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Living Our Core Values

Our vision for Enchanting Travels has always included the focus on having a positive impact on society and providing learning and growth opportunities. In line with this, we are guided by four Core Values that form the basis for how everyone associated with Enchanting Travels interacts with one another and which we aim to instil in everyone who comes into contact with our company.

Our Core Values are an integral part of our offices and internal review system for every team member, including the leadership team.

In our recruiting, we seek individuals who have these values ingrained into them. We recognize and reward individuals who exemplify our Core Values through our annual Enchanting Role Model Award.

We have spent much time on creating a positive environment across our global offices, so that no matter where you travel, you will witness a similar character and experience.

Mutual Trust and Respect

We encourage our staff to consider their communication and actions and support one another in a cooperative and collaborative work environment.

Everyone associated with Enchanting Travels works to be the best they can: reliable and trustworthy.

Team spirit is important to us: we are cooperative, listen and take one another’s’ opinions seriously and feel a sense of honor in sharing our knowledge. We appreciate constructive criticism and address any issues directly and we always make an effort to understand other’s comments and actions. We are punctual and respect one another’s time, both professional and personally. We know when to ask for help and always focus on each other’s strengths, rather than our weaknesses. We provide flexibility when required and balance the importance of results with respect for an individual’s personal space and private life.

Honesty and Integrity

We believe that true honesty and integrity speaks volumes and it is essential to how we do business. This value runs through every element of our daily work – from responsibly using our company resources to refusing to give bribes – even if this has negative consequences to the company.

As individuals, we always act with good intentions and ensure they are in line with the company and our guests’ interests. We admit mistakes and accept when they are made – as we are all human.

We proactively support each other, whether it is getting stuck in when there is a lot of work to do or when there are tough decisions to be made. We are transparent about our decisions and intentions. We believe everyone should be treated equally and always prioritize our work based on importance rather than hierarchy. We do everything we can to nurture our own personal trustworthiness through setting realistic expectations and delivering on our promises.

Drive and Openness to Learning

We all have a shared passion for travel and for the vision of Enchanting Travels. This is what drives us and why we are willing to go the extra mile.

We encourage our team members to be proactive with suggestions, ideas and questions and to to push themselves out of their own comfort zones.

We appreciate team members who self-reflect, show initiative, seek help when they are stuck, listen and act on feedback and share suggestions and ideas.

Passion and Care

At the heart of Enchanting Travels is our passion and care. We always endeavor to travel that extra mile to enchant our guests and one another by taking ownership and putting in our best effort.

We have taken time to create a caring environment that allow colleagues to proactively support one another to succeed.

All our staff are provided with the opportunity to take ownership and do what they can to enchant their fellow team members, our guests and our community through their own personal passion for travel and our company. For us, care also means taking time to understand the different personalities and unique cultures that make our company enchanting.

Open and Constructive Feedback

In 2015, we established a new system for goal setting & performance evaluations, centering around Objectives & Key Results (OKR). This approach enables us to set goals and share feedback on a quarterly basis and enhance accountability at a team member, team and company level. Our teams value this approach as it is flexible and transparent and ensures the entire company is aligned around key objectives.

Echoing our efforts, we also have an open-door policy and system in place that encourages staff to share all constructive feedback regardless of position or function so that we can continually nurture our team and company. We assess our impact through annual team member engagement surveys, and with our ongoing an open-door philosophy between leadership, management, and our staff.


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