An Indian Summer Every Day, on a Beach Vacation in India

Balmy weather, a warm ocean, and ace seafood—that’s what beach vacations in India are made of. All along its long coastline, peninsular India hosts a variety of beaches, some rich in history, culture, and local hospitality, others serving up water sports like windsurfing and kite-surfing.

In a country of over a billion you don’t expect to find crystal-clear waters and unspoiled beaches, but they do exist. As do tropical fish in vivid colors, and coral gardens; and tranquility you’ve only heard of before. Admittedly there is also plenty of chaff on the Indian beach scene, but with Enchanting Travels experts guiding you, you’re guaranteed the right spot, and a perfect balance of serenity and rocking good times.

About 850 miles off the coast of mainland India, in the Andaman Sea, are the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Set yourself up at Havelock and curl up with a great book and an even greater view, or go snorkeling in the day and kayaking at night.

Among the palm groves and rice fields of Goa, are five-star resorts, boutique hotels in Portuguese-style homes, and a vibrant party scene. The food in Goa, like its hospitality, has a reputation that extends far beyond its borders. Ditto for Kerala, a little further south. Beach vacations in Kerala come with the ancient healing traditions of Ayurveda, and yoga sessions overlooking a clear horizon. On that long-dreamed of trip to India, tag on a few days at the sea shore, you’ll find it’s the perfect way to contemplate the colorful and intense India tour you’ve just completed.


Best Time to Visit India's Islands and Beaches

A beach vacation in India offers magical weather and fine, golden sand beaches.

On the beaches of India there is a tropical climate. The best travel time for a beach holiday in India are the months November to March.

Best Time to Visit India’s Islands and Beaches

Best Beaches in India

Discover the best beaches in India with help from our destination experts. Follow this link for an overview on what to expect during your beach vacation in India.

Best beaches in India

India Travel Tips

What are the things to consider while planning a trip to India? What clothes should you pack for your tour? What type of food can your expect? What are Indian trains like? Our destination experts answer all these questions and more.

India Travel Tips

Culture in India's Islands & Beaches

Bathe your mind, body and spirit when you visit India’s beaches and islands

From their cuisine to art, architecture and festivals, India’s beach and island destinations are a fusion of Eastern and Western influences.


Portuguese colonial influence is evident everywhere in Goa – from the cuisine – a fusion of Eastern and Western flavors and ingredients, and the clothing, to local culture. Home to a large number of Christians and Hindus, Goa also has many minority communities. Christmas, Diwali, Easter are major religious festivals in Goa and the Goan Carnival attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Goa is known for its vibrant beach parties and nightlife, especially in the northern beaches of Baga and Calangute, while the quieter beaches of the south are a favorite with hippies and backpackers.


One of Kerala’s major artistic and cultural centers, the city is well-known for its beautiful paintings and sculptures – from the cave shrines of southern Travancore and paintings and murals, to the paintings of Maharaja Swathi Thirunal which adorn the city’s art museum. The Malayalam film industry is based out Trivandrum and the city also hosts an international film festival every year.

The city is home to a large number of Hindus. Almost everyone speaks Malayalam, but a number of people are also well-versed in English, Hindi and Tamil.


The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mamallapuram is known its many architectural splendors and was once nicknamed the Land of the Seven Pagodas by European seamen. The small town stands as testimony to some of the earliest examples of Dravidian architecture and Buddhist influence in South India. As of 2004, when a tsunami hit the region, many more sites were discovered buried underground.

Often referred to as Mahabs, the town is popular with local and international tourists alike and is equipped with several hotels, eateries, and curio shops.

Andaman and Nicobar Island

The Islands are an amalgam of indigenous tribes and settled migrants. The aboriginal population of the islands have no rules when it comes to clothing, and some still prefer not to be clothed. A majority of the population are Hindus with a smattering of Christians, Muslims and Sikhs.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands have steadily become a popular hub for visitors since Indian Independence in 1947 and our private India beach vacations offer you many opportunities for watersports as well.

Top India Beach Vacation Tips – Culture:

  • The northern beaches of Goa, including Baga and Calangute are famous for their vibrant nightlife while the quieter southern beaches are described as a backpackers’ paradise.
  • Trivandrum is home to India’s only magic school – The Magic Academy Research Centre, run by Merlin Award winner Gopinath Muthukad.
  • Crocodile Bank near Mamallapuram is home to over 5,000 crocodiles!

Cuisine in India's Islands & Beaches

Enjoy the coconut flavors of spicy Goan curries during your India beach vacation!

