Olivia Schellenberg
  • Travel Consultant

Olivia comes armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Tufts University with a concentration in Political Science.

An avid traveler and exercise enthusiast, as soon as she found Enchanting Travels, Olivia knew that this was what she wanted to do! She brings aboard her passion for new experiences and her love of helping others explore, learn, and discover the world.

Paul Rae
  • Senior Travel Consultant

After falling deeply in love with Argentina after traveling extensively throughout the country and continent, Paul now calls his adopted city of Buenos Aires home.

Originally from Edinburgh in Scotland, Paul has a background in finance and a Masters degree in Sustainable Tourism but has always been an avid traveler.

Paul imbues his Travel Consulting with his passion for South America and his desire for people to experience this incredibly rich continent.

Prathima Rijhwani
  • Senior Travel Consultant

After completing her graduation in finance, Prathima embarked on a career in financial and client services, first with Motorola and later with Citibank, before moving on to an extensive and successful stint in portfolio management and financial advisory with Allegro Capital Advisors.

A strong client servicing background and underlying passion for travel finally brought about Prathima’s move to travel consulting in Enchanting Travels.

Russell Banfield
  • Travel Advisor

From the shores of Barbados, where he was born and raised, to a two-year stint at an international boarding school in small town Montezuma, New Mexico, Russell comes armed with an incredibly diverse education and background. After his Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Planning from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, he has taught English as a second language and also worked in Business Development roles in the Philippines, apart from short term roles at The Walt Disney Company and Adidas during his university years.

Fairly obsessed with commercial aviation, Russell’s idea of a day well-spent is watching airport operations from the side of a busy runway! He has often opted for convoluted air routes to get to his destination because it meant flying on different models of airplanes. Russell also has a flair for languages and enjoys teaching.

Shruti Patkar
  • Travel Advisor

Armed with a Post-Graduate degree in Advertising and Marketing, Shruti has worked in several Advertising Agencies in Mumbai and Bangalore, and as a result, met and interacted with people from various walks of life.

Looking to diversify into the travel and tourism market, Shruti found Enchanting Travels online and then there was no looking back!

When she isn’t busy planning tailor-made trips for guests, Shruti enjoys catching up on her reading, learning new forms of dance, and indulging her love for her pets.

Swati Iyer
  • Travel Consultant

With over eight years of experience in a customer-centric environment, Swati moved into the travel industry so that she could serve and encourage guests to travel and experience new cultures. Before joining Enchanting Travels she worked as a Trainer at Evolv Services, a training company.

An experienced Trip Coordinator, she has an insight into the various aspects of trip implementation that helps her immensely in her current role of planning trips.

Swati is also passionate about dancing and holds a degree in Classical dance form, Bharatnatyam.

Vineeta Laxminarayan
  • Senior Travel Consultant

Vineeta Laxminarayan has been with Enchanting Travels since its birth and was part of the core team for India before moving onto the South America team. After a brief sabbatical she is once again part of the Enchanting Travels team and is delighted to plan your South America and Asia experiences for you.

Vineeta has traveled extensively in South America and in Southeast Asia, as well as the Indian Subcontinent. She has personally experienced many of the properties and activities within the Enchanting Travels collection, and so can provide first-hand knowledge and advice when planning a unique travel experience for you.

Walter Kealey
  • Travel Consultant

While working in IT management at Temple University, Philadelphia, Walter used the opportunity to explore post graduate classes, and went on to earn a Masters Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management. Eventually, wanderlust beckoned, and Walter set off with his partner on a 10-month journey that included two road trips across the US and six months in Asia. Having worked in various industries, including software sales, he is thrilled to finally be in a position at Enchanting Travels where his passion and experience are aligned.

Trip Coordinators

We give you round the clock support, every step of the way.

Our Trip Coordinators are there to support you fully throughout your journey, from amending your daily plans to getting a restaurant reservation. As experts in their respective destinations, they have local, on the ground knowledge and are happy to share insider tips with you. Think of them as your personal concierge. No request is too big or small.

Anjali Joseph
  • Trip Coordinator

A passionate Indophile, Anjali studied at Sikkim University amidst India’s mighty Himalayas prior to working with American Express for two and half years in a customer-facing role. With her desire to share her love for India’s many unique cultures, Anjali is delighted to meet, greet and support guests.

Anjali enjoys spending time with her family and cooks up a feast in the kitchen. For her, there is nothing quite as satisfying as listening to music whilst traveling, especially as she explores India’s many facets.

Ashwini Mohan
  • Trip Coordinator

After receiving a Bachelors degree in Travel and Tourism, Ashwini decided to follow her instincts. A true believer in the saying, “Always listen to your gut feeling”, and a Formula 1 and Tennis buff, she had learnt early that in order to be the best, you have to go that extra mile which separates you from the rest! In her role as a Trip Coordinator and Executive at Enchanting Travels, Ashwini lives and works by the same philosophy to ensure that our guests return home with the best and most satisfying memories from their trip.

Baptiste Biancardini
  • Trip Coordinator

Armed with a Masters degree in History, Baptiste is passionate about travel. He enjoys communicating in various languages, meeting people, and helping others especially in unexpected situations!

Outside of travel, Baptiste is a self-admitted ‘geek’, spending his personal time reading, watching movies at the cinema, hunting for interesting TV shows to watch, going to concerts and listening to music. He’s all for a spell of running whenever he has some time on his hands.

