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Poetic Landscapes Await

Slink your way down more than 2,000 miles of Pacific coast on one of our luxury Chile tours!

Covering the length of almost a third of the continent, the charm and beauty of this hook-shaped country will reinvigorate you on your Chile tour. High-altitude deserts, glacial fields, the mysterious Easter Island, and scenic vineyards, transform cynics into romantics and politicians into poets, as you experience Chile. With charming seaside towns, lushly forested fjords, the driest desert in the world, and the glittering nightlife of Santiago, narrowing down the choices of what to see is the hardest part!


Best Time for Travel to Chile

In Chilean Patagonia, the weather conditions can change several times in a day.

The seasons in the southern hemisphere are exactly opposite to what we experience. The best time to travel to Chile depends entirely on what you wish to do. As the country stretches over 4200 kilometers and several climatic zones, there is no optimal travel time for Chile in the classic sense of the term.

The best travel time for Chile tours depends on the season:

  • Summer – December to March
  • Autumn – March to June
  • Winter – June to September
  • Spring – September to December

Southern Chile receives a lot of rainfall and can be very windy all year round. The weather in Torres del Paine National Park changes constantly thanks to the unique geography of the region. The extreme climate can be particularly challenging for travelers, who often feel that they have experienced all four seasons within a single day!

Central Chile on the other hand, experiences warm, Mediterranean type weather. Summers are pleasant and dry while winters are mild and slightly humid. It also rains a lot in the winter months. Northern Chile is typically very dry although differences in temperature between summer and winter are rather low.

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Top 10 Attractions, Activities and Highlights in Chile

1. Torres del Paine in Chile

Don’t miss the Torres del Paine National Park on your tour of Chile! Sparkling lakes, snowy mountain peaks and diverse flora and fauna await you on a hiking tour of Patagonia.

2. Geysers and lagoons in the Atacama desert

San Pedro de Atacama is the starting point for Atacama desert tours: visit the bubbling Tatio Geyser at sunrise and watch graceful flamingos looking for food in the glittering Chaza Lagoon.

3. Cultural scenes in Santiago de Chile

Witness panoramic views of sprawling Santiago de Chile from high up in Cerro San Cristobal. In addition to a buzzing cultural scene, the metropolis and the Barrio Lastarria are also a mecca for gourmands from all over the world!

4. Easter Island in Chile

The famous Moai sculptures of Rapa Nui are still a mystery to researchers! Only a few find their way to Rapa Nui, but if you do make the journey, the mystical beauty of Easter Island will take your breath away!

5. Cruise to Cape Horn

Discover the hidden gems of Patagonia on a Punta Arenas cruise! The highlight of this expedition remains the mysterious Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of South America.

6. Hiking in the Chilean countryside 

Set far away from the hustle and bustle of busy streets, the Chilean seaside is truly a place of seclusion and silence. Enjoy peaceful hiking tours to the Petrohue Falls or to the Calbuco Volcano.

7. Wine tours in Maipo Valley

For wine lovers, a wine tour in the Maipo Valley is highly recommended. Surrounded by the snowy peaks of the majestic Andes, this region produces some of the best wines in the world. Sample gourmet cuisine paired with fine vintage on an extended private tour of Maipo Valley.

8. Bohemian flair in Valparaiso

The colorful harbor town of Valparaiso boasts a special Bohemian flair, antique villas and the Ascensores – cable cars that are over a hundred years old! Take one to an enchanting viewpoint to gain an aerial perspective on the charming town.

9. Driving down the Carretera Austral in Aysen

Insider tip on Chile: Take a self-drive tour through the remote Aysen region. The rugged beauty of karst landscapes and the feeling of absolute freedom await you on the Carretera Austral. Set out on a rental car for an unforgettable experience on your Chile tour.

10. San Rafael Glacier on a boat

A Puerto Montt cruise takes you past majestic fjords and imposing glaciers, especially the San Rafael glacier, which you can see up close from a motorboat.

Why miss out on the highlights of Chile? Our destination experts are happy to help you plan your private and tailor-made tour of Chile.

History of Chile

Watch centuries of history unfold before you on your private Chile tour. Chile’s history begins with distinct indigenous cultures who inhabited the country in ancient times. In the north the Inca held sway and in the central and southern stretches lived the Araucarian tribes, most notably the Mapuche.

In 1540, Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia landed in Chile and founded Santiago and other cities, despite fierce resistance from the Araucanians who attacked and destroyed the settlements. A century of warfare followed, but eventually the Spanish won control. Chile declared independence in 1810 but wasn’t actually liberated until 1818, when Jose de San Martin from Argentina famously crossed the Andes and joined with the Chilean General Bernardo O’Higgins to defeat the Spanish troops.