On your India beach vacation, prepare to feast on meat, which is readily available everywhere. Thousands of restaurants cater to every palate at India’s Islands & Beaches – from the gourmet to the streetside.

Goan cuisine is a heady mixture of local ingredients and international influence – seafood rules the roost and tropical fruits are an important part of the local diet.

Trivandrum has plenty of restaurants that serve South Indian fare although North Indian, Chinese and American cuisine are also popular. Much of the food served is vegetarian although most resorts come with chefs who serve you some authentic Kerala-style dishes. The small town of Mamallapuram has plenty to offer the gastro-enthusiast. A haven for vegetarians, the coastal town is also popular for its delicious seafood. Mamallapuram has several eateries that serve international cuisine.

Andaman cuisine is difficult to define – the isolated indigenous people have had very little influence on the cuisine and South Indian and North Indian styles of food dominate. Rice is a staple and seafood and meat are aplenty.

Try these authentic dishes for a delicious dose of flavor:

  • Xacuti: Goanese lamb or chicken curry made with roasted coconut
  • Balchão: shrimp curry popular in Goa
  • Vindaloo: meat curried in a spicy garlic and wine marinade, a Portuguese-influenced Goan delicacy
  • Malabar Biryani: the Kerala version of the famous Mughal dish
  • Paal Payasam: a sweet treat made with rice, milk and jaggery
  • Mamallapuram Thali: an unlimited rice and a chapati served with vegetables and papad (poppadoms)
  • Grilled jumbo prawns: afavorite in Mahabs

Top India Beach Vacation Tips – Cuisine:

On one of our private India beach vacations, see the cooking ritual at the Attukal Temple premises – millions of women gather with their utensils on the day of Pongal (a Hindu religious festival), cook their food, and take home the offerings.

See a slice of paradise during one of our private and tailor-made India beach vacations with Enchanting Travels.

History of India's Islands & Beaches

Apart from their pristine natural beauty, India’s island and beach destinations boast centuries old history and myriad influences. From Portuguese colonial heritage in Goa to Megalithic Era ruins in Mamallapuram and untouched, indigenous tribal communities in the Andamans, there is much to be discovered.


Goa’s history dates back almost 30,000 years and some rock carvings suggest that some the earliest humans of India lived in Goa! Early Goan culture is a mix of Indo-Aryans and Dravidians and the region has seen the rise and fall of many dynasties, including the Mauryans in 3rd century BC and the Vijayanagar Empire in 14th century CE.

From the 16th century onwards, Goa was firmly under Portuguese rule for almost 500 years! After a successful military operation in 1961, Goa came under Indian control. On one of our tailor-made India beach vacations, the healthy mix of Portuguese heritage and Indian culture in Goa is sure to enchant you!


Legend has it that King Solomon sent his ships to the port city of Trivandrum, which has been a flourishing center for trade and commerce ever since! Trivandrum’s early history is nothing like the rest of India. Until the 18th century, the city was ruled by the feudal kingdoms, following which it became a center of art and architecture under the rulers of Travancore. Two years after Indian independence in 1947, the city became the capital of Kerala.

On our private India beach vacations, you can see several units of the Indian Space Research Organization and India’s first IT park, in Trivandrum.


Once a center for global trade, the town of Mamallapuram is famous for its many burial urns and jars from the Megalithic Age. It was the center of the Pallava kingdom as early as the 3rd century CE and found mention as a wealthy settlement in 8th century Tamil texts.

The temples in this town depict many major scenes from the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata. The famous Shore Temples, one of seven from Marco Polo’s time, stand even today. See various shrines dedicated to several different deities to this two thousand year old historic town – now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The quiet Andaman and Nicobar Islands are home to several indigenous tribes and served as a strategic naval base. The British set up a penal colony in Port Blair in 1858, remains of which can still be seen although the jails were abandoned after the Indian independence.

In 2004, the Islands suffered through a devastating tsunami but have recovered remarkably well.

You will not be disappointed with the unique history and culture that the islands have preserved for centuries during one of our private India beach vacations to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Top India Beach Vacation Tips – History:

  • The Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa is home to the remains of the revered St. Francis Xavier – the patron saint of the region. Once every ten years, his body is revealed to the public.
  • The famous Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple of Trivandrum reportedly has more than USD 20 million of gold and jewels in its vaults, which explains why custodianship of the temple has been hotly contested in court.
  • The Five Rathas of Mamallapuram, five detailed temple structures, are believed to have been carved from a single rock!
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands once a penal colony still has abandoned gaol houses in Port Blair.
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