Holiday in Brazil: Beating Heart of South America

Almost every holiday in Brazil begins in the capital Rio de Janeiro. Go the tourist way, stopping at all the famous sites from Copacabana beach to the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Or go an alternative route, and view the city from little-known Pedra do Pontal or Pedra do Gavea.

Tackling the largest country in South America may seem like an onerous task. Not to us. We’ve travelled the region, know its nooks and corners, its many nuances. With our first-hand knowledge, you’re in safe hands when we organize your customized Brazil itinerary. Trust us to make it smooth sailing.

Brazilians love their churrasco, the Brazilian-style barbecue, and you will too. They are also crazy about soccer (football)—if you get a chance, attend a game at Rio’s Maracana Stadium, if only for what a big party it is. Music is at the heart of Brazilian culture. Since the Carnival happens only once a year, what better place to catch the rhythms of this country than in the city of Salvador da Bahia. Pelourinho, its historic center is a fantastic storehouse of colonial architecture.

In the Pantanal wetlands, best explored on horseback, colorful birds abound, as do deadly black caimans, river otters, and other animals. The highlight of a trip to Brazil for any nature lover is undoubtedly the ecologically diverse Amazon rainforest, which spans 2.5 million square miles. Explore it on guided trips via kayak or a luxury cruise boat. Stay in a remote jungle lodge and learn about the indigenous people that live here. Walk through the forests and identify amazing flora and fauna. Climb into the canopy and greet primates, woodpeckers, butterflies. This is a jungle like no other.

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Brazil: Amazonas, Iguazu and Beach Bliss

15 Days: $ 5,185 / person
Uncover the mysteries of the Amazon! On the one hand a voyage of discovery deep inside the Amazon rainforest, and on the other a relaxing sojourn on pristine beaches or by roaring rapids, this private Brazil tour is the perfect introduction to the country’s prized jewels!
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Iguazu Falls

Culture, Waterfalls and Beach Bliss in Brazil

12 Days: $ 4,205 / person
Start your Brazil tour on the fashionable beaches of Rio, soaking in the beauty and vibrant culture of this unofficial capital city. Travel on to see the roaring Iguazu Falls, gaining a unique perspective of the waterfalls from both the Brazilian and the Argentinean sides.
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Buenos Aires Sehenswürdigkeiten: Kongressgebäude Mexico holiday

Argentina and Brazil: Classic Cities and Falls

9 Days: $ 3,335 / person
Explore the captivating metropolises of Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro during your tour to Brazil and Argentina. Discover the natural wonder of the world that unites these two countries – the magnificent Iguazú Falls.
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Discover Paradise in Pantanal on your Brazil Tour
By: Jen
2 min

Discover Paradise in Pantanal on your Brazil Tour

On your Brazil Tour, plan a stop in Pantanal North. A true paradise for nature lovers and those with an adventurous spirit, be prepared for an enchanting encounter with nature’s untouched beauty.


Wild and Wonderful Tours in the Brazilian Amazon
By: Devina Wallang
4 min

Wild & Wonderful Tours in the Brazilian Amazon

Every moment in the Amazon is one to savor. Each part of the rainforest offers a distinct experience, but the Anavilhanas Archipelago is a landscape unlike any other.


Iguazú Falls, Argentina Brazil holidays
By: Penny
4 min

Iguazú Falls – The World’s Largest Waterfalls

It is often said that Argentina provides the show and Brazil enjoys the view of the Iguazú Falls, with Brazil dominating the panoramic side having several viewing walkways! So, which is the best side?