Tantalizing Tango: Rhythms of an Argentina Holiday

The romance and rhythm of a holiday in Argentina can take so many joyful forms. A speedboat ride under thundering Iguazu Falls, results in a thrilling dousing from the cascading waters. To the west, from an open-air café in the fantastically well-preserved colonial city of Salta, the illuminated pink-and-gold Salta Cathedral looks ethereal against the night sky.

You will undoubtedly meet gauchos, the horsemen of the pampas, and eat juicy steaks with fries, and crispy empanadas. But beyond these happy cliches there’s more. Part Latin, part European, Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires is many things to many people, but everyone will agree that it has swag. Where else is dancing the tango to live music in the middle of the street, an everyday occurrence? Milongas are the parties to attend, to tap into the rhythmic heartbeat of this tango-loving nation.

And since it takes two to tango, you can plan the most harmonious private Argentina tour, in concert with an Enchanting Travels consultant. The breadth and diversity of this vast country can be complicated, and we’d like to ensure you get a perfect, obligation-free itinerary.

South of Buenos Aires, watch an orca breach in the Peninsula Valdes, while penguin chicks nestle in burrows nearby, and visitors swim with sea lion pups at Punta Loma. From this wildlife paradise, lead on to Patagonia’s icy glaciers, for some of the most captivating landscapes on the planet.

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Buenos Aires Sehenswürdigkeiten: Kongressgebäude Mexico holiday

Argentina and Brazil: Classic Cities and Falls

9 Days: $ 3,335 / person
Explore the captivating metropolises of Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro during your tour to Brazil and Argentina. Discover the natural wonder of the world that unites these two countries – the magnificent Iguazú Falls.
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Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia, Argentina

Argentina: South Patagonia

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Experience a legendary landscape. From glacier-cleaved mountains to glittering lakes, Patagonia and Argentina tours offer you an indisputable trip of a lifetime!
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Southern Latitudes, Landscapes and Wildlife

13 Days: $ 12,950 / person
On this vacation, travel to the glacier cleaved lands of remote Patagonia. Beginning at the colossal glaciers of Torres del Paine, travel to the stunning Perito Moreno, discover penguin colonies at the end of the world, and sail in a spectacular land of snow – Antarctica!
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Reiseziel Buenos Aires

Chile and Argentina: To the Ends of the Earth

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Chile and Argentina tours take you to the end of the world, where the stormy sea taunts jagged peaks, and the vast, haunting Patagonian wilderness stretches invitingly into the horizon.
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Argentina: Wine and Waterfalls

9 Days: $ 4,480 / person
The best of the best awaits you on this highlights of Argentina tour. Enjoy what is arguably the most beautiful wine region of South America, before you marvel at the impressive waterfalls in Iguazú!
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