Cosmas Kathumba
  • Trip Coordinator

Cosmas has a Bachelors degree in Tourism Management from Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya as well as a certificate from the International Computer Driving License. He has previously worked as a customer service executive, interned for the hospitality sector, and learned of his love for tourism through a stint at a travel company.

Apart from his one true passion – travel, Cosmas enjoys socialiazing, listening to the latest beat, watching a nail-biting game of football and keeping up with the latest trends!

Fernando Perdomo
  • Trip Coordinator

Fernando comes armed with a degree in Teaching of the Audiovisual Arts. Recommended by a friend, Fernando enjoys the challenge of learning new things through his work at Enchanting Travels and believes that liaising with people from many other countries has opened his eyes to other ways of being, understanding and communication. His work motivates Fernando to explore new destinations on his personal journeys.

In his free time, Fernando enjoys relaxing at home, practicing his yoga skills, going to the cinema and visiting new restaurants and bars. He loves new technology and trends, and also takes a keen interest in the workings of his country and the world.

Pía González Velardo
  • Trip Coordinator

Pia has a degree in Rural Tourism and has also studied Geography and Lierature extensively. She has worked at a Public Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, advising visitors, and also spent time working at a tourist ranch in Capilla del Señor, before joining Enchanting Travels.

A keen sports, music and film enthusiast, in her free time, Pia enjoys playing soccer, exploring the city on the back of her bicycle and spending time with her loved ones.

Sanchi Dhalla
  • Trip Coordinator

After her Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Hotel Administration, Sanchi has worked in the travel industry for several years. After a stint in consulting, customer relationship management, and reservations, Sanchi discovered Enchanting Travels online and there was no looking back!

An avid traveler herself, Sanchi has a long list of destinations she hopes to visit in the near future. She is also a keen movie buff as well as a student of mixed martial arts and body-combat.

Sapna A.K.
  • Trip Coordinator

Sapna earned her Masters degree in Tourism and Administration from Bangalore University in 2013. Since then she has been an ardent Enchanter and believes wholeheartedly in following her passions!

Sneha Ghosh
  • Trip Coordinator

With over 4 years of experience in the hotel industry, Sneha switched to the tourism industry, as she is passionate about traveling and felt that there was no better way to share her passion with other travelers.

Sneha is also extremely passionate about animals and volunteers for quite a few animal shelters in Delhi/ NCR.

Local Guides & Naturalists

Your tour is all about you.

Our accredited, experienced local guides and naturalists take time to bring each of our destinations to life in their own unique way! Seeing their role as personal storytellers, we handpick our guides to match your personality and interests. In some of our destinations and for larger private groups, we recommend our escort service, where our top guides travel with you, ensuring a completely seamless experience.  Meet a few members from our extensive team of guides.

Dario Jaremczuk
  • Argentina
  • Local Guide

I’m from Buenos Aires and I love showing our guests my wonderful city, the beautiful place where I live and our traditions, and making them feel like they have a friend in Buenos Aires.

Before Enchanting Travels I worked with other travel companies. My first job was with a travel agency and since then I have always worked in the tourism industry and never looked back!

Narender Singh Rathore
  • India
  • Local Guide

Namaste! I am Narender (you can call me Narsa or Naru).

I started working in 1996 as a freelance tour guide till I joined Enchanting Travels. The freedom that Enchanting Travels gives me to plan the sightseeing program together with our guests is a wonderful thing.

Many travel companies plan all the details of sightseeing in advance, and if guests are not so keen on the program we have to check with the company if we can change or add to the itinerary. At Enchanting Travels I can take such decisions myself and this flexibility works out much better for the guests.

I love the recognition. Enchanting Travels understands the amount of work, effort and ability required to give a stellar performance and ensure that a guest’s trip goes from being ‘Good’ to ‘Excellent’. They are very motivating with the way they reward their guides and I am proud to have won the Enchanting Travels India Guide Award three times.

Saint Augustine had said something very meaningful: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” I believe in this wholeheartedly. I am very lucky to have chosen a profession which has opened so many pages of this book for me!

My dream is to travel and see many more beautiful places in this world.

Nicole Heynen
  • Argentina
  • Local Guide

Hola! I am Nicole. I was born in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires, and grew up with a bilingual background as my parents are Swiss and German.

I graduated as a music therapist in 1999 and then taught in higher educational institutions. I have also worked in an administrative capacity for several organizations, including a position as dean at a prestigious hotel management school. In recent years, my professional interest and my work has been focused on tourism in Buenos Aires and I feel that I have finally found my passion!

To me, traveling means, perhaps contradictorily, to shorten distances and to connect dots. At the end of each journey, I am convinced yet again that there is no better place for me than my home in Argentina.

My dream is to continue growing, personally and professionally, surrounded by the people I love and care about.

Zin Zin
  • Myanmar
  • Local Guide

I am from Yangon and I initially started working as a German tour guide. In all of these years, my guests from Enchanting Travels have been simply wonderful!

I love working for Enchanting Travels as it gives me the opportunity to experience overseas training and work with a thoroughly professional travel company. Enchanting Travels has high quality and systematic tour programs compared to other companies in Myanmar.

In the future I wish to write a tour guide book!


Your safety and comfort is our priority.

Our guests tell us that our chauffeurs are the most important people on our trips. Traveling with you from A-B, our chauffeurs are reliable, polite, respectful and have a pride for their country that they love to share – just ask! Most importantly, they take your safety seriously as they maneuver you through our exotic lands, whilst ensuring our vehicles are amply stocked with refreshments for the journey. Meet a few members from our extensive team of chauffeurs.

We’re always here to help with your travel plans.

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