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Team Diversity and Engagement

Our team of 130 boast 17 nationalities among us in six offices across five continents.

We’ve been told before that we are the United Nations of the travel industry. We are a melting pot of cultures from an array of industries and backgrounds, where personality, passion, principles and professionalism is always prioritized over academia and experience. Our diversity has had its moments of confusion and also humor, like when we’ve had to agree on which language to use in an office meeting.

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Multicultural Training

To foster cohesion and understanding, we request our own team members to deliver fun, multicultural training sessions that allow us to explore our differences in a safe and secure framework. Many of these sessions are brimming with creative content, including multimedia, role play, and even quizzes!

We like to challenge our team and encourage one team member to introduce another team member’s cultures and vice versa, removing the invisible labels and stereotype we are all susceptible to accidentally placing on each other. These sessions are always engaging, thought-provoking, and well-received.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

glass ceiling
an unacknowledged barrier to advancement in a profession, especially affecting women and members of minorities.

Given how diverse our staff are and made up of minorities from all over the globe, it would almost be impossible for us to function if we had a glass ceiling. So, quite simply, we’ve never had one.

We dislike glass ceilings. We believe every organization should do away with theirs. We’ve never had a corporate outlook so we’ve felt it necessary to assess and recruit or promote individuals on anything more than ability and talent. The majority of our senior managers in global function are female, and salaries has always been on an equal pay scale regardless of gender.

Buddying and Mentoring Program

We acknowledge that everybody needs a friend in the workplace, and so from day one of joining the company our staff gain a buddy who can support them. Our mentorship program works across roles, teams and offices.

Team Engagement

We believe in team spirit, which is made easy as our global team has a dynamic, youthful outlook!

For Enchanting Travels to thrive, we take time out to eat together, travel together and bond. We encourage teams to get together in any way they please by providing them with a monthly budget. This might be going bowling, heading out for a meal, or something more adventurous like kayaking or a day trek. Every office boasts a “fun team”, who arrange team bonding activities and plan away days and team trips.

Aside from working to support organizations within the local community such as Ugly Indian and local children’s homes, we’ve had some fun activities. For example, our team made a decision to be involved in the redecoration of our offices in Argentina and India so that they were more personalized and inspiring to the staff’s own tastes. We are always excited to see how eager our team is to come in at the weekend in old clothes to spend a day painting walls, or to bring in plants from home to breathe new life into our working space!

Our team members have the opportunity to engage with one another during product test and training trips, and events when we bring our guests together in their own neighborhoods. We encourage intra-office exchanges, in which team members live and work in a different office, providing immersive travel and cultural opportunities and international working experience that might not otherwise be possible.


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