Formerly the capital of Belize, Belize City is a vibrant destination with its own distinctive character. The Haulover Creek that cleaves the city into two, before flowing off into the Caribbean Sea, signifies much of the city’s eccentric charm. Just as the century-old swing bridge links the city’s two avatars over the creek, so does it seamlessly hold its colonial, Creole and local ethnic identities together. Take in the grand colonial residences and waterfront promenades sitting cheek by jowl with glitzy shopping centers and busy harbor fronts of a modern city. The Museum of Belize showcases the nation’s history, right from its ancient Mayan ancestry to colonial and post-colonial artefacts and exhibits. On the other hand, the trendy Image Factory Gallery presents the city’s local contemporary art. For food aficionados, Belize offers delicious Creole cuisine that is worth exploring the city for. The city has its own ragamuffin charm that no travel can ignore!


  • Heritage
  • Wine & Food


  • Vibrant Culture
  • Colonial Heritage
  • Mayan Ancestry


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