In 1879, Chile seized the Bolivian port of Antofagasta and initiated a war with Bolivia and Peru. Chile was victorious, gaining control of many ports and important nitrate and copper mines. Chile was a prosperous country at the close of the 19th century, but a fall in exports due to WWI caused economic decline and unrest. The military took control and subsequent years saw various changes in the government.

In 1970 Marxist Salvador Allende became the first freely elected communist president of Chile. His administration was plagued by unrest and economic disaster, fuelled by antagonism from the USA.

In 1973 Augusto Pinochet took over after a military coup. Pinochet’s regime was especially controversial due to the Dirty War, when thousands of dissenters disappeared. Despite this, Pinochet was able to raise the literacy rate and stabilize the Chilean economy. In 1989 Pinochet allowed for free elections and Chile returned to democracy; the economy grew, the country became politically stable, and gradually Chile tourism began to gain momentum. Sebastian Pinera was elected president in 2010.

Though there is still a stark divide between the wealthy middle class and the poor, on your Chile tour you will find that it’s currently one of the strongest economies in Latin America and growing!

Top Chile Travel Tip – History:

During our luxury Chile tours, do check out the national flag to see if you can spot similarities with the Texas state flag. It was designed according to suggestions from a US Envoy.

Chile's Culture

The culture of Chile is reflective of its mix of indigenous tribes and descendants of Spanish colonialists, and is also a result of its geographic isolation from the rest of South America. In general, Chileans are warm, creative, family-oriented people, though somewhat more formal than some of their Latin American neighbors.

As you tour through Chile, you’ll find that it’s home to a plethora of famous creative minds and unique cultural identities, specifically Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda and author Isabel Allende.

You can see a lot of indigenous influence on the country during your Chile tour, especially from the Mapuche and the Araucanians found in the South. On Easter Island, the Polynesian Rapa Nui culture is strongly represented to this day.

Meet the huaso, a type of cowboy. Huasos are popular folkloric figures in central Chile and are part of the nationalist identity. The folk dance associated with the huaso is the cuenca, which is Chile’s national dance. In the far south of Patagonia one can find gaucho culture, another type of cowboy that is very similar to the Argentinean gaucho due to the geographic proximity and shared influences – this was a borderless region until modern times.

Top Chile Travel Tip – Culture:

Include a visit to Valparaiso on New Years’ Eve in your tailor-made luxury Chile tours and you won’t be disappointed. The city holds a World Record from 2007 for having the largest number of fireworks go off on a single evening, at the New Year’s Pyrotechnic Festival (which is held every year)!

Cuisine of Chile

With over 2000 miles of Pacific coastline, Chile boasts some of the world’s best seafood. Try some delicious wine on your Chile tour. The country is famous for its exquisite wines, which are a result of its incredible geography and climate.

The central valleys produce full-bodied red wines like Cabernet and Carmenere while the coastal ranges offer you pleasure of trying delicious whites such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc on your private Chile tour. In addition, Chile also has incredible fresh produce so its cuisine is full of fresh flavors. A convivivial evening spent by the barbecue pit is an essential part of your Chile travel package. All Chileans enjoy a good barbecue, especially during family get-togethers. In Patagonia, gauchos are known to roast lamb on a spit with an open fire.

Expect to dine at odd hours during your Chile tour as mealtimes are different than elsewhere in the world. Dinner is between 8:30 pm and 11:30pm, lunch can be anytime between 12.30 pm and 4 pm while tea or coffee is served during a tea break called las onces around 5 or 6 pm.

Whet your appetite with some typical Chile food:

  • Curanto: stew made from various shellfish
  • Machas a la parmesana: parmesan clams
  • Fresh salmon: the name says it all!
  • Asado: a type of barbecue particularly favored during family gatherings
  • Completo: a type of hot dog loaded with sauerkraut, avocado, mayonnaise, mustard and cheese – a popular type of street food in Chile

Top Chile Travel Tips – Cuisine: 

  • Chileans are known for their love of salt and often add salt to cooked food before even tasting it! Be sure to taste your dishes first before adding.
  • Caldillo de Congrio, a soup made of conger, eel and vegetables, finds mention in Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda’s poem Oda al Caldillo de Congrio.

Language of Chile

As your travel in Chile, you will find that English is not widely spoken in areas outside of tourist establishments. Please do not assume or expect local people to speak English on your Chile tours. However, most locals are warm and welcoming people who will try out some rudimentary English and make an effort to communicate with you as best as possible.

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