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Accessible Vacations

Travel for Everyone

The beauty of our tailor-made approach is that we can ensure that your vacation meets your every need.

Our 5 best family vacation destinations in the world.

With the belief that travel has the power to change the world, everyone has the right to travel. We want all our guests to have access to travel to the most inspiring destinations in the world, while feeling comfortable and supported along the way.

Many of our destinations, unfortunately, still do not responsibly serve guests with special requirements, but over the last few years we have been noticing that this is improving. There are certain places or routes we would advise against, and that’s where our expertise comes into play. The beauty of our tailor-made approach is that we can ensure that your vacation meets your every need. We work with our on-the-ground teams in the destination to ensure that you can travel safely.

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Special Requirements

If you need a ground floor room, no steps, a larger bathroom, a cold storage facility for medicines as you travel from A-Z, then we can advise of the best way to do this. We can suggest the best accommodation for family rooms and babysitting services so that little ones can be entertained.

Over the years we’ve had guests go on safari in Africa or experience a cultural tour of India or an aquatic wildlife cruise on the Pacific Ocean in a wheelchair. We’ve had a few families that span four generations travel together. Our oldest guest to date was 98 years young who traveled solo! As part of our tried and tested approach to our accommodation and services, we ensure accessibility is a key part of our assessment, so that you aren’t limited to only international standard hotels.

Honest and Clear Information

We share honest and clear information to guide you on fitness levels and what to expect. If you can’t find the information you are looking for in our proposal, just ask us. If you require your trip proposal or welcome kit in a printed format with a larger font, then we do also provide this upon request.

Every guest is special to us.


Responsible Travel

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