Who We Are

We live and breathe the joy of travel!

The secret to any enchanting trip are the people you meet throughout the planning and execution of your trip. Our destination knowledge is unsurpassable. Unlike most travel companies, we don’t use middle men. We have are our enchanting people on-the-ground, there to support you. Some of us are home grown in our destinations while others have migrated.

1Joy of Travel

Just like our destinations, our team is a mix of cultures with distinctly individual outlooks. Together we hold a varied career history, from corporate lawyers, journalists, teachers and bankers to event planners and hotel management, nurses and even dance instructors, yet what unites us is our true passion for travel.

We hold our values of professionalism, honesty, fairness and genuine care for our guests close to our heart and we share a vision for a more compassionate world through the joy of travel. We agree when our guests tell us we have dream jobs. We frequently test our hotels, routes and experiences to ensure you have the most seamless and superior trip.

Leadership Team

We believe in leading by example.

Management knows that leaders set the tone for the entire company. That’s why we make it a goal to create harmonious work relationships and a positive work environment for all teams. The enthusiasm our management team has for making your dream trip come true is infectious, to say the least. Having taken the roads both well and less traveled, we utilize years of knowledge and experience to guide and support our global team.

Praik - CEO & Co-Founder of Enchanting Travels
Parik Laxminarayan
CEO & Co-Founder

Parik has an insatiable appetite for discovering amazing places. With genuine care and insider knowledge as his inspiration and founding philosophy, Parik and his friend Alex, crafted a business plan that became Enchanting Travels. Parik has lived and traveled through Europe and Asia as an international tennis player, America as an undergraduate at Ohio State University and with a consulting career in Washington, D.C. He completed his MBA at INSEAD in France and Singapore. With a hyperactive personality and an unparalleled zest for life, Parik travels around the various Enchanting Travels destinations seeking new experiences and places to share with our guests.

Alexander Metzler CFO & Co-Founder of Enchanting Travels
Alexander Metzler
CFO & Co-Founder

Before joining INSEAD, where he completed his MBA with distinction and met future business partner Parik Laxminarayan, Alex worked as a project leader (specializing in marketing and sales strategies) at Monitor Group, a top-tier strategy consulting firm.

Alex has traveled extensively through Asia, Africa and South America and loves sharing his passion for travel.

Florian Keller COO & Co-Founder Enchanting Travels
Florian Keller
COO & Co-Founder

Working at the Monitor Group, a leading strategy consulting firm, for more than eight years, Florian gained a wealth of experience in a wide range of emerging markets in South America and Africa and spent three years managing and coordinating strategy projects in several African countries.

During his tenure in Africa, he discovered that his true passion is exploring hidden and fascinating corners of our world and sharing his excitement about the many beautiful places with other people enabling them to experience facets of our world they didn’t know exist.

Sreekandh Balakrishnan

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Sreekandh worked in the software industry for several years as a Developer before he found his true calling in solving business problems through technology. Sreekandh loves everything tech, ancient Indian culture, and Sanskrit scriptures. He enjoys reading about startups, building winning teams, and working on product development.

When he isn’t working, Sreekandh is often found practicing power yoga, sipping on green tea or reading up non-fiction. In his free time, he often sets out on jungle safaris with his wife and little son, Krish!

Management Team

A trailblazing team

Our management team includes people is a collection of inspiring individuals from over ten different countries, who work in four different continents and are talented experts in their respective fields. What unites them all is their passion for travel!

Travel Consultants

You have a travel idea, we help it grow!

Using their personal knowledge, our expert Travel Consultants work with you to design a trip just for you. One that we expect will exceed your expectations. They will call you at your convenience to discuss every detail – including your budget, interests and pace – until your trip is just right.

Trip Coordinators

We give you round the clock support, every step of the way.

Our Trip Coordinators are there to support you fully throughout your journey, from amending your daily plans to getting a restaurant reservation. As experts in their respective destinations, they have local, on the ground knowledge and are happy to share insider tips with you. Think of them as your personal concierge. No request is too big or small.

Local Guides & Naturalists

Your tour is all about you.

Our accredited, experienced local guides and naturalists take time to bring each of our destinations to life in their own unique way! Seeing their role as personal storytellers, we handpick our guides to match your personality and interests. In some of our destinations and for larger private groups, we recommend our escort service, where our top guides travel with you, ensuring a completely seamless experience.  Meet a few members from our extensive team of guides.


Your safety and comfort is our priority.

Our guests tell us that our chauffeurs are the most important people on our trips. Traveling with you from A-B, our chauffeurs are reliable, polite, respectful and have a pride for their country that they love to share – just ask! Most importantly, they take your safety seriously as they maneuver you through our exotic lands, whilst ensuring our vehicles are amply stocked with refreshments for the journey. Meet a few members from our extensive team of chauffeurs.

We’re always here to help with your travel plans.

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